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Colleyville is a suburb and city of Fort Worth, which is a part of Tarrant County, Texas. Colleyville is located in the suburban region between Fort Worth and Dallas, and it is five miles away from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It is known for its public safety, public schools, and for having a rural atmosphere. Colleyville has eleven award-winning greenbelts and parks that offer full-service recreational activities. Aside from that, it also has an entire service library as well as the Colleyville Center, which is suitable for special events. In this article, we are going to know more about Colleyville’s history and the places you should go and see if you happen to visit the city.

History of Colleyville


It was during the 1859s when the first significant settlement of Colleyville happened. A man named Samuel C.H Witten came to Texas all the way from Missouri during 1854, and he decided to build a farm along Little Bear Creek. Samuel C.H Witten became one of the founders of the Spring Garden community, which was able to thrive and flourish during the 1860s. Since then, other settlers such as Jonathan A. Riley, William B. Cheek, and Ryan Harrington all brought lands started their own farms.

Throughout the 19th century, other farmers continued to arrive in the area, and they all established farms as well as orchards and vineyards. From then on, people started to build schools, churches, as well as stores that served the rural population. In the late 1800s, the St. Louis, Arkansas and Texas Railway decided to extend its tracks between Grapevine and Fort-Worth and this railway passed through the hamlet of Red Rock in Colleyville. The Bransford community, which is clustered around a general store and post office that Felix G. Bransford owned disappeared that same year when the railroad was built. The store and the post office were moved to Red Rock, which is was renamed into Bransford. This new community prospered over the next decades and became one of the biggest towns in the Colleyville area. Aside from the post office, Bransford also had a livery stable, two blacksmith shops, four general stores, as well as a lodge hall where four doctors resided.

One of those four doctors happened to be Lilburn Howard Colley, who is a native of Missouri. He decided to move to Texas along with his wife in 1880 and settle in Bransford after the town was founded. He became one of the most famous physicians in the Northeast Tarrant County, which also earned him the respect that is why he also became a leader in the Bransford area. Doctor Lilburn Howard Colley’s name became associated with a community that gradually acquired the name Colleyville. As the years passed, the population in Bransford and other community began to decline, especially after World War I and when cars took over railroads.

In January 1956, Colleyville was incorporated, and different communities such as Euless, Grapevine, Bedford, and Hurst began to flourish. Even if they started as a predominantly rural community, Colleyville has seen significant residential growth during the past decade.


Things to See and Places to Go in Colleyville


  • Chisholm Park

    Chisholm Park is located eight minutes away from Colleyville, and this is considered to be the largest park in Hurst. Because it is big, expect that you can do several activities here where you can fish, play sports, swim, and even watch sports teams practice. If you happen to be in Colleyville, make sure to include Chisholm Park in your itinerary.

  • Take a Trip Down the Historic Downtown Grapevine

    Downtown Grapevine is located just 13 minutes away outside of Colleyville. This historic downtown street resembles a vintage village that has different eateries and shops. Here you can go shopping for different kinds of goods such as jewelry and clothes. Aside from that, you can also enjoy a delicious pastry while you’re strolling downtown.

  • Grapevine Botanical Gardens

    Just like any other botanical gardens, you will be able to see beautiful plants scattered all over the area. But when you reach the middle of the garden, you will stare in awe when you see an old and large oak tree. You can make your way to the pond if you want to have some quiet time, or you can relax in the greenhouse.

  • Colleyville Nature Center

    Colleyville Nature Center is located far away from the primary traffic of the city, that is why if you are looking for some peace and quiet while you’re on Colleyville, then this is the place to be. You can also go fishing with the locals or just sit by the pond. Colleyville Nature Center should definitely be on your list when you visit Colleyville.

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