Introduction to Cibolo, Texas

Where do Bruce Willis, Mick Jagger, and Tommy Lee go for a perfect getaway? To a luxury resort in the city of Cibolo, Texas. While the place may not be as renowned as other cities in the US, don’t let that stop you from making a trip. Cibolo is an upcoming vacation hotspot that’s definitely worth your time, and you’ll be surprised by the places you can explore and things you can do in this gem of a destination. Let us give you a tour of this fantastic little city. 

Location of Cibolo

Cíbolo, Spanish for Buffalo, is located in the state of Texas, and is part of Guadalupe and Bexar counties. It lies 23 miles northeast of San Antonio and 60 miles southwest of Austin in Texas. When you are on the Mexico-Canada highway called the NAFTA superhighway, Cibolo lies on the Interstate 10. 

Location of Cibolo


Cibolo’s population was 3000 in 2000, but today it has surpassed 28,000. This is a growth rate of 730%, projecting the population to hit 40,000 by 2024 and making it a rapidly growing city in Texas. The city holds more than 9000 households and 300 businesses. If you are visiting Texas, a drive through Cibolo will not take much time because an average commute covers 30 minutes max. Therefore, many people from adjacent cities visit Cibolo daily for work or studies.


In 1850’s, it was hard for people in Guadalupe and Bexar counties to cross the steep Cibolo Creek. In 1867, Jacob Schlather bought land in this area and built a store to supply neighborhood residents. In 1882, this store found a new owner who named it ‘Fromme’s Store’. When San Antonio railway was built in the area in 1877, the station was named Cibolo Valley. It grew into a small community with its own post office, church, store and more than 100 residents. Cibolo High School formally presented its first High School graduates in 1920. Along the Interstate 38, Cibolo grew dramatically, and many housing projects came along. 

Best place to live

In 2011, CNN Magazine ranked Cibolo in its list of “top 100 best places to live” in America. Movoto also ranked Cibolo in 10 most affordable suburbs of America. These stats are signs of Cibolo’s positive growth and potential to develop into the next big city in the state. 

Best place to live

Things to do in Cibolo

Because it is tucked away in between a creek and a desert, Cibolo owns natural views as well as historical sites. 

Luxurious Getaway at Cibolo Creek Ranch

Texas state’s most famous resort lies in the hearty city of Cibolo. It is a luxury compound built inside 19th Century forts. The stone walls and low-lying buildings overlook the desert, and give a feeling of serenity. John Poindexter, a die-hard Texan, is the owner of Cibolo Creek Ranch.

Luxurious Getaway at Cibolo Creek Ranch

America and the world’s richest personalities love visiting this remote resort for some peace and quiet. You can fly to the resort via private jet and have a great time for $500+ a night. Guests organize bird hunts and fancy parties at the Cibolo Creek. Cibolo Creek Ranch was also the backdrop of Tommy Lee’s Hollywood movie “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada”. The resort also hosts members of Royal families from around the world. 

Day Picnic at Animal World and Snake Farm

If you have a liking for petting snakes, this is your place. The snake farm houses a variety of these reptiles and other exotic animals. The owners keep the animal farm as a conservatory to protect endangered species of the area. Kids and young adults love visiting the Animal World to see their favorite animals up close. You can also attend petting sessions and individual photo shoots. 

Shop at the Cibolo Farmers Market

Cibolo’s best produce comes to this lively Farmers Market. Established in 2014, the market expanded quickly and added more vendors each quarter. You can buy fresh vegetables, pet food as well as gourmet delicacies at the Farmer’s Market. It is also an Artisan’s market now, and crafters from the city display their latest work for sale.

Take a Stroll in the Crescent Bend Nature Park

Crescent Bend Nature Park is the serene, calm place where you will feel closest to nature. Located in the heart of Cibolo, it is one of the main tourist attractions in the city. If you have been to Cibolo and not visited, you have missed out. There is a trail that leads to the Creek, benches scattered around and long walkways in the park. Residents visit the park daily for walking their dogs or jogging. It won’t be wrong to call this place an oasis in the middle of the desert. 

Explore the Veteran’s Memorial Park 

If you’re searching for an area you can enjoy with fellow backpackers or friends, this is the ideal area to explore. There are many jungle cards, gyms, swings, and many other things to do here. The park also has a beautiful trail where people can walk in the morning. Also, benches are strategically placed throughout the park to help visitors relax and enjoy the beauty of the place. 

Take your pet to Al Rich

If you’re looking for a lively place in Cibolo that’s surrounded by nature, Al Rich park is the place to go. You can take your dog or another pet to Al Rich, too, as there’s a separate trail for animals. Kids can also visit the park to enjoy bird watching. Of course, take your camera along for photography.


Tourists, the best time to visit the city of Cibolo is from March till November. The weather is ideal for a summer vacation with family or friends. It rains every month in Cibolo, so you must go prepared for the oceanic climate of this area. Going to San Antonio or Austin? Then you can definitely plan a visit over in Cibolo.