Mercury Hall: The Charming Venue For Weddings and More


For over two decades, Mercury Hall has served as one of Austin’s most charming wedding venues. It boasts a century-old hall that gleams romance and sophistication, an evergreen landscape, stunning indoor spaces, gorgeous walls, chandeliers, and stained windows. All of that witnessed countless people toasting, cheering couples, as they exchange their sweet “I Dos.” Lying on a sequestered hilltop a few minutes from south of downtown Austin, this historic gem genuinely became a vital part of many special occasions and memories from those who had the privilege to enter its splendid grounds.


Constructed in 1904, Mercury Hall was a former chapel that endured two major fires and was used by townsmen for prayer meetings, Sunday services, and wedding ceremonies. After serving many occasions for over 80 years, it was in 1996 when it was decided to erect a more contemporary structure.

Efforts started during the fall of 1997 to select the ideal site for its new location, secure the land, and seek approval from the city government. All things went smoothly, and the big move began in the summer. From there, Mercury Hall soon found its rebirth as a private venue, 120 miles from its original location, built on a secluded hilltop in the old Galindo neighborhood in South Austin.

By the spring season, Mercury Hall started hosting wedding ceremonies and other occasions, and many friends, family, grooms, and brides celebrating and storing memories in its new grounds. Its fresh landscape offers a Hill Country ambiance of an old-fashioned yet quintessential building, surrounded by oak trees, Texas wildflowers, and other vibrant flora. Visitors from Mercury, Texas who see Mercury Hall incredible are always astonished by its spectacular reincarnation.

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Mercury Hall: The All-Purpose Venue

Aside from being a renowned venue for wedding ceremonies, Mercury Hall is also a perfect setting for corporate and special events, executive meetings, retreats, and fundraisers. It serves as a quiet refuge to break away from the rambunctiousness of the office, allowing all participants to engage in enriching activities and discussions.

Holiday parties, yoga classes, and photoshoots are no exception to what you can stage in this place. A multifaceted and spacious venue with an adaptable layout and innate elegance, the undoubtedly has what it takes to make each event distinctive and unforgettable, especially with these stunning locations within its grounds.

The Banquet Hall

An event space that bears the original stained glass windows, white shiplap walls, and original wood flooring of the old building, this hall measures about 2237 square feet, perfect for 150 to 200 guests for a banquet-style event or ceremony.

Ceremony Terrace

One of the more popular choices among celebrants, this modern limestone terrace stretches about 300 square feet and provides a magnificent view of the Upper Lawn. Live oak trees provide it with a blissful canopy, capturing the eyes and hearts of many attendees.

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Upper Lawn

For a bigger number of guests, the Upper Lawn, spanning over 3100 sqft, is the ideal place to accommodate up to 250 individuals for a wedding ceremony, and other events from lawn games to yoga sessions and anything in between.

Rock Garden Courtyard

Boasting 2500 square feet of unsheltered courtyard space, accentuated by a bamboo backdrop and circled by wondrous gardens, the Rock Garden Courtyard can hold up to 200 guests. Though uncovered, tents can be installed in the area, providing the versatility of this event space.

Closing Curtains

Mercury Hall has indeed become a staple venue, hosting many ceremonies and occasions, and building many memories in its over a 20-year run. Recently, it has already sent its own save-the-date card. However, it marks its closing date at the end of June 2021. While it will serve its last booked events until the said date, Mercury Hall’s mark as one of South Austin’s charming event places will remain in many people’s hearts and minds.

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