The Haunted Asylum of Yorktown Texas


This place tells a story where history and mystery collide. Built in 1950, it once served as a beacon of hope, treating countless patients in need. 

It became the center of frightening stories and ghostly sightings over the years. Abandoned and left to decay, it now stands as a shadowy reminder of its past, where footsteps and strange noises echo through its empty halls. 

Visitors and ghost hunters alike are drawn to this haunted hospital in Texas hoping to uncover the secrets that still linger within its walls.

History of Yorktown Hospital


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The hospital opened in 1951 and served the Yorktown community for 35 years before closing in 1986. This hospital was vital to the town, providing crucial healthcare services. During its years of operation, it saw many births, surgeries, emergencies, and recoveries, becoming a trusted place for residents.

It was filled with old medical equipment, patient records, and traces of its history. The interior remains mostly unchanged, giving a glimpse into mid-20th-century medical practices. The once-busy hallways and rooms are abandoned.

Despite its closure, it has not been forgotten. It is now known for being haunted, attracting curious visitors and ghost hunters.

Reasons for the Hospital’s Closure

The hospital closed because it was too expensive to keep running. After it shut down, the building was left empty and started to fall apart. Today, it is an old place with broken windows and peeling paint. Inside, the rooms are dark, and you can see old medical equipment scattered around. The once-busy hospital is now silent and eerie, attracting people curious about its haunted past.

Reports of Paranormal Activity

Strange noises and mysterious footsteps were often heard in the empty hallways. Some claimed to see ghostly figures or feel sudden cold spots. Unexplainable events happened, like lights flickering and doors closing on their own. These strange happenings led many to believe the hospital was haunted. People began to share their stories, adding to the growing legend of the haunted hospital.

  • The Talking Doll

An event in which a doll in the maternity area talked unexpectedly left the investigators surprised and intrigued. This unexpected voice piqued their curiosity, prompting a deeper exploration of the doll’s origin and history.

The hospital’s maternity ward saw countless births, and over the years, numerous toys and dolls accumulated, left behind by families. These factors made the doll a focal point of the investigation.

  • The Nurse in White

People say they have seen a woman dressed in a white nurse’s uniform walking through the dark hallways. She appears at night, her footsteps echoing on the floors. Those who see her feel a chill and hear whispers in the air. 

The legend says she was a kind nurse who never left her patients, even after she died. She continues to roam, looking for anyone who needs her help.

  • The Haunted Children’s Ward

Strange things happen here, like footsteps echoing in the halls and whispers. Many people believe these are the spirits of children who died once stayed there. Curious visitors and ghost hunters come to explore, hoping to see these apparitions and uncover the mysteries of this area.

  • The Captured Apparition

A full-body apparition captured in a hallway photo at the hospital has convinced many of the site’s haunting. When investigators snapped the photo during their visit, they likely didn’t expect to capture such a clear and convincing image of a ghostly figure. This compelling evidence has reinforced the belief that the hospital is indeed home to paranormal entities.

The apparition stands as significant evidence, making it hard for skeptics to dismiss the claims of supernatural activity. The photo has since circulated widely, raising awareness and piquing curiosity about the hospital’s eerie history.

Paranormal Investigations

Investigators uncovered convincing evidence of paranormal activity at this haunted hospital, including a talking doll, ghostly whispers, and a captured full-body apparition.

Investigators recorded choir sounds in the dead of night at the hospital’s chapel. These voices created an atmosphere suggesting a supernatural presence. 

The children’s room showed significant activity on the EMF reader, indicating the possible presence of unseen entities.

One of the most striking pieces of evidence was a full-body apparition captured on camera in one of the hallways. The image portrayed a figure that left those who viewed it uncomfortable.

On a return visit, the team experienced further paranormal activity, with EMF spikes coinciding precisely with moments of singing, reinforcing the presence of ghostly beings.

The collected evidence strongly suggests that the hospital is genuinely haunted, making it a focal point for paranormal enthusiasts and investigators alike.

Precautions for Visitors

When visiting, it’s important to be alert. Media coverage by 12 News has highlighted the hospital’s haunted reputation, emphasizing the need for vigilance during visits. Erika Hernandez, a reporter who explored the hospital, recommended several safety measures.

San Antonio paranormal investigators have outlined key precautions to ensure visitor safety:

  • Bring a Companion: Never visit the hospital alone. A companion can provide support and enhance safety.
  • Stay in Well-Lit Areas: Stick to well-lit sections to reduce the risk of accidents and improve visibility.
  • Use Reliable Equipment: Carry dependable flashlights, cameras, and other essential gear for documentation and navigation.
  • Follow Signs and Barriers: Respect all signs and barriers, as they’re often placed for safety, particularly in structurally unsound areas.


Located just an hour and a half from San Antonio Texas, this haunted hospital leaves us with a disturbing reminder of the unknown. It was once a place of healing and now stands as a symbol of horror and mystery. 

The stories of ghostly apparitions and unexplained noises make it clear that something ghostly lingers within its walls. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the atmosphere and haunting tales will stay with you long after you leave.

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