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Elvis Augusto Andrus Torres or Elvis Andrus is a professional baseball player for the Texas Rangers of the Major League Baseball. In 2007, Baseball America, a sports magazine, hailed Andrus as the second prospect in the Atlanta Braves organization. Two years later, he became the Texas Rangers starting shortstop, and he was just 20 years old back then. In this article, we will know more about Elvis Andrus’ baseball career and personal life.

Elvis Andrus ball hitEarly Life and Minor League Career

Elvis Andrus was born in Venezuela, and he is the son of Elvia and Emilio Andrus. Elvis’ father was a university professor, and he passed away when Elvis was just seven years old. Elvis had two other brothers, namely Erikson and Erold.

When he was just a kid, Elvis showed amazing baseball skills. That is why at the tender age of 16, the Atlanta Braves decided to sign him into the team and give him a whopping $500,000 signing bonus. He started his minor league career playing with the Orlando Braves, an affiliate of the Atlanta Braves in 2005. The next year, Andrus spend the season with the Rome Braves, an Atlanta Braves Class A minor league affiliate that plays in the South Atlantic League.

In 2007, Elvis Andrus decided to join the Myrtle Beach Pelicans and played in the Carolina League. During this season, Elvis Andrus got selected to play at the All-Star Future Game, where he got another chance to play and showcase his talent the next year.

Elvis Andrus batting

Career with the Texas Rangers

When Michael Young, the Texas Rangers’ shortstop, decided to move to third base in 2009, Elvis Andrus quickly replaced him on Opening Day. Andrus was only 20 years old when he assumed the shortstop position. During Andrus’ rookie season in July 2009, Andrus managed to steal his 20th base and became the 10th player in the MLB history to steal 20 bases under the age of 21.

Andrus was chosen to join the 2010 American League All-Star team as a back-up shortstop player. That same year, he managed to bat .265 without any home runs, led the American League with 17 sacrifice hits, 15 caught stealing, and 32 stolen bases.

In 2013, Elvis Andrus signed an eight-year extension contract, which cost a whopping $120 million. In that same year, Andrus managed to finish the season with a leading American League sacrifice hits, batting .271 and 91 runs. Throughout the years, Andrus showcased his outstanding skills in baseball. However, his career was put on hold in 2018 when a pitch hit him on his right arm. This accident resulted in a fractured right elbow, which placed Andrus on the disabled list for the first time in his career. His doctors said that no surgery was needed, but they advised Andrus to keep out of any baseball activities for six to eight weeks. After that, he came out better than ever and managed to hit .275, .313, .393, and .707 with 12 home runs, 31 stolen bases, and 72 RBIs in 2019.

Life Outside Baseball

Elvis Andrus is married to Cori Febles, and they have two children, namely Elvis Emilio and Lucia Alessandra. Andrus is a Christian, and he likes to help and donate to several organizations and charities that help homeless people in Dallas and other places. After playing baseball in the United States for several years, it was only until July 2019, when Elvis Andrus became a naturalized United States citizen.

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