Nick Foles threw 7 Touchdowns in One Game


Nicholas Edward Foles, popularly known as Nick Foles, is a football quarterback born in Austin, Texas. Before he became a professional football player, he used to play college football in Arizona. The Philadelphia Eagles first drafted him during the third round of the NFL Draft in 2012. Since then, Nick Foles showed his football playing skills in the NFL. He set records by being the second quarterback ever to post a perfect passing rating of 158.3 while passing for more than 400 yards and scoring seven touchdowns. He was the seventh NFL player to ever threw for seven touchdowns in one single Game.

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After spending two years with the Philadelphia Eagles, Foles was traded to the St. Louis Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Foles returned to the Philadelphia Eagles a year later and led the team to their third Super Bowl appearance. The team defeated the New England Patriots and earned their first Super Bowl title, with Foles being hailed as the Game’s Most Valuable Player. After a year, Foles eventually opted out of his contract with the Eagles in 2019 and signed a whopping $88 million deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, during his first game with the Jaguars, Foles suffered a fractured left clavicle causing him to miss most of the season. In 2020, Foles was traded to the Chicago Bears.

Interesting Facts about Nick Foles

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  • Nick Foles didn’t just excel in football. When he was attending Westlake High School, Foles became a three-year starter and a two-time MVP for the school’s basketball team. During that time, Foles managed to earn all-district honors with an average of 11 rebounds and 15 points. Foles was very good at the sport that he was even recruited by several Division I basketball programs.
  • Nick Foles used to play at Michigan State for a year, where he made an appearance during their Game against Alabama-Birmingham. After that, he transferred to the University of Arizona, where he had to redshirt his first football season. Nevertheless, his first season at Arizona became an indisputable starter by his junior year.
  • While he was in Arizona, Nick Foles served as a teacher to four boys who were living in an underprivileged home. He was so enthusiastic about teaching them how to play football to spend time with them every weekend. In fact, Foles still keeps in touch with them and give them their source of motivation and guidance in any way he can.
  • Nick Foley’s father is Larry Foles, the man who founded Eddie V’s Edgewater Grille. He also co-owned other restaurants in Austin as well as other major cities. Aside from this, Larry Foles also helped develop Z’Tejas Southwestern Grille together with Paul Fleming.
  • Nick Foles has a very athletic family. His mother is a fitness trainer who specializes in teaching kickboxing, yoga, weight-training, and cardio. Nick’s wife, Tori Moore, used to be a volleyball player at played volleyball at Arizona. In fact, even Foles’ brother-in-law is a talented athlete. Evan Moore played used to college basketball and football at Stanford, and later on, he went to play professionally for the Browns, Packers, Eagles, and Seahawks.
  • Nick Foles and Tori Moore tied 2014. Three years later, the couple welcomed their daughter, Lily James Foles. In an interview, James Foles said that marrying an athlete has a unique advantage because his wife always understands the challenge he’s facing and still remains to be his No. 1 supporter.
  • Aside from basketball and football, Foles is also interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee. In fact, according to his Eagles teammate, Nelson Agholor, Nick Foles is apparently quite good at playing Ultimate Frisbee.
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