Tony Romo: One of the Most Successful Dallas Cowboys Players


Tony Romo, one of the NFL’s most successful and popular players, went from being an undrafted rookie to a leading quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Born on April 21, 1980, in San Diego, California, Romo moved to Burlington, Wisconsin, where he grew up showing a knack for football at his local high school.

Despite his success at Eastern Illinois University, where he won the Walter Payton Award in 2002, he wasn’t picked in the NFL draft. Starting with the Cowboys in 2003, Romo proved his mettle by evolving from a backup quarterback to a star player. Over his career, he was celebrated not only for his game-winning passes but also for his down-to-earth approach and ability to handle tough situations on the field. Let’s get to know more about this iconic NFL player.

Early Life

Tony Romo was born into a family with a love for sports, which set the stage for his future in athletics. His father, Ramiro Romo Jr., served in the Navy and later worked as a carpenter, and his mother, Joan Jakubowski, was a store clerk. As a child, he played baseball and was selected to the Little League All-Star team.

His father was stationed at the San Diego US Naval Base, but they later returned to Burlington, Wisconsin, where Tony was enrolled at Burlington High School. During his time at the school, Romo didn’t limit himself to one sport; he excelled in basketball and golf as well. However, football was where he shone brightest. As the team’s starting quarterback, Romo led his team to success on the field and accumulated impressive personal stats. In his senior year, he earned All-Racine County honors and was named to the All-State team, showing his prowess and leadership as a quarterback.

His outstanding high school performance included setting school records for passing touchdowns in a season, which caught the attention of college scouts. Ultimately, Eastern Illinois University offered him a scholarship, recognizing his potential to excel at a higher level of competition.

At Eastern Illinois, Romo’s quarterbacking skills were further honed. He started as the Panthers’ quarterback during his sophomore year, and by his senior year, he was not only leading his team but also garnering national attention. Winning the Walter Payton Award in 2002 confirmed his status as the top Division I-AA football player, highlighting his exceptional ability and readiness for the professional leagues. Despite these collegiate accolades, Romo went undrafted in 2003, setting him up for a challenging road ahead in the NFL.

NFL Career

Romo before the 2008 Pro Bowl

Rookie Season (2003)

Tony Romo began his professional journey with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent, a rare start for a player who would become a franchise quarterback. Initially, Romo served as a backup, learning the ropes and honing his skills under the guidance of veteran players and coaches.

Early Years (2004-2006)

In the early years of his NFL career, Tony Romo was primarily the holder for placekicks, serving behind quarterbacks like Vinny Testaverde and later Drew Bledsoe, who joined the Cowboys as their eighth starting quarterback since 2000.

A notable moment came in 2004 when Romo, then a third-string quarterback, dramatically rushed for a winning touchdown in the final seconds of a preseason game against the Oakland Raiders.

It wasn’t until 2006 that Romo made his debut as a starter. That year, he replaced Drew Bledsoe during a challenging game against the New York Giants. His performance was remarkable, displaying his ability to make quick decisions and execute plays under pressure, which sparked a turnaround in the Cowboys’ season.

Another fascinating ability of Romo was that he was calm under pressure, quickly earning the trust of his teammates and the support of Cowboys fans.

Rise to Prominence (2007-2009)

During this time, Tony Romo solidified his status as a key player for the Dallas Cowboys. Romo’s breakout season in 2007 solidified his position as one of the top quarterbacks in the league. He led the Cowboys to a 13-3 record, their best in over a decade, and secured his first Pro Bowl selection. Romo earned NFC Offensive Player of the Week with a dynamic performance against the New York Giants and continued to impress throughout the season, breaking several team records and securing his first career 4,000-yard season. Despite a tough loss in the playoffs, Romo’s leadership was undeniable.

In 2008, he had consistent high-yardage games and a significant contract extension, though he experienced injuries and a devastating loss to the Philadelphia Eagles that raised questions about his performance in crucial games.

Romo bounced back the next year, leading the Cowboys to multiple victories, including a memorable win against the undefeated New Orleans Saints and achieving personal bests in yardage and touchdowns. His performance not only led to a division title but also secured his first playoff win, underscoring a period of personal and team growth.

During these years, Romo was the star of the Cowboys’ dramatic wins, giving him a reputation for late-game heroics.

Peak Years (2010-2013)

Tony Romo achieved a career-high of 406 passing yards in 2010, though he also threw two crucial interceptions in the fourth quarter against the Tennessee Titans. His season ended prematurely when he broke his clavicle in a game against the New York Giants.

In 2011, Romo showcased his resilience and skill by securing one of the highest quarterback ratings in the league at 102.5 while also leading four fourth-quarter comebacks. His most dramatic performance came against the San Francisco 49ers, where he returned to the game with a broken rib and punctured lung to lead the team to an overtime victory.

Romo continued to set records in 2012, including surpassing Troy Aikman’s franchise record for touchdown passes. Despite his achievements, the season was marred by inconsistency, highlighted by his 19 interceptions, which led the league. Nevertheless, he managed five fourth-quarter comebacks that year.

