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Seguin is a city as well as the administrative center of Guadalupe County in Texas. The place is named after a Tejano Texian freedom fighter named Juan Seguin, who is also an early supporter of the Republic of Texas. Seguin is an easygoing town that has a bit of a whimsical atmosphere. Here in Seguin, you will be able to see the biggest nutcracker collection in the world, the oldest licensed bar in Texas, as well as a 6,000-year-old archeological dig that has Mammoth remains. In this article, we are going to talk about the history of Seguin, Texas, as well as the things that you should do when you’re there.

History of Seguin, Texas

In 1838, several frontier Rangers decided to settle among the serene and beautiful live oaks that grow beside Walnut Springs on Guadalupe River. After a while, these settlers decided to name their town after Col. Juan N. Segun, who happens to be a Tejano who bravely fought alongside the Anglo settlers against the Mexican dictator named Santa Anna. In the remaining years of the Republic of Texas, several colonists that came from the South arrived in Seguin with the hopes of establishing cotton plantations in the area. Some historians say that the Old South ended when few plantations took root west of those built here.

At some point, Seguin, Texas, became the center for experimentation with using concrete as a building material. During the late 19th century, about one in every ten structures in Seguin was made of the locally produced “limecrete.” That is why, back then, this town has the highest concentration of concrete buildings in the United States. Today, there are still about 20 of these concrete relics in the town, and one of them is the Sebastopol House Historic State.

Sebastopol House

In the 1840s, immigrants from Germany started to pour into the area, and they came in a steady stream through the rest of the 19th century. In 1930, the Darst Creek Field was discovered, and it set off an oil boom, and other boom-towns also started to spring up like gushers. However, they declined as quickly as they rose. The only advantage that Seguin had during that time is that it is already an established city, that is why it was able to survive its oil boom. Aside from that, Seguin also accumulated a collection of park facilities and civic buildings during that period, and new industries started to arrive after World War II.

Today, several manufacturing plants that produce mowing equipment, electronic products, steel, as well as construction materials give the city a solid industrial base. Seguin also has a large and highly efficient gas-powered electric-generating plant, a highly-rated liberal arts university, a modern hospital, and several eating, shopping, and lodging establishments. The city of Seguin is filled with beautiful old homes that are located in traditional neighborhoods.

Largest Pecan Seguin

Things to do and Places to See in Seguin

  • Get a taste of what Seguin has to offer at Kirby’s Korner Restaurant – Kirby’s Korner Restaurant is a locally owned establishment that offers homestyle-cooking. Some say that it provides the best burgers in The Lone Star State. Once you’re here, don’t forget to try their traditional hamburger or one of their specialty burgers, such as the Hickory Burger or the Mexi-Burger. If you are craving for some scrumptious burger and fries while you’re in Seguin, then Kirby’s Korner Restaurant is the place to be.
  • Enjoy a private getaway at Son’s Island – If you want to experience an idyllic clandestine getaway while you’re in Seguin, then you should head on down to Son’s Island. This place gives off a tropical vibe and offers a lot of activities such as paddle boating, kayaking, beach volleyball, and paddleboarding. But if you are looking for a laid-back and relax fun with your family, Son’s Island also has picnic tables, hammocks, barbecue pits, and lounge chairs where you can destress and enjoy nature around you.
  • Take a bike ride along Walnut Springs Park – If you want to stroll around, you can take a bike ride a Walnut Springs Park where there are a labyrinth of bridges, walkways, as well as a biking trail. Walnut Springs Park is the perfect place if you just want to get lost while taking in the natural beauty of Seguin because it also has lush vegetation, a pretty rose garden, and several streams.
  • Paddle along Lake Seguin – Whether you’re an expert or a beginner paddler, Lake Seguin is the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon on the water. Lake Seguin has a slow current. That is why it is ideal for beginners. Aside from that, Lake Seguin’s paddle trail is easy to navigate. You do not need any portage or shuttle service, which means that you and your friends can explore in the gentle waters freely with your kayak or canoe. Just make sure that you stay away from the dammed area and do not go there during flood conditions.
  • Have some fun family time at ZDT Amusement Park – This amusement park offers about 10 acres of fun family time. Here you can take a ride at a roller coaster they call Switchback where you travel both backward and forwards. Aside from that, you can also have some water activities, a death-defying parachute drop experience, video arcades, trampolines, and of course, a playground. There is something for everyone here at ZDT Amusement Park.
  • Go to the Seguin Heritage Museum – As we mentioned, Seguin has a rich history, and you can find out all about it at the Seguin Heritage Museum. This is a regional history museum where you can see artifacts and photographs of the bygone era. The Sequin Heritage Museum gives you a glimpse of how Seguin citizens lived several decades ago.
  • Get a taste of handcrafted beer at Seguin Brewing Company – This brewing company has a slick industrial and contemporary ambiance. That is why if you are looking to have some top-notch relaxation experience while enjoying a pint of excellent craft beer, then this is the place for you. The Seguin Brewing Company is a large supplier of homegrown pecans, that is why they offer a delicious and delightful Honey Pecan Cream Ale. If you want to taste more of what they can offer, then you should add the Seguin Brewing Company to your itinerary in Seguin.
  • Go to the Sebastopol House Historic Site – This house is known for being one of the first houses in the South that is made out of limecrete. Limecrete is a type of concrete that is made when lime is used in place of cement. The Sebastopol House Historic Site was built in 1856 and it has a antebellum Greek-revival ambiance that is definitely a sight to see.
  • Check out the Pape Pecan House and the Nutcracker Museum – If you want to personally see the biggest pecan in the world and the largest collection of nutcrackers, then this museum is the right one for you. In here, you will be able to see about 8,000 pieces of nutcrackers that are all in different shapes and sizes.
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