The College of Health Care Profession Has Nine Campuses Around Texas


The College of Health Care Professions (CHCP) is an accredited private educational and training institution of allied health professions with nine campuses around Texas.

Tracing its roots in 1953, CHCP now serves a leader in the medical career education, helping thousands of students start their professional healthcare journey, and guiding them towards their preferred medical specialization, and molding them towards an enriching medical career brimmed with immense growth opportunities.

All that happens in real-world experience, on-campus programs, online and blended gateways, and other convenient and flexible offerings, all geared towards a cost and time-efficient learning.

History of the College of Health Care Professions

CHCP was initially founded by a group of physicians in 1953 by the name of MacGregor Medical Association, doing medical practice across various locations in San Antonio and Houston. More than three decades later in 1988, MacGregor Medical Association realized the imminent need to bestow top-notch medical training and hone the skills of their employees to sustain the association’s growing physician practices.

Soon, there has been an increasing demand for highly-skilled and specially trained health care workers across all healthcare providers. Aspiring to fulfill this necessity and to give people an avenue to be a part of this rapidly flourishing industry, CHCP was formed and passed an application to cater to students outside the MacGregor Medical Association. In 1990, the Texas Workforce Commission approved the academy, allowing it to expand its reach and student base beyond its usual in-house needs.

CHCP is a leading institution in providing healthcare education

From then, CHCP growth became ceaseless as years passed and responded to the ever-growing needs and changes happening in the healthcare industry. Today, the College of Health Care Professions in the state, located in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, North and South San Antonio, Houston Astrodome, Southwest and Northwest, and McAllen.

CHCP is now accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), the nationally recognized accreditation organization that authorizes colleges and institutions which offer allied health education programs.

In addition to the accreditation from ABHES, CHCP is also recognized by Texas Veterans Commission to provide training to qualified veterans, and approved by the US Department of Education to participate under Title IV of the Higher Education Act (HEA). Moreover, its LMRT and Massage programs are monitored and regulated by the Texas DSHS (Department of State Health Services), while also serving as an accredited vendor of Texas DARS (Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, and training and services provider under the Workforce Investment Act.

The College of Health Care Professions Today

The College of Health Care Professions remains as one of the best institutions providing quality training and education in various healthcare fields. At this time, CHCP offers over 20 administrative and clinical programs. All are designed to be fast-paced and flexible for better career advancement, with intricate coursework essential to the preferred field, and incorporates direct simulations and technology ideal for modern health care practices.

With long years of experience, CHCP ensures that its students gain proficiency and knowledge through thorough demonstrations, hands-on utilization of equipment, and application of all acquired expertise, preparing them for entry-level goals and as well guide towards their long term career goals in the healthcare industry.

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