What are Cascarones?


Have you ever experienced the joyous pop of a cascaron during a celebration? If you’re new to this delightful tradition, you’re in for a colorful surprise! Cascarones are not just any ordinary eggshells – they’re festively decorated, filled with vibrant confetti, and destined to sprinkle joy on any gathering. Popular across Texas, especially during events like Fiesta San Antonio, cascarones add a playful twist to celebrations.

What are Cascarones?

Colorful cascarones in cartons


So, what exactly are cascarones? Imagine an eggshell delicately emptied and cleaned, then filled to the brim with colorful confetti. The outside is just as festive, painted or adorned with vibrant, eye-catching designs that make them almost too pretty to crack. These festive eggs are cracked over other people’s heads, so they are showered with confetti. According to tradition, this brings a bit of luck, especially laughter!

Cascarones have become a staple in Texan festivities, especially cherished during Easter and other major celebrations like Fiesta San Antonio. At parties and family gatherings, it’s common to see both kids and adults sneaking around with cascarones, looking for their next target. It’s all in good fun, of course, and the end result is usually a group of people covered in confetti, smiling and laughing together.

The tradition of cascarones in Texas is a beautiful blend of cultural heritage and modern-day fun. Originally, cascarones come with fragrant contents, but modern cascarones focus more on the spectacle and joy of the confetti burst.

The History of Cascarones

A sombrero with cascarones, medals, shells, and other festive novelties

It’s said that the idea of cascarones first sparked in China, where Marco Polo encountered eggs filled with perfumed powders, which were given as precious gifts. These aromatic treasures traveled with him back to Europe, transforming into festive accessories at Renaissance fairs.

The story takes an intriguing twist when it is introduced to the Americas. While a popular myth credits Empress Carlota and Emperor Maximilian of Mexico with introducing cascarones in the mid-1800s, historical accounts suggest that these festive eggs were already a part of celebrations in California as early as 1826. It seems that cascarones had found their way to North America even earlier, often used by mischievous young women at weddings and celebrations to catch the eye of eligible bachelors with a playful sprinkle of scented powder.

By 1855, the allure of cascarones had already captivated many in Los Angeles. The eggs were often a luxurious addition to a lady’s headdress and “commanded a premium” during Christmas celebrations.

As these traditions migrated to Texas, the contents of cascarones shifted from perfumed powders to colorful confetti – a change that made it more accessible to people and made it more festive. Today, they are beloved at many Texan celebrations, especially Easter and Fiesta San Antonio. Far more than just a playful surprise, breaking a cascarone over someone’s head is now a gesture of goodwill, conferring luck and laughter on friends and family alike.

Why Confetti?

Ever wondered how the fancy perfumed powder in traditional cascarones turned into the confetti bursts commonly used today?

Back in the day, cascarones were all about luxury. Filled with scented powder, they were a hit among the elite, adding a nice whiff of fragrance when, well, a fresh scent was more of a luxury than you might think! But as these eggs traveled the world, they got a fun makeover that everyone could enjoy.

When cascarones hit Mexico and the southwestern U.S., they started rocking confetti instead of powder. This switch made them way more budget-friendly and something everyone could join in on—no fancy ingredients needed, just some leftover scraps of colorful paper.

Traditional and Creative Uses for Cascarones

Market square flags

Now you probably already know that cascarones are not just decorations, but a vibrant participant in festivities, especially in places like Texas where traditions run deep and celebrations are larger than life. Let’s explore the uses for these festive eggs:

Traditional Use: Fiestas

One of the most anticipated events featuring cascarones in Texas is Fiesta San Antonio. Texan and Mexican cultures are on full display during this annual festival as the streets become alive with music, parades, and dancing. It’s common to see festival-goers carrying trays of these colorful eggs, ready to crack them over the heads of friends and even friendly strangers. This act is embraced as a gesture of goodwill and shared celebration. The shower of confetti that follows is believed to bring luck and happiness.

Creative Uses in Modern Celebrations

While the traditional charm of cascarones is undeniably fun, many innovative ways exist to integrate them into modern celebrations. Here are a few creative ideas:

  • Party Invitations: Why not start your party with a bang? Send out cascaron-styled invitations where guests can crack the egg to find party details inside on a rolled-up slip of paper amidst a sprinkle of confetti.
  • Table Settings: Use cascarones as part of your table décor at weddings or birthday parties. Each guest can crack their cascaron at the start of the event to kick things off with a festive, joyful noise and a burst of color.
  • Egg Hunts with a Twist: For Easter or other similar celebrations, mix in some cascarones with traditional Easter eggs during your egg hunt. It adds an element of surprise and fun as kids (and adults!) discover which eggs are filled with confetti.
  • New Year’s Eve: Make the stroke of midnight unforgettable by breaking cascarones. Instead of (or in addition to) popping champagne, pop some cascarones! It’s a fun, mess-friendly way to usher in the new year with hopes of prosperity and joy.
  • Graduation Caps: Graduates can decorate their caps with mini cascarones that can be cracked in celebration when they officially complete their ceremony. It’s also perfect for festive graduation photos!

