Preston Hollow – Home to Many Affluent Families


Preston Hollow is an affluent, suburban neighborhood in north Dallas, Texas. This remarkable area, distinguished by its peaceful, suburban atmosphere, is known to be the home of most of the wealthiest people in Dallas.

Most of the streets in Preston Hollow are lined with ranch-style homes. Most of the residents here like the neighborhood’s close location to the top private schools in Dallas, as well as several shops located near Preston Center, NorthPark Center, and Preston-Royal.


Preston Hollow, though often perceived as one entity, is, in reality, a combination of various neighborhoods, each with its distinct charm and character. The boundaries of this illustrious area have been fluid over time. Still, it’s generally recognized as being encircled by Northwest Highway, Royal Lane, Hillcrest Road, and Midway Road, forming a unique, backward L shape. This diverse area includes the so-called “Estate area,” known for its grand entrances, rolling hills, and winding streets. This area showcases some of Dallas’s most luxurious mansions.

The neighborhood presents a blend of historical elegance and modern sophistication. Originally established as an independent municipality with its own town hall, Preston Hollow has evolved into a coveted residential haven.

Despite its reputation for opulence, Preston Hollow is much more than just a refuge for the wealthy. The neighborhood’s streets feature ranch-style homes and attractive estates. Children can play freely on tree-lined streets. Yet, the neighborhood’s prime location along Dallas North Tollway and Northwest Highway ensures that the vibrancy and amenities of Dallas are never too far away.

Living in Preston Hollow means having easy access to some of the city’s top private schools, making it an ideal spot for families. There are also many shopping centers and fine dining options around the area, such as the popular Preston-Royal and Preston Center.

For those seeking a blend of tranquility and accessibility, Preston Hollow is a great choice, offering suburban tranquility with the perks of city life.

The History of Preston Hollow

The story of Preston Hollow began in the 1850s when the first settlers received land grants. Among these early settlers were the Lively, Howell, and Meaders families, marking the area’s initial agricultural imprint. Smaller farms dotted the landscape of what would become Preston Hollow.

Residential Beginnings

Preston Hollow first started to become a residential area in the 1920s when Ralph Stichter bought large acres at the northeast corner of Preston and Walnut Hill. When Stichter constructed estates on his property, especially the one still standing at 6126 Lakehurst in 1922, it started the residential development of the area. During this time, Ira P. DeLoache, a real estate developer, also took interest in Preston Hollow. By 1924, DeLoache had acquired a 56-acre farm, setting the stage for Preston Hollow’s first residential lots.

DeLoache, alongside Al Joyce, was pivotal in shaping the neighborhood’s early growth, especially in the 1930s. Charles Dilbeck, a notable pre-war architect, designed several landmark homes. The early development emphasized a blend of country and city living and attracted professionals like doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. This transformed the former agricultural land into a burgeoning residential area.

The economic hardships of the 1930s, especially during the Depression, did not impede the growth of the neighborhood. Edward James Solon, a significant figure in Interstate Company, purchased property at Douglas and Averill Way and built a Dillbeck-designed Tudor-styled home. This home and other country-style estates contributed to the affluent and rural character of the area, later known as Old Preston Hollow. The development of this area was perceived as a step into the “sticks,” but it eventually sparked a northward migration of affluent homeowners in Dallas.

Preston Hollow, as a Municipality

Old Preston Hollow

In 1939, Preston Hollow was incorporated as a municipality, with DeLoache’s office turning into the town hall. However, this municipal status was short-lived. In 1945, the residents of Preston Hollow voted to join the city of Dallas, and the neighborhood was annexed. Interestingly, this move contrasted with the decisions of neighboring areas like University Park and Highland Park, which chose to remain independent.

The neighborhood’s history also reflects the broader societal changes in America. A 1948 U.S. Supreme Court ruling declared race-based real estate occupancy restrictions unenforceable by state courts. Despite this, Preston Hollow had restrictive covenants in place until as late as 1956, which were finally repealed in 2000.

