Mahatma Gandhi District – Houston’s Little India


In Houston, a city known for its diversity and energy, you can find the vibrant Mahatma Gandhi District. Named after the famous Indian leader, this area offers rich cultural and culinary experiences, with its array of shops, restaurants, and cultural spots.

In the Mahatma Gandhi District, the streets buzz with the activities of daily life, where local business owners and residents of diverse backgrounds create a lively and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this district invites you to experience its unique blend of history, culture, and community spirit.

Historical Background

Houston’s Mahatma Gandhi District, also fondly known as Little India, stands today as a bustling hub of South Asian culture. While relatively recent, its history is rich and demonstrates the growth of a vibrant community.

The Mahatma Gandhi District started with the pioneering efforts of Mahesh and Rupa Vyas. They initially opened Jay Stores, a grocery store offering a range of desi (South Asian) products, in Rice Village. For more info on Rice Village, check out our article on the Things to Do in Rice Village, Texas. The store was later moved to the Hillcroft area, which began to transform this neighborhood. Jay Stores became a cultural connector, offering Indian emigrants a slice of their homeland in the United States.

After Jay Stores, several other businesses took root in the area, enriching the district’s South Asian character. These included Karat 22, a jewelry store; Sari Sapne, a clothing store specializing in sarees; and Raja Sweets, established in 1985, which became a cornerstone establishment for the community. These businesses not only served the functional needs of the Indian community – providing goods like gold, clothing, and sweets, essential for various celebrations – but also became cultural landmarks.

The area was Initially surrounded by farmland, but this once-undeveloped area grew as more Indian-American and Pakistani-American businesses and entrepreneurs were drawn to Hillcroft.

On January 16, 2010, the area was officially named the “Mahatma Gandhi District” during a ceremony attended by Houston Mayor Annise Parker and India’s Consular General, Sanjiv Arora. This designation was a milestone, realized after years of advocacy by the Indian-American community, which numbers over 100,000 in Houston. It represented not just a name change but a formal recognition of the district’s cultural significance and the coming of age of this vibrant community.

Today, the Mahatma Gandhi District adds to the cultural richness and diversity of Houston. It serves as a focal point for the South Asian community, attracting people from various parts of the city and beyond, seeking authentic culinary experiences, shopping, and cultural immersion.

Landmarks in Mahatma Gandhi District

Raja Sweets

While exploring Houston’s Mahatma Gandhi District, several landmarks and establishments stand out, each contributing to the district’s rich cultural landscape.

  • Raja Sweets: Established in 1986, Raja Sweets is not just a culinary delight but a historical landmark in its own right. As the first Indian restaurant in Houston, it represents the growing South Asian presence in the city. Raja Sweets brought the streets of India to Hillcroft and brought a taste of home to the Indian community in Houston.
  • Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston: Opened in August 2023, this museum is dedicated to the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, showcasing his philosophy and teachings. It’s a significant cultural landmark, highlighting the universal values of truth, nonviolence, peace, love, and service. The museum, being the only free-standing one in the Americas dedicated to Gandhi, symbolizes the district’s commitment to cultural education and preservation.
  • Statue of Gandhi in Hermann Park: Erected in August 2016, this statue commemorates the influential Indian independence movement leader. It stands as a symbol of peace and the strong ties between Houston’s Indian community and their cultural heritage.

Cultural Elements of the Mahatma Gandhi District

The Mahatma Gandhi District offers a rich variety of experiences that capture the essence of Indian and Pakistani traditions.

Culinary Richness: One of the district’s most distinct cultural aspects is its culinary diversity. The area is dotted with restaurants offering authentic South Asian cuisine, each bringing a taste of their native lands to Houston. Udipi Cafe, named after the chef’s hometown in India, is known for its two-foot-long dosa, a golden, crispy crepe filled with warm potatoes, which is a staple in South Indian cuisine. These culinary offerings are not just about food; they are immersive experiences that offer insight into Indian and Pakistani cultures.

Grocery Stores and Products: The district’s grocery stores, like the Subhlaxmi store, are cultural hubs where one can find a range of products directly from India. The store overflows with traditional Indian fruits, sweets like Karachi biscuits and soan papdi, and puja items for Hindu festivals. Shopping here is like a quick course in Indian culture.

