Is Houston Closer to Dallas or Austin?


Houston is a state in the United States that is known for its diversity in dining, shopping, culture, and unique attractions. It manages to attract millions of tourists each year, and even people from other states, such as New York and Las Vegas, tend to pay a visit to Houston for a much-needed change. Furthermore, this is the fourth largest state in the United States, and it is famous for many attractions, such as the famous Space Center in Houston.

With direct flights from all over North America, Houston happens to be a great weekend getaway. Moreover, it is not far from Dallas and Austin either. Let’s take a deeper look at Houston and why you should visit over the weekend, especially if you are residing in Dallas or Austin. Let’s begin.

Is Houston Closer to Dallas or Austin?

If you live in either Dallas or Austin and are considering a road trip to Houston, your experience will differ based on your starting city in terms of distance, travel time, and the route you’ll take.

From Dallas to Houston:

  • Distance and Travel Time: The road distance from Dallas to Houston is about 240 miles. Depending on traffic and your exact starting and ending points, the journey typically takes around 3.5 to 4 hours.
  • Route: The most common route is via I-45 S. This interstate highway runs directly from Dallas to Houston, offering a straightforward drive.
  • Scenery and Stops: The drive is predominantly through the Texas plains, with a few small towns and cities along the way. You could stop at places like Corsicana, known for its fruitcakes, or Huntsville, home to the Sam Houston Statue and Texas Prison Museum.

From Austin to Houston:

  • Distance and Travel Time: The road distance from Austin to Houston is roughly 165 miles, and the drive usually takes about 2.5 to 3 hours.
  • Route: The most direct route is via US-290 E, although some drivers prefer the I-10 E for part of the journey, especially if they’re heading to the northern parts of Houston.
  • Scenery and Stops: This route offers a more varied landscape, with rolling hills as you leave the Austin area. Brenham, a popular stop, is known for its picturesque downtown and the Blue Bell Creameries. Bastrop and Buc-ee’s in Waller are other notable stops for food and rest.

For both routes, travel times can be longer during peak traffic hours or on holiday weekends. It’s always a good idea to check for road works or closures before setting off. Driving in Texas, especially during summer, means preparing for hot, sunny weather, so ensure your vehicle’s air conditioning works and carry water.

Why Go to Houston?

Skyscrapers and blooming trees, Houston, Texas

Why visit Houston? Beyond its reputation as a powerhouse in the oil industry and its flat, expansive geography, Houston is a hidden gem bustling with cultural vibrancy. Unbeknownst to many, this Texan city is a haven for art lovers, nature enthusiasts, and families alike.

Thriving Art Scene

Houston’s art scene is not just burgeoning – it’s thriving. The city is dotted with eclectic galleries that showcase a range of artistic expressions, from contemporary pieces to classical works. Each gallery offers a unique glimpse into the diverse talents and perspectives that shape Houston’s artistic landscape. Moreover, the city’s museum district is a cultural mecca, housing renowned institutions like the Museum of Fine Arts, which boasts an impressive collection of global art.

But it’s not just about indoor art. The city’s urban spaces are adorned with stunning street murals, turning ordinary walks into immersive artistic experiences. These vibrant displays reflect the city’s dynamic and diverse spirit.

Green Parks

Nature in Houston is a delightful contrast to its urban sprawl. The city is replete with lush, grassy parks perfect for a leisurely day out. Buffalo Bayou Park, with its scenic views and winding trails, is a local favorite for both relaxation and recreation. Whether you’re up for kayaking down the bayou or enjoying a picnic under the Texan sky, Houston’s parks offer a refreshing escape from the bustle of city life.

Wide Range of Hotels

For those seeking a luxurious stay, Houston’s variety of hotels ranges from high-end boutiques to comfortable, family-friendly accommodations. You’ll find something that suits every taste and budget, ensuring your stay is as comfortable as it is memorable.

Family-Friendly Attractions

Speaking of family, Houston is a treasure trove of educational and fun experiences for children. The Houston Space Center is not just an attraction; it’s an adventure into the cosmos, offering interactive exhibits and awe-inspiring glimpses into the world of space exploration. Meanwhile, the Houston Museum of Natural Science opens up a world of wonder with its fascinating exhibits, from dinosaur fossils to rare gemstones.

Houston is a city where art intersects with science, where green spaces coexist with urban development, and where every visitor, regardless of age or interest, can find something to love. Whether you’re an art aficionado, nature lover, or seeking a family getaway, Houston promises an enriching and enjoyable experience.

What are the Best Months to Visit Houston?

The optimal times to experience Houston’s unique charm are between February and April and from September to November. This Texan city, nestled near the Gulf of Mexico, basks in warm weather for a good part of the year. However, it’s during the spring and fall that Houston truly comes into its own.

In spring (February to April), the city awakens with vibrant colors and pleasant temperatures, creating perfect conditions for exploring Houston’s outdoor attractions. The blooming flowers and greenery add a picturesque touch to the city’s parks and outdoor spaces. This period also hosts a variety of events and festivals that celebrate the rich culture and diversity of Houston.

Fall (September to November) brings a slightly cooler but equally delightful climate. It’s an ideal time for those who prefer milder temperatures. The city’s cultural calendar is bustling with activities ranging from music and food festivals to art exhibitions, offering something for every interest.

