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Austin, Texas, has some impressive FM radio stations that cater to almost everyone’s music tastes like contemporary, pop, hip hop, and RnB. In this article, we will give you an overview of the radio stations in Austin that you can tune into when driving, cooking, or chilling out.

Majic 95.5 logo

Majic 95.5 – Majic 95.5 is an adult contemporary radio station that is owned by Entercom Communications. Its office is located on Wesbank Drove, off Loop 360, and near Westlake High School. When the station first went on air, it was named KAZZ, and it played jazz, adult standards, and big band music. In 1967, they decided to go on a reformat, which turned the station into a country format with the callsign KOKE-FM. Twenty years later, the KOKE-FM owners wanted to make a change and switched KOKE-FM to a soft adult contemporary format with the callsign KLQT. In the 1990s, the FM station switched its call letters to KKMJ and the name Majic 95.5. From then on until the 2000s and 2010s, the radio station has an adult contemporary format.

KOKE-FM logo

KOKE FM – KOKE FM is a commercial FM radio station that has a progressive country format. KOKE FM had a country-rock format back in 1972. It played an essential role in the careers of “outlaws” Willie, Waylon, and the boys because the radio station help promotes the most iconic songwriters and singers of the time. The radio station is consistent with its country format, and it still helps launch talented country artists until today.

KGSR logo

KGSR – KGSR 93.3 FM is a radio station that is licensed to Cedar Park, Texas. It is owned by Sinclair Telecable Inc., and it broadcasts an adult contemporary format. When the station first signed on the air, it was known as KLEN-FM because its original city of license was in Killeen, Texas. In the early 1980s, the station had a top 40 format with the call sign KIXS-FM, which was later relaunched with the callsign KBTS and became an immediate success. In 1993, the station transitioned into an all-1970s hit radio station with the callsign KHHT. It flipped to an all-jazz radio station three years later. It was eventually changed into a country radio station with the callsign KLNC. In 2001, the radio station tried to give the growing Hispanic community a try. It transitioned into a dance format as KXMG or Mega 93.3. The radio station had several reformats until they decided to shift into a hot adult contemporary format in February 2020.

91.7 FM KOOP logo

KOOP 97.1 – This radio station is a noncommercial radio station operated and owned by its members and staffed by volunteers. The radio station is licensed to Texas Educational Broadcasting Co-operative, Inc., which is a non-profit organization. KOOP shares the 97.1 frequency with the University of Texas’s student radio station at Austin, the KVRX. KOOP broadcasts on the frequency from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. from Monday to Friday and 9 A.M to 10 P.M. during the weekends. KVRX airs on the remaining hours.

93.7 KLBJ logo

KLBJ FM – This is a contemporary radio station that has an album-oriented rock radio format. The station calls itself as the “Rock of Austin,” and it first went on air in 1960 as KTBC-FM. In 1972, the KBTC-FM switched to a freeform rock format and changed its callsign to KLBJ-FM. Until today, the radio station helps launch several new rock artists in Austin as well as produce albums that focus on local Austin music.

101 X Logo

KROX-FM – KROX-FM is a commercial FM radio station that is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. The radio station first went on air in 1984 as KGID and licensed to Giddings, Texas. In 1990, the radio station went on a reformat and changed its callsign to KOKE and its format to Southern Gospel. When Sinclair Telecable bought the station in 1995, they decided to wholly rebuilt and reformat the station. This includes changing its callsign to KROX-FM with an alternative rock format.


KBPA – KBPA is a radio station that serves the Greater Austin metropolitan area. The radio station first went on air in June 1971 as KRMH or Good Karma with a progressive rock format. In 1976, the station was bought by the Pioneer Broadcasting Company of Austin. The radio station shifted to an adult contemporary format. Its call letters were changed to KCSW. Five years later, the radio station was purchased by Hicks Communications. They changed the station’s call sign to KEYI and rebranded it as Key 103 with an adult contemporary format. In 2004, KEYI flipped to adult hits format and changed their name to Bob FM and its callsign to KBPA.

KUT Logo

KUT 90.5 – KUT 90.5 is a corporate-sponsored and listener-supported public radio station in Austin, Texas. The radio station first signed on the air as KUT-FM in November 1958. It was licensed to the University of Texas as their Educational station broadcasting. in 1982, the station changed their callsign from KUT-FM to KUT. It was also during this time when they began broadcasting in stereo at 90.5 MHz.

KASE101 Logo

KASE-FM – KASE-FM is a commercial FM radio station owned by iHeartMedia and has a country music format. KASE-FM first went on air in March 1969, where they played automated beautiful music format. In 1981, KASE FM switches into a continuous country format that Austin listeners loved. In fact, the switch made the radio station enter the top twenty list of Most Admired Stations in America. KASE FM was also the first radio station to receive the Station of the Year award from the Country Music Association.

Classicaly 89.5 Logo

KMFA – KMFA 89.5 is an independent, non-profit, public radio station that has a classical format. It is owned by Capitol Broadcasting Association, and it has over 100,000 listeners. The station has a broadcast schedule which features playlists announced by local hosts and nationally syndicated broadcast such as the Metropolitan Opera and Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

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