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Spring Branch is a neighborhood located in west-northwest of Harris County, Houston, Texas. In here, you can see several little bayous run through the community, such as the Spring Branch, Brickhouse Gully, and Briar Branch. All of these bayous drains into Buffalo Bayou, which is located in central Houston. Spring Branch is home to different immigrant communities, such as Hispanic Americans and Korean Americans. As of 2020, Spring Branch has about 7,298 residents and over 400 new construction homes. In this article, we are going to know more about Spring Branch, Houston.

Spring Branch Agnes Moffit Park


The history of Spring Branch started in 1830 when a German immigrant named Karl Kolbe decided to sail from Gotha, Germany, searching for a new home for his family. Kolbe’s sail led him to Texas, where he made his way up to Buffalo Bayou. He finally decided to settle on the banks of a creek where the water emptied into the bayou.

One day, a stranger stopped by Kolbe’s place and asked if he and his horse could rest there. As Kolbe and the stranger walked along a small stream, the stranger can’t help but ask about the place’s name. Kolbe politely replied that he hasn’t thought of a name for the area yet. The stranger saw the natural spring-fed stream; that is why he suggested that Kolbe call it “Spring Branch.” That is why when a surveyor asked Karl Kolbe what the name of the community was, he replied, “Spring Branch.” The name remained, and the story of how Spring Branch got its name is passed on through the generations.

Spring Branch Community Center

During the early to mid-1840s, four other families from Germany came to Spring Branch searching for a new life. They were the families of Jacob Schroeder, Henry Hilendahl, Daniel Aherenbeck, and Louis Hilendahl,

Spring Branch has gone through several changes over the years. Its population started as a German community, and it began to shift to a more significant and mostly Anglo population. Over the years, the people became more diversified as several families chose Spring Branch as their starting point to a better way of life.

During the 1940s, the eastern part of Spring Branch was annexed by the City of Houston, while the western part was annexed ten years later. And in the 1960s, Houston finally annexed the rest of the Spring Branch area. Since then, Spring Branch started to grow and progressed as a community. Several businesses, such as restaurants, apartments, shops, and new homes began popping up the area. And today, Spring Branch is one of the model community in Houston.

Spring Branch Police

Things to Do in Spring Branch

  • Sip some great local beer at Karbach Brewing Company – This brewing company is located just on the edge of Spring Branch. And since 2011, it has been quenching the thirst of beer nerds all over the area. You can sign up for a tour of the brewing facility and go to the Biergarten after playing some giant Jenga while you chug down pints of Hopadillo fresh from the tap. You can also check out their restaurant, which serves refreshing brews and some tasty foods such as hot pretzels and smothered poutine.
  • Relax and loosen up at Dave and Buster’s – This place is a huge arcade and gaming haven. You and your friends challenge each other to a round of Pop-A-Shot or Skee-Ball or dig into a burger topped with buffalo chicken while watching your favorite sports. The place also offers a happy hour where you can enjoy half-price cocktails, wine, and beer. Dave and Buster’s is the perfect place to be if you want to unwind, enjoy, and have a good time.
  • Have some laughs at the Improv Houston – If you want to spend the night laughing until you’re crying, then Improv Houston is the place for you. Here you can witness a lineup of talents that include up-and-coming funny guys and some of the comedy’s biggest names. If you want the best seats in the house, make sure you arrive early because seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.
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