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Because of its famous Mesquite Championship Rodeo, Mesquite likes to call itself “Rodeo City.” This theater sticks with the theme and plays off New York’s famed Radio City Music Hall.

Rodeo City Music Hall is located on Mesquite’s historic Downtown square, and fans can come here to catch Branson-style musical productions featuring the area’s best country and gospel acts.

Klassic Kountry Saturday Nights are held, you guessed it, every Saturday night. And music fans even have the chance to audition themselves for upcoming shows.

Check the website for more details, including the calendar of coming events.

Best Things to Do in Mesquite, Texas

Mesquite Rodeo

Mesquite is also known as the Rodeo Capital of Texas and for the right reason. This rodeo season is held through Spring and Fall and features professional rodeo operators who participate diligently in the traditional rodeo season. Furthermore, it is the second-most televised rodeo in the world. Over the years, the rodeo has changed many names.

However, today it is owned by the Camelot Sports & Entertainment Company who bought it from the owner of Texas Rangers and the Dallas Stars back in 2009. Since then a lot of money has been invested in the sport and the results have paid off as well.

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Devil Bowl’s Speedway

If you though Rodeo was the only sport offered by Mesquite, you were wrong. For the racing fans, there is something they call ‘Devil Bowl’s Speedway’. This is not your regular NASCAR track, instead a half-mile dirt track that consists of all types of vehicles competing against each other. Furthermore, the racing season runs similar to the rodeo season with races being held on Saturday only. Several other big events such as the Annual Lonestar 600 and the Annual Winter Nationals are also held to entertain the fans even more.

Dallas Marshals

For football fans, Mesquite has its own team called the ‘Dallas Marshals’ who play at Mesquite Arena located in Mesquite. Furthermore, the team take part in the 11-team Champions Indoor Football League and even have their own celebration, dance and cheerleading squad.

Mesquite Public Art

If the weather in Mesquite happens to be nice and there is nothing much to see at the Mesquite Arts Center, then you can roam around and check out some of the public art displays. Both the Mesquite City Council and Mesquite Arts Council have collaborated to gather artwork, which were scattered throughout the town. The efforts have paid well as the public displays receive a lot of appreciation from the locals and travelers alike.

Mesquite Golf Club

Having to watch other people participate in sports may bring your boredom sooner or later. Luckily, Mesquite offers you to get your hands dirty. Well, not with its golf course of course. Not only will you have relaxing time here but get to the enjoy the beautiful scenery at the Mesquite Golf Club. With 18 holes scattered in a 154 acre area, this place is perfect for both newbies and professionals. The club allows you to book your presence six days in advance. Once you are done playing golf, you can head over to the bar and grill that offers several refreshments such as sandwiches, snacks and hot dogs etc.

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Florence Ranch Homestead

The Florence Family built this Texas historic landmark in part in 1871. Then, in the 1890s, the house was expanded at a time when the family owned around 730 acres. Today, the area is known as Meadow View Farm. The second generation of Florence family was quite active in preserving this area with son Emet actively participating in the breeding of both Hampshire sheep and Percheron Horses. During the late 80s, their child and grandchild thought of donating this homestead to the City of Mesquite.

Celebration Station

If you are travelling with kids, then the Celebration Station is going to be an ideal location for kicking boredom in the head. Celebration Station happens to be an attraction park that features several activities such as bumper boats, batting cages, eurobungy, mini-golf and paintball etc. Since the activities cater to every age, you should jump in and join the fun as well. Furthermore, the park also organizes specials during the week, so you might want to check them online to ensure that you visit at the best possible time.

Xcape Adventures

Then again, Mesquite offers something for both kids and adults. Xcape Adventures is all about finding your way out of four escape rooms. In one room, you will come across a pirate who has stolen your identity from you. Therefore, you have to climb the pirate ship and retrieve your identity before the pirate returns.

The next room includes a mad scientist who is conducting experiments on humans and you might be next. Therefore, you need to find a way out to rescue the doctor’s assistant and escape. You can take up different challenges with your friends and family members. Whatever it maybe, you will be against the masterminds behind Xcape adventures.

Final Word

Even though Mesquite, Texas maybe unknown to the world but once you happen to visit it, you will leave with a bunch of lovely memories. It has a calm and soothing vibe that serves every traveler and gives you a perfect adrenaline rush at the same time. This is an unpopular combination, which Mesquite somehow manages to make it worth experiencing it.

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