While Houston’s weather is generally mild, the city also has its share of visitors in the cooler months of December and January. If you plan to travel during this time, it’s wise to pack extra layers. The cooler temperatures don’t dampen the city’s spirit, with holiday lights and celebrations adding a festive atmosphere.

What are the Best Attractions in Houston?

Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston

When in Houston, you should definitely check out the official visitor center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, which is a huge center with a replica of the space shuttle Independence and the shuttle carrier aircraft it is mounted on. Furthermore, you can visit the visitor center, where you get to touch a rock from the moon and witness Skylab, which was America’s first space station. This is also the place where you get to inform yourself about upcoming NASA projects, including the Mars project. Moreover, if you want the ultimate experience, you should sign up for the Level 9 Tour and experience Johnson Space Center from behind the scenes. You will get to see the simulation labs, the Buoyancy lab, and the ISS Mission Control.

Houston’s Museum District

Houston's Museum District

The museum district is exactly what it sounds like. It is basically a district that is home to 19 museums with some of the greatest cultural attractions. Amongst them, 11 are free for the public. In addition to the museums, you also have the lovely Hermann Park, Miller Outdoor Theater, and the Houston Zoo.

Furthermore, most museums are within walking distance of each other. However, the Menil and the Rothko happen to be a little farther out. The museums that are free to visit include the Lawndale Art Center, Houston Museum of African American Culture, and Moody Center for the Arts, along with several others.

Buffalo Bayou Park

Path in Buffalo Bayou Park leading to downtown Houston, Texas, USA

You cannot leave Houston without visiting Buffalo Bayou Park. It is an extremely beautiful 160-acre green space where you can walk, bike, and paddle. It also includes a dog park along with trails for biking and several shady areas to relax. If you want to get out and enjoy some of the outdoor activities, you can rent a canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard. Rentals are easily available at the park, and you can opt for tours as well. A unique feature of the park is the Cistern, which was built in 1926 as an old water-drinking reserve. However, visitors today can visit it for a short tour.

Houston Aquarium

Downtown Aquarium fountain on a sunny day in Houston, Texas

Houston Aquarium is a family-friendly oasis nestled in the heart of downtown Houston. This enchanting underwater world invites you on an exciting journey through its mesmerizing aquarium and interactive exhibits. As you explore, the vibrant marine life will captivate you, offering you a glimpse into the depths of oceanic beauty.

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is situated in Hermann Park, which is an area spread over 55 acres. It is one of the key attractions of the city. The zoo is home to around 6,000 species of exotic animals, an education center, and a children’s zoo. You can get close to the giraffes and aquatic life to feed them. Hermann Park features several other attractions, such as a Japanese Garden, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the Miller Outdoor Theater.

Discover Houston’s Street Art

Houston’s love and talent for art cannot only be seen in museums but on the street as well. If you were to take a look, several walls in Houston are covered with remarkable graffiti designs. The colorful attractions are worth stopping for a while and admiring the top names in street art around the world. Houston’s own Gonzo247 is the unofficial curator of Houston’s street art and is the face behind the ‘Houston is Inspired’ mural.

The Menil Collection

Menil Collection

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option for your trip, The Menil Collection will satisfy you. This unique, free-admission museum boasts a diverse array of artworks, ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary masterpieces. Its peaceful, naturally lit galleries have something to offer for anyone –both art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. Nestled in the middle of lush greenery, this museum can offer a quiet space to reflect and be inspired by the wonders of human creativity.

Houston Theater District

Houston Theater District

Houston’s Theater District is a vibrant district that boasts an impressive array of nine major performing arts organizations and six performance halls. From enthralling theater productions and elegant ballet performances to grand opera and symphonic masterpieces, the district is a haven for art enthusiasts. Revel in the sophistication and artistic brilliance that makes Houston’s Theater District a must-visit for those seeking a culturally enriching experience.

Shop the Vintage Stores

If you like vintage items and collections, you should shop at vintage stores. These stores are located on 19th Street in the Heights. The street happens to consist of funky shops selling all kinds of quirky stuff. You will find everything from jewelry to evening gowns and whatnot. Furthermore, this is the best place to visit if you are looking for gifts.

Visit Galveston

Visit Galveston

The beautiful beaches of Galveston are not to be missed. Located less than an hour away from Houston, this place is an ideal area for a quick getaway and soaking in the sun. You can wander through the historic downtown and dine at some fine restaurants as well. While munching on delicious food, you can look across the endless beach with turquoise water to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Furthermore, if you do not have a car, you can take an organized tour of the island as well. You can hop on the 90-minute double-decker bus for the Houston Sightseeing Tour and Galveston Day trip.

Attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is Houston’s biggest annual event. It is a 19-day event that is filled with excitement and fun to the core. Held in February or March, this festival brings out the entire Houston. Consider yourself lucky if you are visiting Houston this time of the year. However, if you are waiting for the best time to visit Houston, then this is it. The event is famous around the world for its diversity of activities. It is not just a Livestock Show and Rodeo but home to countless games, carnival rides, food stalls, etc. You will also get to see some cowboys showing off their skills and the biggest music names performing on the stage as well.

Final Word

Houston is an ideal place to visit, especially for people residing in nearby cities such as Austin or Dallas. Not many cities in the world offer the diversity that Houston offers. From some of the top attractions of the world to the best cultural attractions and events, Houston will never disappoint.

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