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Rockwall, Texas, is a city located about 37 kilometers NW of downtown Dallas, Texas. It also has the county seat, Rockwall County, which is the home of many beautiful town amenities and an amazingly peaceful community. Rockwall, Texas, is home to over 50,000 people and is a pretty interesting city with rich history and culture. 

Rockwall, Texas, consists of the smallest county seat in Texas, the Rockwall County. It is approximately 147 square miles wide, but it comprises several trails, parks, golf courses, and small but beautiful districts. Aside from these, Rockwall, Texas, is also known for its live music that locals and tourists enjoy throughout the week. 

In the 1800s, Rockwall, Texas, was home to the Caddo Indians, a group of indigenous people that can also be found in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. After some time, Rockwall was invaded by the Creek Indians, which resulted in a conflict between the two Indian tribes. By 1840, Anglo-American tribes started arriving in the area, and conflict between the Indian tribes and the Anglo-Americans started sparking up again. 

Old folks in Texas started living in the areas within Rockwall for many years, even before the 1800s. However, the city or the county was only officially established in 1854. In 1851, while the farmers and town residents were digging wells, they discovered an underground rock wall, which they found mysterious. 

According to scientists, the underground rock wall is a natural rock formation. However, locals, especially from older generations, say that these rock formations were established by the ancient people who once lived in the area. Nevertheless, this underground rock wall became a significant formation for the town and the residents of Rockwall. So you may know by now that the name “Rockwall” came from the underground rock formation discovered in the area. 

Even though Rockwall is only a small city compared to other larger cities in Texas, it remains a great and family-friendly area. It consists of many historic buildings, great shopping areas, and stores, provides people with entertainment areas, and has high-class restaurants that offer great and yummy food that you must try when visiting Texas.

Aside from the ones given above, here is some other interesting information to learn more about Rockwall, Texas.

Lake Ray Hubbard

sunset in Lake Ray Hubbard

Lake Ray Hubbard is a beautiful freshwater lake located in Rockwall, approximately 35.50 square miles wide. It was established in 1968 as a recreational area in the city. Located on the east side of the Trinity River, Lake Ray Hubbard is among the most visited spots in Rockwall, Texas, with locals and tourists flocking to enjoy fishing, boating, kayaking, and relaxing along the lake and the beaches along the shores. 

If you plan to go fishing in Lake Ray Hubbard, you will be expecting a variety of fish, like the catfish, crappie, and largemouth bass. The fish you will be catching will make such a nice and delicious dinner with family and friends after the whole day on the lake. 

Near Lake Ray Hubbard, you will find The Harbor Rockwall, a retail and dining establishment. It would be a nice stop for shopping and entertainment and have a nice meal in one of the restaurants afterward. You will definitely love staying in the Harbor as it provides you with a wonderful lake view. 

Parks and Recreational Areas

recreational area in Lake Ray Hubbard

Aside from the Lake Ray Hubbard and The Harbor Rockwall, Rockwall, Texas, is also home to several parks, major golf courses, and recreational areas. Some parks offer fun activities such as hiking and zip-lining. There are also parks which are great for playing golf and pickleball. 

One of the reasons why tourists often visit Rockwall, Texas, is because of its free live music, which you can enjoy throughout the week. When visiting this city, you will see many local artists performing in parks and other areas in Rockwall. Rockwall even got the title Free Live Music Capital of North Texas because of this. 

The neighborhoods

If you plan to reside in Rockwall, Texas, it is important to learn more about the neighborhood and the average cost of living in the area. In Rockwall, Texas, the price of the houses would range from mid-100,000 dollars to almost 2 million dollars. An average home would probably cost about 438,000 dollars in Rockwall. 

Houses in Rockwall would only stay on the market for not more than 17 days because many people liked living in the area. Rockwall consists of several top neighborhoods like Highland Meadows, Lake Rockwall Estates, Lynden Park Estates, The Meadows, and Windmill Ridge Estates. 

One of the main reasons many people desire to live in Rockwall, Texas, is because the standard price of a single home only costs 169 dollars per square foot. This price is pretty affordable compared to the average price of the homes in the Dallas area adjacent to the Lake Ray Hubbard. 

Schools and Education

Before moving to a new area, it is also essential to know the schools and the educational system, especially if you have kids who still study. Rockwall, Texas, provides residents with great schools and educational opportunities in the area. Some schools even belong to North Texas’ top educational institutions. 

Some of the great schools in town include Williams Middle School, Celia Hays Elementary, Grace Hartman Elementary, Nebbie Williams Elementary, and Rockwall High School, which are five-star-rated institutions. Other than that, there are also several four-star-rated educational institutions in Rockwall. 

Restaurants and Breweries

street in Rockwall, Texas

When it comes to food and drinks, Rockwall, Texas, serves you high-class restaurants and top-notch local breweries. They offer unique and tasty food, which you will surely love. Rockwall consists of several restaurants that offer different types of cuisines. 

If you want the classic American cuisine while enjoying a wonderful outdoor view, you must visit the Standard Service. If you want to enjoy pizzas, high-class steaks, and seafood, then Zanata or Bin 303 is the place for you. And if you are up for some traditional Italian cuisine, it is best to visit Giovanni. 

After having a great meal, it would be nice to freshen up in one of the breweries in Rockwall. Take a sip of the local brews of Rockwall, Texas, like the Hula Girl Coconut Blonde Ale and The Divine Monk Belgian Wit in great breweries such as Hemisphere Brewing Co. and Siren Rock Brewing Co.

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