Famous Texas Traditions


Howdy Readers! Texas is arguably the most distinguished amongst all the states in the U.S. The story of this state is unique, with its entertaining culture. With friendly smiles, big hearts, and a warm welcome, the Texans are one hospitable society.

Many movies depict Texas as somewhat of a rough desert area with cactuses and cowboys riding horses and cowgirls in plaid frocks and braids working in barns, picking up hay. While most of these illustrations show a long-gone history, Texas still holds the remains.

It is also known for being the largest oil, cotton, wool, cattle, sheep, and minerals producer in America.  Additionally, it contains the three most populous cities in the United States: Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. With all this, Texas is famous for its unique historical traditions. Here’s our list for the top 9 Famous Traditions of Texas!

1. Have your meat right!

grilled steak meat with garlic, tomato, and pepper sauces.

It’s hard to argue if Texas people know their meat. Because of its large cattle and sheep productions, meat-eating is one famous tradition of Texas.  Having perfected it all over the years, Texans know what a perfectly cooked steak is just by looking at one. From flavor to the right cut, this cattle state knows how to order their meat like they mean to eat it. It is quite common to wait in long restaurant lines for some cooked to perfection barbecue even if the barbeque runs out. And yes, before you ask, it’s that delicious! Some restaurants have a wait time of 3 hours before you can get to have your share of the meat.

2. Horse Riding: Because Why Not?

Cowboys on horses with a sky in the background.

As stereotypical as sounds, Texan childhood is filled with memories of learning to horse ride. Some posh northerners may be able to avoid it. However, many people enjoy this activity. There are many horse riding camps and schools across the State. You might even have a Texan relative who owns a ranch. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss out on this one of a kind opportunity when you visit Texas!

3. Impromptu Photoshoots

a male cowboy model.

Most Texans dress up in their traditional clothes for festivities: however, many have attired up just for a photoshoot. Every Texan has a cowboy hat or those boots lying in their wardrobe. Hence,  during spring, it is quite common to see folks pulling up to a roadside to take pictures in a field of flowers. Others dress up particularly in white flowy gowns to click some great photos in bluebonnet fields. Therefore, moving through photoshoot fields or studios, watching people in these costumes is no anomaly!

4. Road trips and Gas Stations

a Texan petrol station with a car.

With the warming thought of traveling over the summer to see your cousins, Texans love road trips. Such trips are made even better by the small gas stations planted on the highway.  The gas stations are famous for their knock out food; homemade burgers, tacos, and fried chicken.

If you visit Texas, know that there’s not a better way to spend here than cruising through while munching on hamburgers worth dying for.  This tradition mostly ends at a ranch for horse riding and more barbecue!

5. Coke or Tea?

beverages on a shelf.

In Texas, all fizzy drinks are called coke. Usually, after you offer a cold-drink, you proceed to ask “which kind?” to determine the actual flavor of it: coke, sprite, or Fanta. A little weird, but that is the Texan style! Additionally, all tea in Texas is naturally sweet tea. Although unsweetened tea is available for non-Texans, the native people prefer their tea to have some sugar in it.

6. Would you like a Cotillion Ball or Shoveling Snow?

a man with his foot on snow shovel for shoveling snow.

Cotillion is the answer for you if you fancy the history of the lives of the Victorian era. Common amongst families with extra money, kids in Texas learn social etiquette of the past. From learning how to dance at a ball to greeting and behaving ethics of a formal party, Cotillion is a famous Texan Tradition. However, just on the flip side of the coin,  Texan residents do not shovel snow. While in other parts of the U.S, it is essential to shovel snow off your driveway and not push in on your neighbor’s sidewalk, Texans do not own such responsibility. They have better luck raking some leaves!

7. Football & Baseball: More than Sports for Texans?

Close-up picture of gloves and baseball.

Football and baseball are a big deal here. As a Texan kid, boy or girl, you were sure to be dragged to a game of football. It is, but more appropriately, a way of life.  High school baseball is a big thing, and so is the homecoming. Children in Texas grew around such sports, either actively playing or having a family time spectating one. If you visit Texas, you are sure to find big games played every weekend. Best part? They have barbecue stands as well!

8. Uncommon Tasty Food Combinations

Picture of tasty food combinations.

Generally, the word pie means something sweet, right? Well, not in Texas! Chilies are a beloved spice here. So much so that they are a part of the pies! Chili- cook-offs are a famous tradition of this state. Texans enjoy Chilli Frito pies now and then: they are made out of Frito chips with chili, garnished by cheese, jalapenos, or onions. While the combination may sound odd, surprisingly, it’s quite delicious.

Simultaneously, tamales are a must in Texas Christmas. It is as essential as a turkey on thanksgiving. While tamales (masa, meat, and veggies wrapped in a corn husk) originate from Mexico, it has settled deep in the heart of Texan celebrations.

9. Stranger Danger? Not in Texas!

a Texas barn in a ranch.

It is hard to be in Texas and not notice how friendly everyone is to you. It is quite common to wave to strangers while you are in a car, letting them pass. Children from the beginning are taught to say hello to people whose paths you cross on the street. Growing up, you become accustomed to having long conversations with your receptionist or your bartender. Texas family is a close-knit community who takes care of each other making sure no one is left behind. Texans are also very welcoming to outsiders.

The Takeaway

These traditions make Texas unique and distinct. Hence, make sure to follow these for a perfect Texan dream on your visit. While some remain inclusive of residents, you can get the gist of most. From the cooked-to-meat available in every nook to horse-riding and drives with Texan food, Texas is a must-visit in America. Texas is a big warm family, and you will surely love the experience it has in store for you.

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