The Features and Notable Events in the Alamodome


The Alamodome is an indoor multi-purpose stadium located in San Antonio, Texas. The stadium opened its doors on May 15, 1993, and it can accommodate up to 64,000 people. The $186 million worth stadium was built to increase San Antonio’s convention traffic and attract a professional football franchise. For over a decade, the San Antonio Spurs played in this stadium before they moved to the AT&T Center in Bexar County. In this article, we will know more about the features of Alamodome and the notable events in the stadium.


Features of the Alamodome

The Alamodome is considered a rectilinear 5-level stadium that can seat up to 64,000 people and expand up to 72,000 spectators. The design of the stadium was intended to be easily convertible into basketball or hockey arena. It only takes 12-18 hours to convert the Alamodome into a basketball or a hockey arena. Aside from that, the Alamodome can also be adapted into a smaller auditorium space with an intimate and enclosed setting that can accommodate up to 11,000 people using the north grandstand and the floor space.

The Alamodome has 6,000 club level seats and 38 luxury suites. The stadium’s original design called for 66 luxury suites, but since the Spurs were the only tenant of the stadium during that time, only 38 luxury seats were made in the north end part of the facility. In 2006, the Alamodome was renovated to accommodate another 14 luxury suites. Aside from that, the Top of the Dome restaurant and the Sports Club were also renovated.

The stadium also has two permanent Olympic-sized ice rinks that can be used for speed skating, NHL games, and figure skating. Aside from that, it also has 30,000 square feet of meeting rooms and 160,000 square feet of exhibit space

Alamodome Aerial View

Notable Events and Tenants in the Alamodome

NBA Basketball – As we mentioned, the Alamodome can be transformed into a basketball arena in just 12-18 hours. This feature attracted the then-Spurs owner, Red McCombs, who was looking for a more massive arena. That is why after the 1992-1993 NBA season, the Spurs moved to the Alamodome. The team called the stadium their home form 1993 to 2002, including their first NBA championship season. In the late 1990s, the Spurs gained more popularity, and the team’s management and fans started to be dissatisfied with the stadium’s inferior sightlines. That is why the Spurs decided to move out of the stadium and build a new arena. In 1996, the NBA All-Star Game was held in the Alamodome.

Texas Football Classic – From 1991 to 2011, the Alamodome hosted the Texas Football Classic, which starts the high school football season in Texas.

Alamo Bowl – The Alamodome is the home of the annual Alamo Bowl, which bouts the second-choice teams from the Big 12 Conference and Pac-12 Conference.

All-American Bowl – Since 2002, the Alamodome has been the host of the All-American Bowl, which is a national all-star game, especially for U.S high school football. The games are played during early-January, and it features teams from the western and eastern United States.

UTSA Roadrunners – In 2011, the UTSA Roadrunners football program has decided to use the Alamodome for their start-up programs.

Big 12 Conference Championship – in 1997, 1999, and 2007, the Alamodome hosted the Big 12 Football Championship Game.

NFL – Aside from being a hockey and basketball arena, the Alamodome also hosted the National Football League preseason games. These games were played in 1993, 1994, 1995, and 2001.

Baseball – The Texas Rangers held several of their exhibition games at the Alamodome since 2013. The team was the first one to use the Alamodome as a baseball field.

Aside from these notable sporting events that happened here in the Alamodome, the stadium is also capable of hosting music festivals such as the Ozzfest. It also hosted several concerts of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, *NSYNC, and many more.

As a high-level sporting arena, the Alamodome management has set its rules and regulations on using the state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility. 

Some guidelines on the use of Alamodome

Opening time

The Alamodome’s doors open one hour before the start time of an event. The facility’s operating times may be adjusted on an event-by-event basis.

Age Requirements

Age requirements on the use of the stadium vary by event. The promoters of the event who rent the use of the facility set the age limitations. The promoters will also have the final say on ticket requirements for the visitors to enter the stadium. The management asks the public to the event description for further details on age requirements.

Alcohol policy

Alcoholic drinks may be served within the stadium’s facilities during certain events. The event’s promoter is responsible for security, along with off-duty San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) officers at any event in which alcohol beverage is being sold or served.

However, the sale or service of alcoholic drinks to minors is prohibited by law. The management ID every time. 

Wine bottle

Food and Beverage

Food and beverages bought from the outside are prohibited into the Alamodome except for baby formula or diabetic diet specific small snacks. The stadium has concession partners where visitors can buy or order food, water, and other beverages. 

Tobacco policy

The City of San Antonio has placed the Alamodome as a tobacco and smoke-free facility. This includes all forms of smoking and tobacco use, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers, smokeless tobacco, and tobacco pipes. The management reminded the public that no designated smoking areas are designated anywhere inside the Alamodome. The tobacco and smoke-free environment extends 300 feet from the stadium.

Backpacks and large bags

The management said that backpacks are not allowed into the Alamodome.


All visitors entering the facility must wear a shirt and shoes for their safety. People who wear offensive, indecent and obscene attire will not be allowed to enter. Alamodome management reserves the right to determine what attire is offensive, indecent, or obscene without any liability.

Merchandise stands

Merchandise stands are found throughout the Alamodome. Every major credit and debit card is accepted at all points of sale inside the stadium.

Event days

On event days, the box office typically opens at least two hours before the event. The hours may differ according to the projected ticket sales and/or promoter requests. Cash and most major credit cards are accepted at the Box Office. However, checks are not accepted.

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