By 2013, Romo had signed a substantial contract extension of $108 million, showing his commitment to the Cowboys amid the team’s financial constraints. He delivered a franchise-record performance of 506 passing yards against the Denver Broncos, demonstrating his capability under pressure. Despite undergoing back surgery that year, Romo’s determination never waned. He led a late-game touchdown drive while suffering from a herniated disk, helping the team achieve a crucial victory over the Washington Redskins.

Injury Challenges (2014-2016)

During the 2014 to 2016 seasons, Tony Romo faced significant injury challenges that impacted his career with the Dallas Cowboys. In 2014, after a disappointing loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Romo led the Cowboys on a six-game winning streak, including a notable victory over the defending champion Seattle Seahawks.

Romo’s performance peaked in December when he achieved the highest passer rating in NFL history for the month and led the Cowboys to their first divisional title since 2009. His season culminated in a playoff run that ended controversially against the Green Bay Packers, with a pivotal play involving a pass to Dez Bryant being ruled incomplete, ultimately contributing to the Cowboys’ defeat.

The next two years were marred by injuries that largely defined Romo’s final seasons. In 2015, he started strong but suffered a broken collarbone in Week 2, which sidelined him for eight weeks—a period during which the Cowboys failed to secure a win. His return was short-lived as he reinjured his shoulder on Thanksgiving, ending his season prematurely.

In 2016, Romo sustained a compression fracture in his back during the preseason, which led to him missing the first ten games. Despite being the longstanding starter, Romo graciously conceded his role to rookie Dak Prescott, who had excelled in his absence. Romo’s final career play came in a brief appearance in the season finale, where he threw a touchdown pass before being replaced, marking the end of his playing days with the Cowboys.

Final Season and Retirement Decision (2016)

In 2016, Romo suffered a compression fracture in his spine during a preseason game, which led to rookie Dak Prescott taking over as the Cowboys’ starting quarterback. Romo’s gracious speech, where he acknowledged Prescott’s success and his own new role as a mentor, exemplified his team-first attitude. Romo’s retirement announcement was made public through a heartfelt broadcast on CBS, and he immediately transitioned into a career in sports broadcasting.

The news of his retirement was met with a mixture of sadness and gratitude from fans and the NFL community. Cowboys fans, in particular, expressed deep appreciation for his contributions to the team over his 14-year career, during which he became one of the most beloved and respected figures in franchise history. His departure from the field was seen as the end of an era for the Cowboys, with many acknowledging his resilience and dedication to the sport despite the challenges he faced.

Awards and Recognitions

Throughout his illustrious NFL career, Tony Romo garnered numerous awards and recognition, including:

Pro Bowl Selections: Tony Romo was selected to the Pro Bowl four times during his career, specifically in the years 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2014, highlighting his exceptional performances in those seasons.

NFC Offensive Player of the Week: Romo earned this award multiple times, showcasing his ability to lead and perform exceptionally during critical games.

NFC Offensive Player of the Month: In December 2014, Romo was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Month, during which he recorded the highest passer rating ever for the month of December in NFL history.

Dallas Cowboys Franchise Records:

  • Most career touchdown passes: Romo holds the record, surpassing the legendary Troy Aikman.
  • Highest quarterback rating in a single season: Romo set this record, showcasing his efficiency as a quarterback.
  • Most passing yards in a single game: Demonstrating his capability to execute high-yardage plays.

NFL Records:

  • First player in NFL history to throw for over 500 yards and five touchdowns in a single game

Life After Retirement

Tony Romo

Transition to Broadcasting

After retiring from professional football in 2017, Tony Romo immediately made a name for himself in a new arena—sports broadcasting. As a lead NFL commentator for CBS Sports, Romo’s sharp analysis and ability to predict plays before they happen have captivated audiences, breathing new life into the role of a sports broadcaster. His insightful commentary, combined with a charismatic delivery, has not only endeared him to fans but has also set a new standard in sports media.

Golf and Business

Tony Romo’s interests extend beyond the broadcasting booth. He has actively participated in PGA Tour events, demonstrating impressive golf skills that have earned him respect in the golf community.

Additionally, Romo has ventured into the business world, particularly in technology and sports entertainment. He invested in a company that integrates sports viewing with interactive digital experiences, reflecting his ongoing passion for innovation in sports and technology.

Mentorship and Philanthropy

Even in retirement, Tony Romo’s influence on football continues. He dedicates part of his time to mentoring young athletes, particularly quarterbacks, offering insights from his extensive NFL experience. His guidance covers not only physical techniques but also the mental and strategic elements of the game, ensuring that his legacy influences the next generation of football players.

Romo hosted a youth football camp annually in Wisconsin and participated in community activities in collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, United Way, and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Tony Romo started as a kid who loved sports and grew up to be a celebrated NFL quarterback and now a respected figure in sports broadcasting and a mentor to newer sports talents. Whether through his insightful commentary from the broadcasting booth, his ventures into golf and technology, or his role as a mentor to young athletes, Romo continues to leave a lasting mark on the sports world. Therefore, Romo’s legacy extends far beyond his football statistics, showing a true dedication to growth, innovation, and leadership in every endeavor he undertakes.

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