Southlake – From Rural to Affluent Community


Southlake is a city that in Tarrant County in Texas, and some of its minor areas are extended into Denton County. It is located at the intersection of State Highway 114 and Farm Road 1709. Southlake is known for having a friendly community, which is considered as the perfect oasis from all the hustle and bustle of Dallas/Fort Worth. Here you can enjoy shopping, art, culture, as well as dining around town because many of those activities are in a very walkable Southlake Town Square. In this article, we are going to talk all about Southlake and the places you need to see when you drop by.

History of Southlake

Back then, Southlake was bordered by fertile prairie and good water supply that is coming from Denton Creek as well as a lush forest that is surrounding the lands. That is why this place attracted several settlers from far and wide. They started arriving on horseback and wagons. Most of the cam from Tennessee, Missouri, and other Southern states. In 1845, Texas became the 28 states in the United States, and five years later, Tarrant County was organized. It was also during this time when the Lonesome Dove Baptist Church was built, and it was followed by the White’s Chapel Methodist Church. Before 1856, Southlake was called the area west of Grapevine, and it was divided into four small communities, namely, Jellico, Whites Chapel, Dove, and Union Church.

The history of Texas has some legendary leaders and outlaws. In fact, Bonnie and Clyde Darrow had family ties that lived in Southlake. On Easter Sunday back in 1934, the couple or a member of their gang killed two highway patrol officers at the intersection of Texas 114 and Dove Road.

After the construction of Grapevine Lake was completed in 1956, Southlake was incorporated. They remained to be a rural area until the DFW International Airport was completed in the 1970s. Because Southlake was located near the airport, it has become a boom-burb community throughout the 1980s to the 2000s.

Places to See and Do at Southlake

Take a stroll at Southlake Town Square

If you want to just relax and shop while you are at Southlake, then you should head on down to Southlake Town Square. This place offers an open-air lifestyle shopping experience where you can find over 120 shops as well as several fine restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Southlake Town Square is located in the heart of Southlake and it is just a few minutes away from DFW International Airport. If you want to experience a place where you can shop the best brants in fashion and retail while you are at Southlake, then the Southlake Town Square is the perfect place for you.

Hike and Explore at the Parks around Lake Grapevine

Lake Grapevine is considered to be Dallas-Fort Worth’s outdoor paradise. It has initially been dammed to make a reservoir and have a water source for the local residents. Today, Lake Grapevine is surrounded by trails, campsites, and parks that you can go to unwind and connect with nature. If you want to go somewhere to escape the heat of a summer day, you can go to Katie’s Woods Park, where you can have a picnic on covered picnic tables while you’re enjoying the forest. You can also go to Murrell Park Campgrounds if you want to go biking, hiking, or explore fishing trails.

Lake Grapevine-jpeg

Take a Walk at Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve

Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve is a city park that is located just outside of Southlake. This city park is dedicated to restoring and preserving the unique Eastern Cross Timbers ecosystem. This park facilitates environmental leadership programs as well as educational and outdoor activities. In Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve, you can take a hike along an intricated trail that is surrounded by dense forests and several pocket prairies that is located alongside Lake Grapevine. Do not forget to take a trip to Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve on your next trip to Southlake.

Marshall Creek Ranch

The Marshal Creek Ranch is where you can see some of the Dallas-Fort Worth’s best equestrian trails. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time rider or a long time horse-fanatic, Marshall Creek Ranch is the best place to saddle up. At the same time, you hit the trails and take a beautiful ride around Lake Grapevine. So when you drop by to Southlake, do not forget to go to a horseback excursion.

Go to the Grapevine Botanical Gardens

This place is one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s best-kept secret. The Grapevine Botanical Gardens is home to beautiful ponds, trails, sitting areas, streams, and a massive collection of flowers and plants. If you just want a quiet and relaxing day, then this is the perfect place for you.

Taste the Best Wines of Dallas-Fort Worth

Whether you want to an afternoon of wine tasting or a full vineyard tour, there is a winery in Southlake that is there to cater to you. If you are looking for the ultimate North Texas vineyard experience, then you should head on down to Delaney Vineyards and Wineries. There, you will get to know everything from grape selection to winemaking and bottling. If you want more wine tasting, then we suggest that you go to Wine Fusion Winery, where you can go to a wine blending class or just relax with a glass of wine from their extensive local wine menu.

Take a Tour Around Nash Farm

This farm was originally bought by Thomas Jefferson Nash in 1859. And today, the fam still continues to be the perfect place if you want to connect with the agricultural and historic roots of North Texas. Here you can have free and open self-guided tours and experience seasonal and annual events and activities such as spring time parties and Christmas events. If you are looking for a place to bond with your whole family while you’re in Southlake, then you must include the Nash Farm in your itinerary.

Experience Live Entertainment at the Palace Arts Center

The Palace Arts Center is a attractively restored 1940s art-deco styled theater that hosts classic movie screenings as well as live entertainment events. If you happen to be in Southlake, do not miss The Palace Art Center’s First Friday Film Series which is held every first Friday of the month.

Get Creative at the LegoLand Discovery Center

If you are looking for a place where you can have an amazing family fun bonding while you are in Southlake, then do not forget to head on over to the LegoLand Discovery Center. This place have twelve great attractions such as a 4D cinema and several rides that you and your children can enjoy.

Go to North Texas’ Best Golf Courses

North Texas has plenty of wooded terrain, rolling landscape as well as flowing creeks which is why this is the perfect place to experience some world-class golf. There are several golf clubs that you can go in and near Southlake. However, the most unique golf club that we can recommend is the Cowboy’s Golf Club because this is where you can enjoy a golf course that is designed to preserve the natural beauty of the place.

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