The City of Bee Cave Was Incorporated in 1987


Bee Cave is a city that is situated just fourteen miles west of Austin, and it encompasses a two square mile area. According to the census that was done in 2010, the population of Bee Cave, Texas, was at 3,925. Bee Cave, Texas, is home to the American Campus Communities, a real estate investment trust. In this article, we are going to know more about Bee Cave, Texas’ history, and the things that you can see and do while you’re there.

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Bee Cave was first settled in during the early 1850s by a man named Dietrich Bohls. He relocated near the connection of Little Barton Creek and Barton Creek. After some time, he later founded what became known as Bee Cave, Texas. Bohls named the town after a massive cave full of Mexican honeybees housed on the creek banks.

In 1870, a post office opened there under the name Bee Cave, and Martin V. Lackey was hailed as the community’s first postmaster. After a year, Will Johnson started operating a trading post in the settlement. By the mid-1880s, a cotton gin, church, a steam gristmill, school, a general store, and twenty people started to move to Bee Cave. However, during the 1890s, the population of Bee Cave fell to ten, but they managed to raise the numbers to fifty-four by 1914. A year after that, The post office was closed, and the resident’s mails were sent to Cedar Valley.

In the 1940s, The Bee Cave school was merged with the Teck typical school district. And in 1951, it was then combined with Dripping Springs Independent School District in Hays County. The population of Bee Cave reached fifty from the 1940s through the 1980s.

In 1987, the town of Bee Cave was finally incorporated. The village of Bee Cave was initially a Type-A General Law city, and they had an Alderman-Mayor form of government.

In 1990, the population of Bee Cave reached 241 residents, and it grew to 656 at the beginning of 2000. During that time, Bee Cave already had parks and recreational places, schools, as well as a public library.

The small village of Bee Cave became a town in 2006. And in 2010, the town’s population reached 3,925. In February 2013, residents of Bee Cave formed a commission formed and voted to approve the new Home Rule Charter in May that same year. From then on, the elected City Council, which consists of the Mayor and five other members, was all tasked to set policies for the City government.

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Things to Do and Places to See at Bee Cave, Texas

  • Relax and take in the beauty of nature in Bee Cave Central Park – If you are the type of person who likes to take a morning or evening walks, then the Bee Cave Central Park is the best place to do it. Aside from that, it is also an all-in-one location, especially if you want to have a relaxing family day out. The park has clean washrooms, two playgrounds, picnic tables, clear walking paths, and many grassy areas where the children can play.
  • Appreciate art at the Bee Cave Sculpture Park – This sculpture park has a 7-acre land, and it features both rotating and permanent sculptures. Aside from that, the garden of the Bee Cave Sculpture Park showcases different items such as butterflies, animals, and of course, nature. The park is also a perfect place if you are looking for some peace and it also has other well-maintained amenities like picnic tables, park benches, and tables.
  • Know more about Bee Cave at Bee Cave Public Library – If you are looking for a place to do some reading while you’re in Bee Cave, then its public library is the perfect place for you. It is a well-maintained facility where you can get to know more about the city by reading newspapers, magazines, DVDs, audiobooks, and read-along kits.
  • Go shopping at Hill Country Galleria – This is a modern shopping complex located in Bee Cave. The Hill Country Galleria is just like any other mall wherein you can find several retailers. That is why whether you’re into homeware, fashion, toys, furniture, jewelry, or even electronics, then the Hill Country Galleria is the place for you. Aside from all that, there are also several restaurants here that offer both national and international cuisine.
  • Drink some beer at the Ginger Man – Aside from going to the park or shopping, you can also enjoy a nice cold beer while you’re in Bee Cave. It has a simple but comfortable interior and plenty of seating room. Ginger Man also has a vast menu of delicious foods and liquors.
  • Shop for fresh produce at the Lone Star Farmers Market – If you are the type of person who likes to cook everything from scratch, you should head on down to Lone Star Farmers Market to get the freshest and tastiest fruits vegetables. The farmers market has over 40 booths that offer the best local produce and the yummiest cuisines.
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