What is DeMarcus Ware Doing Now?


The Dallas Cowboys drafted defensive end, DeMarcus Ware, with the 11th overall pick during the 2005 NFL Draft. After eight seasons and 108.5 sacks, DeMarcus became one of the most dominating defensive players in the NFL.

If you look at DeMarcus, you might say he isn’t overly broad for the NFL because he is only 6-foot-4 and 254 pounds. But what makes him a great player is because he has a 29-year-old’s agility, speed quickness, and “motor” that helped him enter six straight Pro Bowls.

DeMarcus has six consecutive 10-sack seasons where he managed to earn a career- and NFL-best of 20 sacks in 2008. DeMarcus has a franchise record of 25 multi-sack games. In this article, we are going to know more about DeMarcus Ware.


DeMarcus Ware
DeMarcus started his football career when he was in his junior year at Auburn High School. Before he played football, he played basketball, baseball, and track. DeMarcus’ high athletic frame fits right in with the Tigers on the football field. When he was a senior, DeMarcus had a total of 55 tackles with seven sacks. He also managed to earn a team MVP honors as a linebacker/receiver.

When DeMarcus finished high school, Troy University, a university located about an hour’s drive from his house, gave him a scholarship. DeMarcus showed excellent performance from the start. Several coaches and teammates knew that DeMarcus was going to be something.

During his two final seasons in college football, DeMarcus earned an All-Sun Belt Conference honors and Defensive League Player of the Year award. During his senior year, he became a finalist for the Hendricks Award as the nation’s top defensive end. In 2004, DeMarcus also led Troy’s football team to its first bowl appearance. That same year, he graduated from college with a degree in business information systems.

During the 2005 NFL Draft, DeMarcus was taken 11th overall by the Dallas Cowboys. DeMarcus did well in the system and managed to get eight sacks his rookie season. The next year, people started noticing what he got, and Dallas Cowboys fans began to call him “B-Ware D-Ware.” DeMarcus had his first Pro Bowl with five forced fumbles, 11.5 sacks, as well as two defensive touchdowns. In 2007, he did another 14 sacks as well as a career, which is an NFL-best 20 during that year. DeMarcus continued to deliver outstanding playing skills with the Dallas Cowboys. However, in March 2014, the team released DeMarcus, which made him a free agent for the first time in his career.

Just one day after the Dallas Cowboys released DeMarcus, the player signed a three-year contract with the Denver Broncos. He immediately started as the team’s right outside linebacker, and he managed to play in 16 games with ten sacks, 14 tackles, and one interception during that season. DeMarcus continued to give his best while he was a member of the Denver Broncos. But in 2018, DeMarcus announced that he would be retiring from the NFL after playing 12 seasons with 138.5 sacks.

A month after he announced his retirement, the Dallas Cowboys offered him a one-day contract so that he can retire as a member of the Dallas Cowboys, the team that drafted him in the first place. After his retirement, DeMarcus announced that he is going to be a consultant for the Denver Broncos. He said that the job would be more fitted to his schedule, especially since he is a father of two children. He can help the team while they practice and give his insights throughout the season.

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Personal Life

Aside from being a fantastic football player, DeMarcus is also a family man. He has two children, a 4-year-old daughter, and a 1-year-old son. DeMarcus is also involved in several youth-driven organizations and charities, especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

DeMarcus is also the first NFL player to win the Butkus Award. An award that is given to the athletes that are dedicated to playing steroid free. DeMarcus also values the importance of helping kids make good choices in life. DeMarcus also likes spending his free time exploring the great outdoors, and he wants to go back to his days in Alabama. Before he began playing football, he likes to hunt rabbits, small rodents, squirrels, and a little bit of deer here and there.

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