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The Bishop Arts District is a small shopping and entertainment district in Dallas, Texas. During the last few years, the Bishop Arts District has become the well-kept secret of Dallas to a booming entertainment destination, and it is just five minutes away from downtown Dallas. This place is considered to be one of Oak Cliff’s strongest anchors because it is packed with galleries, shops, restaurants, and services that can match the casual or chic person. The Bishop Arts District is even listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In this article, we are going to know more about the history of the Bishop Arts District and the things to do while you’re there.


Bishop Arts District was initially developed as an area for warehouses and shops during the 1920s. After a decade, a trolley stop located along Davis became Dallas’ busiest trolley stop. However, after 30 years, the district began to experience some decline because of the rise of the shopping malls, loss of tenants, neighborhood demographic changes, and the fact that buses started to replace streetcars, which made trolley stops such as Seventh and Bishop useless.

In 1984, Jim Lake saw a bargain in the run-down storefronts at Bishop Arts District. That is why he decided to start and buy the properties. Jim Lake began to save the area by providing rent-free space for a police storefront. He continued his efforts to rebuild the district through the 1990s to 2000s by renovating it to a walkable, urban environment area. Today, the surrounding area of the Bishop Arts District is still undergoing revitalization. In 1990, a part of the Bishop Arts District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places under North Bishop Avenue Commercial Historic District’s name.

Bishop Arts District Street Market

Where to Eat 

The Bishop Arts District is filled with some of Dallas’ hottest dining destinations. From casual cafes to chef-driven eateries and eclectic restaurants, the Bishop Arts District has got it all covered. If you want to experience some rustic Italian cooking, then you should head on down to Lucia. If you wish to some farm-to-table fare, then Bolsa is the perfect restaurant for you. If you want some authentic Cuban sandwiches, then C. Senor has got you covered. The Bishop Arts District is a vibrant foodie haven that has something for every taste and budget.

What to Do

If you’re tired of shopping or just want to relax after eating, there are plenty of things you can do here at the Bishop Arts District without breaking the bank. If you are into music or performing arts, we suggest that you head over to the Bishop Arts Theatre Center and Keller Theater. If you want to indulge in some indie films or cult classic movies, then the Texas Theatre is the perfect place to be.

Where to Shop

Bishop Arts District Trolley

The Bishop Arts District is not only packed with several restaurants, but it also offers several shops where you can shop till you drop. Most historic buildings and bungalows here at Bishop Arts District are filled with galleries, boutiques, and even gift shops. If you are looking to score some indie art, then you should head on down to Artisan’s Collective. If you are looking for some vintage stuff, then Zola’s Everyday Vintage has got you covered. The Bishop Arts District will indeed have a shop that will suit your budget and style.

Bishop Arts District

Have Some Fun

If your idea of a perfect night is to spend it chilling out with your friends over great drinks, then the Bishop Arts District is the ideal place to be. If you want to taste some local brews while playing pool, then the Oak Cliff Social Club is the right place for you and your buddies. If you are into Spanish wine and literature, we suggest you head down to The Wild Detectives.

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