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Duncanville is a city in Texas in the US, located SW of Dallas County. According to the 2019 census, Duncanville has a population of 39,415, making it the 90th most populous city in Texas. Duncanville, Texas, also belongs to the Best Southwest area in Texas, together with other cities like Lancaster, DeSoto, and Cedar Hill. 

History of Duncanville, Texas

Duncanville War Memorial Park 

Duncanville has such a nice and rich history. After the Chicago, Texas & Mexican Central Railroad construction during the spring of 1881, Dallas and Cleburne became connected. And on the summer of 1881, a postmaster named Charles P. Nance arrived in a field full of sunflowers. This place was the Duncan Switch. 

After several months, in October of the same year, Charles P. Nance was given the authority by the U.S. Postal Service to establish a post office, which he eventually called “Duncanville.” After setting it up, mails began arriving by rail, and Nance became the first-ever postmaster of the city. 

In 1883, the Chicago, Texas & Mexican Central Railroad was bought by the Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad. Then, they built a depot, containing only two rooms, by the rail switch. After that, the small community of Duncanville had two new stores, a post office, and then a congregational hall. Aside from these establishments, residents talked about putting up a new schoolhouse and a cotton gin. 

However, during WWII in the early 1940s, many changes happened in the area. The then-small community became a landing field for flight training of the Army Air Corps. A military complex was also constructed in 1943, making huge growth and extreme changes in Duncanville. 

After WWII, residents, especially the local farmers, started selling parcels of land for several establishments, like subdivisions. The City of Dallas also started the expansion of its border and decided to extend its area within 3.2 kilometers of the city. Because of this, on August 2, 1947, residents appealed to establish Duncanville as a city. 

In the 1950s, several people arrived in Duncanville — most of them were government dependents. The Command site of North American Air Defense eventually replaced the military base established during WWII. Then after several months, the population of the city reached 3,000. 

The city established subdivision after subdivision. Fairmeadows was also constructed, featuring several homes and two shopping centers. The Fairmeadows became a huge help in the growth of the population in Duncanville – by 1964, there were already 10,000 residents in the city.

Things to do in Duncanville, Texas

There are many amazing and fun things you can do in Duncanville, Texas. The city is home to many cultural and entertainment attractions, which residents and tourists surely enjoy. If you want to explore some tourist attractions in Texas, you should definitely keep Duncanville on your list.

Duncanville is known for its community theater, situated at 106 S. Main St. The Duncanville Community Theatre offers so much high-quality entertainment and amazing live theater performances to all the residents of Duncanville and the neighboring cities. The theatre produces different shows every year – the season starts on June 1 and ends on May 31 the following year. 

Aside from the Duncanville Community Theatre, another entertainment attraction is the city’s annual Summer Concert Series. It is usually held in the Poe Hobden Amphitheater, Armstrong Park, and is always packed with music lovers all around the state. 

If you are interested in culture and the arts, The Museum of International Cultures is a must-visit in the area. It displays dioramas that tell the life in the far-flung corners of places like Papua New Guinea and Peru. The art exhibited in The Museum of International Cultures is loved by people of all ages and is worth visiting. 

During July and October, the Duncanville Lions Club hosts two events enjoyed by the residents – The Fourth of July Parade and the Smokin’ Blues & BBQ Festival. Also, the Christmas season is truly a lively and fun festivity in Duncanville. The residents have an annual Christmas parade and tree lighting activity to kick start their Christmas season. 

Parks and Recreation in Duncanville, Texas

aerial view of Joe Pool Lake 

Duncanville, Texas, also has many beautiful parks and recreational areas. The majority of the parks in the city have walking trails, benches and picnic areas, pavilions, playground equipment, and many more. Duncanville has approximately 235 acres of park and recreation areas, making it an ideal place for fun outdoor activities. 

Among the numerous parks in Duncanville is the famous Armstrong Park, which consists of the Poe-Hobden Amphitheater that holds the annual Summer Concert Series in the city. It also has a huge playground called Kidsville, built by volunteer residents in Duncanville. Armstrong Park also has a long walking trail and a large pavilion, which you can rent for events and gatherings. 

Other recreational areas include golfing at The Golf Club of Dallas and Thorntree Country Clubs and water sports like skiing, swimming, fishing, and boating at Joe Pool Lake. Aside from the water sports and activities, you can also enjoy parks, hiking trails, and mountain biking trails when you visit Joe Pool Lake. 

Duncanville also offers indoor recreations in the Duncanville Recreation Center if you are not fond of outdoor activities. The place consists of several workout facilities, basketball courts, ping pong and pool tables, indoor walking tracks, etc. You can also enjoy different amenities, like the game room, meeting rooms, and a teen room, which has a television and other fun games. 

Real Estate Properties in Duncanville, Texas

“Trees Not Traffic,” a slogan real estate dealers usually use when trying to sell homes in the city. Duncanville indeed offers housing with wonderful landscapes, which you can buy for a very reasonable price. The houses are of diverse styles, and the prices range from $70,000 to $500,000. Duncanville offers condominiums, small-family houses, and residential estates, and most are located in the most desirable neighborhoods in the city. 

Duncanville, Texas, is a desirable place to live since you have access to many housing options, beautiful and friendly neighborhoods, fun and exciting activities, and, most importantly, great educational systems. 

Education in Duncanville, Texas

Arlington Hall of the University of Texas Arlington

When it comes to education, Duncanville, Texas, offers great educational opportunities to students of all ages. One of the numerous educational institutions in Duncanville, Texas is Duncanville High School, which is among the few public high schools in Texas wherein students do not need to transfer to a different campus while still being able to finish some required courses and, at the same time, enjoy many extracurricular activities and learning different skills. Duncanville High School also has a Collegiate Academy wherein students can graduate high school with an associate degree without paying any cost at all. 

Duncanville Independent School District (ISD) is the city’s public education system, including 18 educational institutions for Pre-kindergarten until the 12th grade. On the other hand, for higher education, the city is nearby many different colleges and universities, such as Dallas Baptist University, Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, and the University of Texas Arlington, all of which are only a 30-min drive.

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