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The Granada Theater is considered to be a Dallas staple because it has been entertaining people of all ages from North Texas and all around the world since 1946. The Granada Theater is located in the historic neighborhood of Lower Greenville, and it was initially made as a movie house. Still, later it was turned to a concert hall. In this article, we are going to talk about this iconic theater and its grand design.

History of the Granada Theater

The Granada Theater was built in 1946, and it was initially a post-World War II theater. However, the theater has gone through periods of neglect and different ownership. That is why in 1977, a man named John Carruth decided to convert the movie theater into a music hall. Which is why they extended the stage and added sound and lighting systems. Aside from that, they also made storerooms behind the screens. However, years later, it was reverted to a movie theater soon after. It was until 2004 when the Granada Theater was again opened as a concert hall. During this time, the theater was owned by Julia Garton and Mike Schoder. Since then, the theater has garnered several awards which includes the Best Live Music Venue which was given by the Dallas Observer in 2007 to 2011 and again in 2015.

Several musical acts have performed in the theater over the years. These are The Kills, BORNS, M83, Bob Dylan, Adele, Killer Mike, TV on the Radio, Dave Mason, CHVRCHES, OK Go, Sleigh Bells, The Avett Brothers, Leon Russel, and so much more. Today, the Granada Theater is on its 71st year, and fortunately, they are performing well over the last twelve years. They are able to bring in a new generation of music fans on each and every concert they feature.

Design of the Granada Theater

The Grenada Theater at night
The Granada Theater has an Art Deco design, which reflects the glitz and glamor of the Golden Era. The exterior part of the theater was made for function with stepped forms, rounded corners, and linear accents that gave off the look of industrialized and streamlined designs. When you go inside the theater, you will see that its design has an influence on ancient cultures. Some murals are designed by the artists who also done Los Angeles’ famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. These grand scale murals have different genres of film. The design of the theater’s ceiling has a mythological film goddess who was standing over a reel of film, this makes sense because the Greeks started the idea of having theaters in the community. Aside from that, you will also get to see curved plaster molding linings in the sidewalls. The Granada Theater also has soundproof rooms that are opened for mothers with crying children. Some historians say that the Granada Theater has predominant vibrant colors, and its front doors are originally made of wood.

In 1987, Keith McKeague and John Appleton completed their interior overhaul of the theater. This renovation included terracing the sloping floor, taking out theater seating, as well as terracing the slanted poles and adding a floor plan for the food. Keith McKeague and John Appleton also decided to change the auditorium colors in order to compliment and preserve the details of the original mural.

In 2004, during the last change of ownership, a man named Mike Schoder hired a local artist that will decorate scrolls on the poster boxes and entrance doors. Then in 2010 it underwent renovations including an installation of HD Projectors. Its still a great place to enjoy music and a great time.

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