Learn About Mineral Wells and Its Crazy Water


Mineral Wells, made popular in the 1920s for its “healing” waters, drew wellness seekers from all over the country. They would come for a “season” to enjoy the water in whatever way they could.

While most mineral water companies closed after the Great Depression, tourists can still sample water from the Crazy Well, the most famous of the wells. To begin, sit at the water bar and enjoy a relaxing soak or a sip. Continue reading to learn more about this Texan region and their Crazy Water.

What Is Mineral Wells?

Mineral Wells is situated in the Texas Hill Country, 82 miles north of Dallas and 56 miles south of Fort Worth. It is also located on the well-known Brazos River. Mineral Wells was a spa-resort destination in the 1900s and was known as “where America drinks its way to health.”

Lake Mineral Wells State Park

This state park has something for everyone! Camping, fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, and rock climbing are popular activities. The staff is extremely friendly, and they provide a variety of excellent programs, ranging from spider education to guided tours.

Fossils and Crazy Water History

Mineral Wells Fossil Park is a must-see for anyone interested in prehistoric history. There are fossils from around the Pennsylvania era when the region was underwater over 280 million years ago. It’s free to visit; anything you find is yours to keep.

For more historical sites, the Famous Mineral Water Company, owning and distributing Crazy Water, is located in town.

The town of Mineral Wells got its name from founding local mineral water in 1880. The Lynch family led the first drill operation, and they were initially hesitant to drink the water due to its peculiar odor. They quickly discovered that the water had health benefits and positively impacted the general health of families.

the front facade of the historic Famous Mineral Water Company

Crazy water was inspired by a lady who had dementia in 1881, and people noticed that she wasn’t as crazy any longer, so they began calling it the Crazy Well. Which eventually became the Crazy Water brand. Carol and Scott Elder own it today and have been bottling for over 20 years.

Reasons to Travel to Mineral Wells

Unique Water

Crazy water was found in 1881, drawing crowds to Mineral Wells to drink the healthy water. Ed Dismuke was another person who came to Mineral Wells. Ed drank the mystical water and was instantly restored to health; in 1904, he established the Famous Mineral Water Company.

People are still guzzling Crazy Water and pursuing its holistic properties nearly 120 years later. It is Texas’ only bottled mineral water.

Crazy water comes in four flavors: No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 — easy to remember. No. 2, a pleasant blend of Nos. 1 and 3, is the most well-known and widely distributed mineral water, while No. 4 is the most full-bodied, strongest mineral water.

The label boasts that it is packed with beneficial all-natural minerals. There are water coolers throughout town where you can sample Crazy Water or go straight to the source, the Famous Mineral Water Company.

As you exit the main street (North Oak Avenue), you’ll drive underneath the Crazy Water arch to reach the historic Crazy Well at 209 N. 6th Street. You can find memorabilia, Crazy Water souvenirs, bottled water, and other cool trinkets. You can bring your bottles (a gallon jug or larger is recommended) to fill with Crazy Water from the iconic Famous Pavilion.

Billy Wiggins dug the first “Crazy Well” in 1881. More than 3,000 people set up camp on the property, drinking water for ten cents a glass. They drilled 125 more wells over the next few years.

Texas’s Historic Town

the Historic post office in Mineral Wells

North Oak Avenue, Mineral Wells’ main downtown street, is lined with restaurants and cute little shops. Several exciting new attractions include the Crazy Water Hotel and Plaza.

Other attractions in the town include the National Vietnam War Museum Complex, the Little Rock Schoolhouse Museum, the Old Jail Museum, and Lake Mineral Wells State Park, which is popular for boating, swimming, and fishing. The state park is also connected to the 20-mile-long Lake Mineral Wells State Trailway for biking and hiking.

Water Sports

Mineral Wells is both a historical and recreational destination, and Lake Mineral Wells offers every water sport imaginable. The Brazos River is also only a few minutes drive away.

If you want to get out on the water and enjoy the scenery, check out Rochelle’s Canoe and Kayak Rental. They’ll set you up with everything you require. Make a reservation in advance because they do fill up quickly.

A Fantastic Spa Experience

The Crazy Bath House is located next to the Famous Mineral Water Company in a cute little early 1900s house. However, you may find calling to make an appointment a little archaic. Mineral Wells offers a variety of massage treatments for couples and individuals, ranging from Hot Stone to Swedish.

You can book a 30-minute deep-tissue massage, a 20-minute mineral bath soak, and a hot towel wrap on your legs and arms for more than $100 each. If you prefer a Swedish massage, the cost is $90 per person.

Notable Hotels

the Baker Hotel from afar

The newly reopened and restored historical Crazy Water Hotel and Plaza feature 54 stylishly adorned suites with apartments on the upper floors. Within the hotel, there is a charming shopping plaza with eight shops. The open-air Crazy Coffee and Water Bar is one of them, as is Rickhouse Brewing.

Excellent Shopping

If you’re a full-time RVer, you’ve probably visited many sweet little small towns that, while in different locations, are mostly the same. Mineral Wells’ shopping options will astound you, with many housed in over-a-century-old structures.

The Market at 76067 (which has 100 vendors) has decorative flags, festive pillows, housewares, and gourmet food products; Sensology has high-end bath products and a great selection of pretty loungewear and plush robes; Coral & Lace Boutique has chic clothing for your granddaughters, and The Kraze Boutique has sandals. You can also purchase Mineral Wells t-shirts and browse the many antiques.

Every Comfort Food

Begin your day at Happy Days Diner with a gravy-smothered breakfast. Another favorite is their twisted biscuit. Stop by Brazos Market & Bistro and order one of their amazing sandwiches or grown-up grilled cheese for lunch.

Finally, finish your day at the Dairy Mart with the Meat Monster sandwich. This is the community’s only ultimate comfort food stop.

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