What Food to Try When Visiting Texas

You would undoubtedly miss half of your life if you ever visit Texas without trying at least one of the Lone Star State’s signature foods. Texas is not only known for its live music, overflowing drinks, and steaming temperatures. Food is also one of the most sacred things Texans celebrate with pride.

Texas is home to one of the diverse cities in the world (Houston), so it is not surprising that the state also features several various culinary practices. Foods that would make your travel visit a hundred times more worth it. So, before you leave that “GONE TO TEXAS” note and hit the road, here are some of the must-try foods you can in Texas.


When we talk about food in Texas, we can all agree that barbeque sits at the top of this list. You will be surprised how many different versions of barbecues exist in Texas, considering that it is the Holy Grail of Texan cuisine.

Texas Trinity – brisket, ribs, and sausage always appear in every Texas menu, may it be in the state’s food epicenter or local pubs and cafes. Barbecues made from these meats could destroy your diet, but having a chow down or two of these mouthwatering dishes would surely be a delight.

1. Brisket BBQ

Crispy on the outside, juicy, flavorful, and tender on the inside – that’s what you got when you ordered a beef brisket barbecue, smoked all day over woodchips. Beef briskets are a staple food in Texas and are even served for breakfast at pubs and restaurants. 

2. Sausage BBQ

Sausage barbeque is also a famous dish in Texas for its smoky and tender texture and explosion of flavors in your palate. This staple food is ground meat made of beef mostly — although there are pork variations. One of the best reasons you should try Texas sausages is how Texans prepare the food, emphasizing spiciness, which goes perfectly well with the meat’s texture.

3. Ribs BBQ

Give a Texan man whole spareribs or giant beef ribs, and he will give you a falling-off-the-bone barbecue that doesn’t even need a sauce; actually, don’t you dare ask for a sauce at a Texas restaurant. This Texas dish also makes for an excellent must-try food simply for its delectable smoky flavor and gorgeous presentation. 


Mexican foods are a go-to meal in the United States. Mexican foods have also made their way in home kitchens and restaurants in Texas, giving birth to Tex-Mex. The term, which originated in Texas, refers to American-Mexican food. 

If you see a combination of flour-based food like tortillas and home ingredients such as meat, cheese, beans, peppers, and rice, you are looking at Tex-Mex food. Some of this food that you have to try while spending your time in Texas is

4. Frito Pies

Simple and ‘chilicious’ – Frito Pies are your comfort good whenever you feel like chowing down after visiting Texas’ mesmerizing tourist attractions. By simple, we mean that the dish only comprises Fritos poured with chili on top, with shredded cheese and chopped onion toppings. Another variation is Fritos topped with cheese (queso) and sour cream, with jalapenos and pickles as garnish.

5. Fajitas

mixed platter of beef and chicken fajitas with onions and rice

If it is a variety of sharp flavors you are looking for in a dish, Fajitas will never disappoint. Fajitas are stripped grilled meat mixed with stripped bell peppers and onions, usually served on a tortilla (either flour or corn). You would undoubtedly see condiments such as diced tomatoes, guacamole, refried beans, salsa, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, and sour cream in popular Texan restaurants and pubs.

6. Breakfast Tacos

Another Tex-Mex food favorite is breakfast tacos. Tacos are pretty versatile food – you can have so many variations of it, depending on your taste. Using a warm flour or corn tortilla as your base, you can stuff your taco with various options, from your classic breakfast staple food bacon and egg to a uniquely Texan brisket or smoked sausage.


7. King Ranch Chicken

An all-time favorite in Texas cookbooks and lunchrooms, King Ranch Chicken is a casserole of mouthwatering goodness. The dish includes a diced tomato sauce, green chili, cream of mushroom and chicken soups, diced bell pepper, onions, and chicken chunks or shreds. Corn tortillas or tortilla chips line the bottom of the casserole, which is then layered with sauce and riddled with cheese. 


Texas is also known for its German heritage, which dates back to the 19th century. Undoubtedly, this heritage has given birth to dishes that make a perfect staple food in every Texas meal. 

8. Klobasnek

The name is unmistakably Czech, but this food is a Texas original. Inspired by its Czech cousin, Kolaches, Klobasnek is a dough wrapped around a chunk of meat, mostly sausage. By the looks of it, Klobasnek resembles a sausage roll – only that it is not, for it comes with jalapenos and cheese inside.

9. Kolaches

Kolaches are an excellent go-to food if you want to eat something without worrying too much about the calories. Inheriting the dish from the Czechs, Texans continued to bring this food into their menu with pride. Kolaches are made of soft yeast dough, sliced into squares, and stuffed with cheese or fruit, making them an excellent snack for your keen diet.


They say that everything in Texas is bigger, and that couldn’t be more true. Even just portion sizes will make you feel full physically but not entirely satisfied (if you know what we mean).

More than the scenic views and exhilarating attractions, trying out local foods in your visit to places around the world can certainly make the trip worthwhile, engaging, and educating. Visiting Texas is itself a wonderful experience, and having a taste of some of its unique cuisines definitely completes it.