Things to Do in Independence Heights, Texas


Independence Heights is a community located in Houston, Texas. It is surrounded by 40th Street west of N. Main to the north, 40th Street east of N. Main, the 610 Loop to the south, and Yale Street to the west. The city of Houston annexed independence Heights in December 1929. Today, Independence Heights is considered to be one of the historic and progressive communities in Houston. In this article, we are going to know more about the History of Independence Heights and the things that you can check out while you’re there.


In the 1900s, the Wright Land Company decided to develop and establish Independence Heights. In 1908, black families started to migrate to Independence Heights. Back then, resident contractors mostly built churches and small wood-frame houses in the area. In January 1915, the city was incorporated, and back then, the site had 715 residents who mostly works in Houston Heights. During the 1920s, Independence Heights had over 40 black-owned businesses. They included; restaurants, ice cream parlors, a drug store, grocery stores, a blacksmith shop, a cleaning and pressing shop, a lumber company, electrical shops, and law offices. Aside from these businesses, Independence Heights also housed people of different professions, such as attorneys, teachers, railroad workers, construction workers, and longshoremen.

In 1928, the residents of Independence Heights voted to dissolve the incorporation of the place to become a part of Houston officially. That is why after a year, the City of Houston annexed Independence Heights; along with this, the residents hoped that the streets, city services, and utilities would improve, but it did not occur.

In 1989, the Texas Historical Commission decided to put a marker on Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church’s grounds. This marker is a symbol that the site is a Texas Historical Site. Today, Independence Heights is a developing neighborhood, and federal funding helps rebuild this historic community.

Things to Do in Independence Heights

  • Feed your soul at Esther’s Cajun Café and Soul Food – If you are looking for some hearty, delicious, and fulfilling grub while you’re in Independence Heights, then Esther’s Cajun Café and Soul Food is the perfect place to be. This restaurant offers smothered pork chops, succulent oxtails, chicken, dumplings, fried catfish, and even mac ‘n cheese. You can even wrap up your Southern meal with yummy old-fashioned banana pudding or a serving of peach cobbler.
  • Take a Walk at the Independence Heights Residential Historic District – This place is located between N. Yale Street and N. Columbia Street. This is a 70 acres historic district that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You can take a walk while looking at the 125 historic homes, and buildings, that built Independence Heights.
  • Gulp on Some Beer at the Brash Brewing Company – If you want to taste one of the most epic beers in Independence Heights, then the Brash Brewing Company is the perfect place for you. This place has a tasting room as well as a kid and dog-friendly brewery with an old school arcade and an all-metal jukebox. This is a relaxing place where you can enjoy one of the most incredible beers in Houston. It is open from Mondays to Sundays.
  • Take a Tour Down Memory Lane at Barbecue Inn – This restaurant was founded in 1946, which is considered as one of the oldest places in Independence Heights. From the start until today, Barbecue Inn never fails to offer delicious Southern fried chicken, a barbecue brisket dinner, and some creamy and crispy, chicken fried steak.
  •  Chow Down on Some Old School Burgers at Miller’s Café – This is a family-owned restaurant that was open since 1980. Miller’s Café is known to serve old-fashioned and all-American burgers. If you want to eat some burgers while you’re in Independence Heights, then this is the best place to be.
  • End the day at the Flying Saucer Pie Shop – The Flying Saucer Pie Shop is a family-owned business that’s been serving lovely handmade pies since 1967. If you are tired from all the walking while exploring Independence Heights, this is the best place to end your tour. The Flying Saucer Pie Shop offers different pies such as chocolate cream pie, strawberry cheesecake, double-crusted apple pie, key lime pie, and fresh banana cream pie.
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