The Magnolia Hotel in Dallas; A Great Place to Have a Wedding


The Magnolia Hotel, also known as the Magnolia Building, is a Beaux-Arts style hotel located in Main Street District in downtown Dallas. The building is considered to be a Dallas Landmark, and it is included in the National Register of Historic Places. This article will know more about the Magnolia Hotel in Dallas and what makes it one of the perfect places to have a wedding.

History of the Magnolia Hotel

When it was built back in 1921, the structure was named Magnolia Building. It opened next to the Adolphus Hotel, and it cost around $4 million to build. It was intended to be the headquarters to the Magnolia Petroleum Company, and in 1934 the company made its neon Pegasus on the Magnolia Building’s roof. The rotating Pegasus later became the city of Dallas’s most recognizable and endearing landmarks. Even after other more massive skyscrapers were built, it was ironic that it still remained Dallas’s well-known landmark.

However, in 1974, the Pegasus stopped rotating because of mechanical problems. Three years later, the property was sold to the city of Dallas. In 1978, it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Nineteen years after that, the building was purchased by Denver, Colorado developers who turned it into the luxurious Magnolia Hotel that we know today. In 1999, the building owners decided to take down the iconic Pegasus statue to be restored entirely in preparation for the Dallas Millennium Celebration. However, the sign was beyond repair; that is why they had to recreate a new character from scratch. On January 1, 2000, the Magnolia Hotel unveiled the new Pegasus complete with rotation, for the first time.

Why is it a Great Place to Have a Wedding?

There’s so much to love about the historic Magnolia hotel. Aside from being the first fully-airconditioned high-rise building in the United States and Dallas’ first skyscraper, the Magnolia Hotel offers same-day dry cleaning, made-to-order room service, house-made cookies, and even complimentary milk. The rooms here are luxurious and elegant, especially its recently renovated Pegasus Room, which is located across the street from the Magnolia Hotel. This venue has long been sought-after by brides, and it is designed to draw more because of its dazzling new look.

The renovation of the Pegasus Room revealed the 1930s hardwoods that are restored to their former glory. Aside from that, the location also got fresh coats of white and grey paint along with LED light fixtures and a chandelier with metal wall sconces. This 3,500 square feet room has 18-foot ceilings with a kitchen and a storage room. It can accommodate up to 250 guests, and it has an adjacent foyer space that can be used for cocktail receptions.

Every year, the Magnolia Hotel hosts about twenty-five to thirty weddings. Besides the Pegasus room being the wedding venue, you can also explore this 29-story Hotel’s 1,500-square-foot Atrium level that can accommodate 100 persons or the 4,000-square-foot Magnolia lounge.

If you’re dropping by to book an appointment to tour the venue space or just check-in for the weekend, we suggest that you do not forget to try and visit Magnolia Hotel’s Flying Horse Café. After that, you can take a quick look around the Hotel and get to know more about its history as the Magnolia Petroleum Company’s headquarters. The Hotel offers a well-documented glimpse of its remarkable past.

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