Festivals and Community Events: The area is known for celebrating major Indian festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Diwali. These festivals are not only religious events but also social gatherings, strengthening community bonds and keeping traditions alive in the diaspora. One can see traditional rituals, food, music, and dance in the festivals, making them a vibrant part of the local culture.

Cultural Education: The Mahatma Gandhi District serves as an educational and cultural epicenter for those interested in exploring South Asian culture. With a diverse population, the district enables a unique exchange of cultural values and traditions, providing a platform for cultural understanding and appreciation.

Culinary Experiences

A plate of mutton biryani

The Mahatma Gandhi District is a culinary haven offering a diverse array of authentic South Asian flavors and dishes, each with its unique heritage and taste.

Himalaya Restaurant is a standout establishment in the area, celebrated for its fusion of Pakistani and Indian cuisines. The atmosphere in Himalaya is rich with culture, adorned with press clippings and personal touches that create a homely, welcoming vibe. It’s known for dishes like the vibrant green hara masala, a Hyderabadi curry, the rich and gamey mutton biryani, and the unique Hunter’s Beef, a Pakistani version of pastrami. Their Himalaya Fried Chicken is also a must-try, marinated in Indian spices and served with a spicy mustard sauce.

Another culinary gem is Udipi Cafe, named after the chef’s hometown, which is famous for its vegetarian cuisine. The restaurant offers a 2-foot-long dosa, a staple in South Indian cuisine, which is both a visual and gastronomic delight. The dishes at Udipi Cafe provide an immersive experience of South Indian culinary traditions. Dishes like idli and medu vada are served alongside chutneys and sambar, bringing the flavors of Rao’s family kitchen in southern India to Houston.

Also, Bombay Sweets specializes in Indian vegetarian dishes and is renowned for its wide array of Indian sweets and desserts. It’s a popular spot for its affordable all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet, featuring dishes like chickpea masala and eggplant stew. Shiv Sagar is another vegetarian delight offering a range of smaller Indian dishes that are perfect for building a meal. It has an all-vegetarian, chaat-style menu, making it an excellent destination for a variety of spicy samosas and refreshing lassis.

Shopping in the District

A strip mall in the Mahatma Gandhi District

The shopping scene in Houston’s Mahatma Gandhi District offers a unique and culturally rich experience, highlighting the area’s South Asian heritage. The district’s evolution as a shopping hub began in the 1980s and has since grown into a vibrant area known for its variety of South Asian businesses. This diverse enclave became officially recognized as the Mahatma Gandhi District in January 2010, cementing its place as a cultural and commercial center.

When it comes to local markets and specialty stores, the Mahatma Gandhi District is home to an array of Indian and Pakistani grocery stores, clothing shops, and jewelry stores. The shopping experience here is characterized by a focus on authentic goods that represent the traditions and customs of the Indian subcontinent. For example, shoppers can find a variety of traditional Indian clothing, such as sarees and lehengas, in stores like Sari Sapne, as well as exquisite jewelry in stores like Karat 22.

One of the notable grocery stores in the district is Subhlaxmi Grocers, where shoppers can find a wide range of products imported from India. The store is a destination for those looking to find traditional Indian fruits, sweets, and snacks. The availability of unique items such as spiky green Indian bitter melons and Karachi biscuits offers a glimpse into the diverse and rich culinary traditions of South Asia. In addition, the store sells puja items for Hindu festivals, making it a go-to place for religious and cultural products.

In the district, one can also indulge in some food-centric exploration at places like Chowpatty Chat, which serves a range of Indian street snacks. Each store and restaurant offers a taste or glimpse of the region’s diverse traditions and lifestyles.


Mahatma Gandhi District in Houston is more than just a neighborhood – it’s a vibrant center of South Asian culture, cuisine, and commerce. From its early days, the area has grown into a thriving hub that embodies the spirit of its community. Whether it’s through the rich flavors of its diverse cuisine, the unique shopping experience, or the lively community vibe, the district offers a piece of South Asian heritage in the heart of Houston.

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