The Legend of the Lake Worth Monster


The Legend of the Lake Worth Monster

The Legend of the Lake Worth Monster is a disturbing tale that has scared people for years. It all started in the summer of 1969, near Lake Worth in Texas. People reported seeing a big, hairy creature that looked like a mix between a goat and a man. The monster was said to have glowing eyes and white fur. 

Witnesses claimed it jumped out of the trees and even threw tires at people. These stories spread fast, and soon everyone was talking about the mysterious beast. Some think it’s just a myth, while others believe the Lake Worth Monster is real.

Origins and Early Sightings

The legend began in July 1969 when witnesses reported seeing a seven-foot creature near Lake Worth. The community quickly buzzed with excitement and fear. Local newspapers like the Star-Telegram and TV stations such as WFAA covered the story extensively, amplifying the mystery.

Descriptions of the creature varied: some mentioned scales, others fur, and a few even claimed it had horns. However, all accounts agreed on its massive size.

A local resident named Allen Plaster captured a photograph of the creature a few months after the initial sightings. This photo became a crucial piece of evidence, adding to the layers of intrigue and speculation. Each new report fueled the legend, often referred to as the Goatman.

People were torn between wanting to hunt the beast or staying far away from the lake. The early sightings laid the groundwork for a legend that would continue to haunt the area for years to come.

drawing of a Faun

Eyewitness Accounts

In July 1969, multiple eyewitnesses reported seeing a seven-foot creature near the lake and described variously as a Goat-Man or resembling the Loch Ness Monster. Accounts differed on its appearance; some described it as hairy and horned, while others said it was scaly. One consistent detail was its bizarre behavior, such as running through the woods and even tossing a tire.

Allen Plaster’s photograph of the monster lurking in high grass adds a chilling visual to these stories.

These accounts have been passed down through generations, fueling the legend and sparking curiosity. It remains a mysterious figure with each eyewitness account adding to its mystique.

You might find yourself drawn to the lake, hoping for a glimpse of the creature said to inhabit its shores.

Media Coverage

In 1969, WFAA reporter Jerry Taff’s coverage of the initial sightings of the creature sparked a media frenzy that captured the public’s curiosity. Local news outlets quickly picked up the story, turning the Lake Worth Monster into a sensation. Newspapers, radio shows, and TV stations extensively covered the creature, propelling the legend into the spotlight.

The media coverage did more than entertain; it also raised concerns. Fort Worth police worried that the monster craze might lead citizens to act, putting themselves and others in danger. These concerns were valid, as the hype surrounding the Lake Worth Monster grew daily.

Adding to the intrigue, Allen Plaster’s famous photograph of the alleged creature circulated widely, giving a face to the myth. Around the same time, Sallie Ann Clarke’s short book further perpetuated the legend by blending fact with fiction, keeping the public engaged.

Today, the Fort Worth Nature Center receives inquiries about the monster and hosts events to commemorate the legend. It remains a captivating part of local lore, thanks to the enduring power of media coverage.

Scientific Investigations

The legend of the monster continues to intrigue the community, though scientific investigations into this elusive creature have been both sparse and inconclusive. There’s a significant lack of concrete evidence to support the existence of it, and over the years, no credible scientific studies have been conducted to confirm its presence in the area.

The legend thrives primarily on folklore, eyewitness accounts, and media coverage rather than scientific validation. Tales of sightings and dramatic encounters abound, but hard evidence remains subtle.

Despite the absence of scientific investigations, the mystery surrounding the creature continues to captivate and entertain the public. People are drawn to the possibility of the unknown, even without scientific backing to substantiate the claims. This enduring fascination highlights how urban legends like this legend persist and captivate our imaginations, despite the lack of scientific validation.

In the end, the legend of the creature remains an unsolved puzzle, alive in local lore but unverified by science.

Cultural Impact

Rooted in local folklore and amplified by extensive media coverage, this legend has captivated the community.

The annual Lake Worth Monster Bash and related tourism have significantly boosted the local economy, ensuring its place as a topic of enduring fascination.

Local Folklore Significance

Its enduring presence in local folklore has profoundly shaped the cultural identity and communal experiences near Fort Worth. Described as part man, part goat, and even hairy, horned, and scaly, this mysterious creature has been a fixture of local legend since the first sightings in July 1969. The monster’s reported actions, such as running across cliffs and tossing a tire, have inspired both intrigue and fear, making it a staple of local storytelling.


The legend of the creature is a tale that continues to intrigue and excite people. It captures the imagination with its mystery and suspense. This story teaches us about the power of local folklore and how such tales can bring communities together. Whether the monster is real or just a product of vivid imagination, it remains a fascinating part of Lake Worth’s history. The legend reminds us that sometimes, the stories we share are as important as the truth behind them.

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