Late 20th Century

During the latter half of the 20th century, development continued, and property values kept rising, especially in the 1980s. This caused the teardown of many mid-century ranch-style houses and the construction of larger, more modern homes. Preston Hollow’s status as a premier neighborhood was further highlighted in 2008 when rumors surfaced about President George W. Bush buying a home in the area.

The Lifestyle in Preston Hollow

Ralph Stichter Jr’s house at 6126 Lakehurst
Ralph Stichter Jr’s house at 6126 Lakehurst Jd9376, Stichter House, CC BY-SA 4.0

Preston Hollow is a serene, suburban environment characterized by its peaceful, tree-lined streets and spacious properties. The pace of life here is unhurried, with residents often seen taking leisurely walks, jogging, or children playing in open spaces. This laid-back atmosphere provides a stark contrast to the bustling city life, making it an idyllic place for those seeking tranquility within an urban setting.

Community and Social Life

The neighborhood here is a community bound by strong ties. Social interactions in Preston Hollow are often centered around local clubs, community events, and schools. The area fosters a warm sense of community spirit through regular neighborhood gatherings, charity events, and educational activities.

Dining and Shopping


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Preston Hollow may be predominantly residential, but it doesn’t lack in terms of culinary and shopping experiences. The neighborhood is dotted with high-end shopping centers and gourmet dining options. These locales serve not just as commercial hubs but as social gathering spots where residents meet for everything from coffee to fine dining.

Emphasis on Education

In Preston Hollow, education is a key aspect of daily life, with numerous top-rated schools in the vicinity. This strong focus on education is one of the major draws for families. It creates an environment that values learning and academic achievement, enhancing the neighborhood’s appeal to those who prioritize educational opportunities for their children.


Preston Hollow strikes a balance between providing a quiet, suburban lifestyle and proximity to the urban amenities of Dallas. This unique blend makes the neighborhood an attractive proposition for those seeking the best of both worlds – the comfort of suburban living with easy access to the vibrancy of city life.

Notable Residents of Preston Hollow

George W. Bush

Preston Hollow has been the chosen home for many notable figures, each bringing their own touch of fame and influence to the neighborhood. Here’s a list of some distinguished residents:

    1. George W. Bush: The former President of the United States. He chose Preston Hollow as his post-presidency home.
    2. H. Ross Perot: A well-known entrepreneur and former presidential candidate
    3. Roger Staubach: A legendary figure in American football and the former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.
    4. Mike Modano: A former Dallas Stars center, a celebrated name in ice hockey.
    5. Mark Cuban: An entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner known for his dynamic business acumen and television presence on “Shark Tank.”
    6. Luka Dončić: A basketball player at the Dallas Mavericks
    7. T. Boone Pickens: A well-known business magnate and philanthropist.
    8. Dirk Nowitzki: The legendary German basketball player and long-time Dallas Maverick.
    9. Jerry Jones: Owner of the Dallas Cowboys
    10. Ross Perot Jr.: A notable real estate developer and businessman, son of H. Ross Perot.
    11. Deion Sanders: Former NFL player and sports analyst.
    12. Lee Trevino: Former professional golfer and Hall of Famer.
    13. Tom Hicks: The businessman is known for formerly owning the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Stars, as well as Liverpool F.C.
    14. Harold Simmons: The late billionaire businessman known for his investments and philanthropic efforts.
    15. Larry Lacerte: Software developer whose work is popular in payroll and HR systems.
    16. Charles Hansen: Former chairman and CEO of Pillowtex Corp.
    17. Clark Hunt: Director of Hunt Sports Entertainment.
    18. Fred Baron and Lisa Blue Baron: Trial lawyers and Democratic Party fundraisers.
    19. Mary Kay Ash: Founder of Mary Kay cosmetics.
    20. Michael McCoy: Vice president of the architecture and engineering firm Page Southerland Page.
    21. Bobby Brittingham: The son of the founder of Dal-Tile Corp.


Preston Hollow, with its rich history, luxurious lifestyle, and roster of notable residents, stands as a symbol of prestige and comfort in Dallas. This neighborhood offers a unique blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience, offering an ideal living environment for those seeking the best of Dallas living.

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