Things to Do in Chinatown, Houston

Chinatown, Houston is located near Bellaire in Houston, Texas. Asians of different descent mostly populate the neighborhood; Koreans, Vietnamese, Pakistanis, and other races live and work here. The Chinatown in Houston is filled with restaurants, shops, and grocery stores. That is why whether you are looking for Vietnamese pho, a Japanese Ramen, or a Cantonese dim sum, you will never be disappointed here because the choices of food here is overwhelming. Aside from that, the Chinatown in Houston also has several places where you can shop for authentic, affordable, and cool products. That is why if you’re craving for some Asian food, or you just want some Asian city feel while you’re in Houston, then worry no more because we are here to give you a guide for things to do in Chinatown, Houston.

Chinatown Houston

  • Go on a food crawl – If you want to go to Chinatown, Houston, so that you can fulfill your culinary cravings, then you’re in luck. If you’re going to indulge on some Vietnamese pho, then head on down to Saigon Pagolac, or Kim Son, because they are known to serve the most delicious Vietnamese food here. Want some dim sum? Then you should go to Hong Kong Dim Sum and try their delicious spread. Ocean Palace and Lucky Pot are also great if you and your friends want to try some hotpots.

Dim Sum

  • Sing your heart out at a KTV karaoke bar – Most people love to sing, and you can show your inner Ariana Grande or Beyonce at Yes KTV karaoke bar. This is a full-service bar that serves non-alcoholic beverages, and it offers a vibrant environment along with private rooms that you can rent so that you can sing your heart out. Not only that, but you can also choose from 10,000 English songs as well as other songs in different languages.
  • Shop for Asian products – If you are looking for some bargain goods, we suggest you try looking around Harwin Drive. This place is lined with vendors who are selling everything, such as toe rings, essentials, formal wear, electronics, and designer look-alikes. The products that are sold here came from different countries in Asia, and all are reasonably priced. Remember that the vendors here tend to change frequently, so if you see something you want, grab the bargain buys while you can. Aside from shopping, you can also find some street food stall vendors, that is why do not forget to check them out. We suggest that you start from Harwin Central Mart and go all the way down south.
  • Experience eating spicy Asian crawfish at Cajun Kitchen – As we mentioned, there are so many food choices here in Chinatown, Houston. That is why it’s pretty challenging to find a signature dish here in this district. However, it seems that the Asian Cajun-style crawfish is a crown favorite. A restaurant named Cajun Kitchen is the best place to have it. A spicy Asian crawfish is a unique dish that is spicy enough to tickle your taste buds. But, you can also try other dishes on the menu if you prefer safe choices. They also serve good noodles, pasta, as well as fried food platters.
  • Go on an Asian Heritage Tour – If you’re in Chinatown, then we suggest that you check out the heritage tours to get to know more about the area’s history. The Chinese Community Centre offers a time worth 45 USD per person. This tour shows you area landmarks like the iconic Harwin Mart. You can also learn about the cultures here and the history of each place. Do not worry because you can also choose from other tours that focus on different workshops such as Chinese calligraphy or tea drinking ceremonies.

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Texas is well known for being the home of barbecued ribs and cowboys. However, when you go step to Chinatown, Houston, and you will find out that Texas has a lot more to offer. What are you waiting for? Chinatown, Houston’s delicious dishes await, and their shops here are ready to shop to your heart’s delight.