Topic: The Beautiful Hill Country Town of New Braunfels

The movies show people in a small American town to be in their late ages, idling around in their porches to pass the day. For a really small town located away from San Antonio, you will also have the same image of New Braunfels. Read on to find out how this little community is just as active as a metropolis. Other towns in the Hill Country are populated with people who are retired and want some peace and quiet. New Braunfels, on the other hand, is home to a surprisingly large young population. Thanks to the Texas State University being 15 minutes away, students visit here to look for affordable housing.

Young population has changed the landscape of New Braunfels and brought color to every establishment. The San Antonio- New Braunfels area now has the fastest growing young population in the country! It is a small but happening place, full of youth and the Texan charm. This is also the reason why New Braunfels consistently makes the list of the best San Antonio country sides in articles and other publications. We take an in-depth look at this beautiful place below.


Native American tribes made this area a home around 1691, because plenty of water was available here. French and Spanish expeditions also passed the area which is close to the Guadalupe River. In the Eighteenth Century, a land grant allowed the area to be named Comal, Spanish for ‘flat dish’. Today, the cold-springs rivers flowing throw the city entice a large number of visitors specially during the summer season. Many people love tubing down the Comal and Guadalupe rivers. Also, the. ScliterbanWaterPark resort is situated in this hill country.


New Braunfels

When Texas Republic was formed in 1836, the government offered land to Americans and the Europeans. Subsequent occupation by Germans gives New Braunfels its present-day German aura. New Braunfels came into being in 1845 and the original town has 342 lots. It was designed in German style and still stands out of all other Texan towns.


You might miss it if you drive too fast along the I-35, so make sure you find the right exit to this sneaky little town. Most Texans have heard of New Braunfels but never visit, maybe this is the reason. It is the ‘nice little town just before San Antonio’ and one that should be on your list of places to visit.

What to do in New Braunfels

New Braunfels added tourism to its main industries in the early Twentieth Century. Several parks came into shape and tourism got a boost after the Interstate 35 Highway was completed. Tourism and innovation brought economic progress and a new life to this town. Here is what you can do on a trip to New Braunfels.

  • The Music and Art Culture

 Being close to cities like Austin and San Antonio helped boost the music scene of New Braunfels. However, the city gave its own color and vibe to music and art. The Gruene Hall is your go-to place for everything related to music and performing arts. Many big names perform at the Gruene Hall and people from around the state frequent it as audience.


The Music and Art Culture

Lovers of art and music call the music taste ‘authentic’ and fresh in New Braunfels. Local artists display their talent at popular events like Art Haus at Pour Haus. Painters, singers, sculpture artists and other crafters set up stalls at Circle Arts and Brauntex Theatres.

  • Booming Businesses

Small business owners in New Braunfels prove time and again that this little town has big dreams. These businesses set up shop for locals as well as people around the world through online shopping. Young entrepreneurs ship their products through personal ecommerce websites and platforms like Etsy.

New Braunfels has a lot to offer for those who love collecting memorabilia. Most businesses design clothes that carry a historical significance of Hill Country and Texas. Expect a lot of patterns, colors and vibrant hues mixed with vintage vibes.

  • Food Watch

 New Braunfels has its fair share of Instagram-able food. Other Hill Country towns prefer cosy diners and classic hotels, but New Braunfels has gone the extra mile to include a bit of everything. Geographical location plays a huge part in this development, so New Braunfels is just as serious about good food as San Antonio and Austin.

Visit the Gristmill for a great meal and then head over to Faust Brewing for s refreshing beverage to make your day. Seafood lovers can stop over at McAidoo’s which is located inside a renovated post office.

  • Sight-seeing and Adventure

 Young adults, Millenials and the Gen Z love adventure. These thrill seekers also hunt exciting places to post on their ‘grams’. New Braunfels does not disappoint its younger population and serves some interesting sites to visit. Landa Park is a frequently visited place with opportunities to enjoy the fauna and flora via jogging, walking, and hiking. Other existing activities around this area include horseshow pits, sand volleyball courts, pavilions, a fisher pier, and miniature golf


Sight-seeing and Adventure

Aqua adventure is a popular activity in New Braunfels, as it is located near the Comal. Camping, kayaking, swimming and fishing are some activities you can do. Hikers and bikers can pursue beautiful trails along the Hilly area which are preserved and cared for by the city.


The small towns of San Antonio, TX are known for their festivals. Similarly, New Braunfels has a lot to offer to event lovers. The city does its own take on the popular Hill Country festival. Other than that, celebrations like the Texas Woodcarvers Guild, parties and concerts such as Utopiafest and Gospel Brunch have become a favorite of the young crowd. Simply put, the city knows how to have a really good time celebrating anything and everything.


People from the bustling cities of Texas drive to New Braunfels to get closer to nature. You can also plan a day trip if you are near the area and have a refreshing picnic on a warm Texan summer day. The unique spirit of this hill country town welcomes people from all places, and the locals are incredibly invested in turning New Braunfels into a place that tourists can proudly call a must-visit.