How to Make Cascarones

Materials for decorating eggs in a colorful background

Ready to bring some DIY magic into your celebrations with homemade cascarones? Whether you’re gearing up for a festival, a party, or just some fun with the kids, making your own cascarones is a delightful project that adds a personal touch to any festive event. Here’s how you can create these colorful, confetti-filled eggs at home.

Materials Needed:

  • Empty eggshells: Save the shells from your breakfast eggs by carefully cracking just the top and emptying the contents.
  • Confetti: You can buy this pre-made or make your own by cutting up colorful paper.
  • Tissue paper: Cut into small squares to seal the eggs.
  • Glue: Regular white glue or a glue stick will do the trick.
  • Paints and brushes: For decorating. Watercolors or acrylics are perfect.
  • Markers, stickers, or any other decorative items: To jazz up your cascarones.


  1. Prepare your eggshells.

Gently wash the inside of the eggshells with soapy water and rinse. Allow them to dry completely. If you’re planning a big batch, consider saving eggshells over time, or ask friends and family to save theirs, too.

  1. Decorate your shells.

Once dry, get creative with paints, markers, and stickers to decorate the outside of the eggshells. Floral patterns, bright colors, and festive designs are all popular choices. Let the paint dry completely before moving to the next step.

  1. Fill with confetti.

Use a funnel or a small spoon to fill the eggshells about three-quarters full with confetti. You don’t want them too packed, just enough to burst delightfully upon impact.

  1. Seal the eggs.

Cut tissue paper into squares that are large enough to cover the openings of the eggshells. Apply a thin layer of glue around the edge of the shell opening and gently press a tissue paper square over it to seal the confetti inside. Allow the glue to dry.

Decoration and Filling Tips:

  • Personalize your palette: Choose colors that match the theme of your event or party. This not only makes them visually appealing but also adds a personal touch to your celebration.
  • Mix in some magic: Along with confetti, you can add tiny paper messages, jokes, or fortunes inside the cascarones for an extra surprise.
  • Eco-friendly options: Consider using biodegradable confetti or even birdseed as an eco-friendly alternative that’s fun and responsible, especially for outdoor events.

Creating cascarones is as much about the process as it is about the end result. It’s a chance to engage in some crafty fun, whether you’re setting up for a special occasion or simply spending quality time with loved ones.

Where to Find Cascarones in Texas

If DIY isn’t your style, or you’re looking to supplement your homemade batch with some ready-made cascarones, Texas has no shortage of places where you can find these colorful festive eggs. Whether you’re looking for finely crafted versions or just want to grab a quick dozen for a last-minute celebration, here’s where you can find cascarones across the Lone Star State.

Local Craft Stores and Markets

Texas is rich with local craft stores and artisan markets that offer hand-crafted cascarones, especially around festive times. In cities like San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso, check out local markets such as the Pearl Farmers Market in San Antonio or the Austin City Market. These venues often feature local artisans who specialize in festive goods, including beautifully decorated cascarones that might come with a bit of local flair and creativity you won’t find elsewhere.

Major Retail Stores

During seasonal periods, especially around Easter and Fiesta San Antonio, major retail stores like Walmart, H-E-B, and Target start stocking cascarones. These are generally more affordable and available in larger quantities, making them perfect for big events or last-minute purchases. The convenience of grabbing a dozen or two during your regular shopping run can’t be beaten.

Seasonal Availability and Pricing

Cascarones are most commonly found around Easter and during major local festivals like Fiesta San Antonio. During these times, the demand for cascarones spikes, making them readily available both in stores and at street vendors throughout festival areas. Pricing can vary widely based on the intricacy of the decoration and the selling venue. Typically, a dozen plain cascarones might cost a few dollars, while hand-decorated ones from artisan markets might fetch a higher price due to their craftsmanship.

Online Options

Can’t make it to a store? Online platforms like Etsy or local Texas-based craft websites also offer cascarones. This option allows you to choose from various styles and decorations and have them delivered right to your doorstep. It’s a great way to support local artisans, even if you’re not in the immediate area.


Cascarones bring a burst of color and joy to any Texas celebration. These festive, confetti-filled eggs, whether homemade or store-bought, are a playful tradition that spreads happiness and good luck. As you embrace the vibrant spirit of cascarones, whether at large festivals or intimate family gatherings, you’re sure to add an unforgettable touch of fun to your festivities. So, grab a cascarone and let the good times roll!

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