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If you enjoy history, you will enjoy Texas even more, and if you enjoy relaxing by the clear waters, Texas will not disappoint. On the other hand, waterfalls are a relatively uncommon sight in Texas. In such a vast state, only a few waterfalls cascade through Texas.

With our list of these amazing waterfalls in Texas, you can find other scenic places to visit in the Lone Star State.

Beef Creek Falls

Because Beef Creek Falls are located in East Timberland, they require a guided tour. The falls flow down Hog Creek near Sam Rayburn Reservoir.

Boykin Springs

Boykin Springs is a small waterfall, not even four feet tall, and the river water cascades over the Old Aldridge Saw Mill, giving the small cascade a rustic flavor. Camping, hiking, fishing, and picnic areas are available in the national forest.

The falls are located on the Neches River, and the park has 200 miles of hiking trails, 85 miles of off-road vehicle trails, and various horse and bike trails. The Sawmill Hiking Trail, a 6.5-mile round trip loop with a 190-foot elevation gain, will take visitors to the waterfall. Dogs on leashes are permitted on the trail.

Capote Falls

Capote Falls is a privately owned property in Marfa. To walk to the falls, visitors must first obtain permission. Take a helicopter ride over the falls for a different perspective on the water trickling into the pool below for something more adventurous and unique.

Cattail Falls

These magnificent waterfalls are hidden from most tourists and remain hidden from most travelers’ eyes. Cattail Falls, found in Big Bend National Park, has a trail for adventurers and hikers.

The trail is three miles long and not for the faint of heart. However, those three miles are well worth seeing the oasis’s splendor after finishing the hike.

Dolan Falls

Dolan Falls

The Devils River Nature Preserve requires permission to enter Dolan Falls. It is an area that the preserve is attempting to preserve, and they wish to reduce the impact of tourists on the natural beauty. The hike to the falls is strenuous.

The falls run the length of the Devils River, and visitors must stay on the Devils River State Natural Area, which is open to the public, and not pass onto Dolan Falls Preserve land without permission to see the falls themselves.

Gorman Falls

Gorman Falls, one of the largest waterfalls near Dallas, is so large that you won’t be able to click the entire waterfall in one frame. Gorman Falls is a relatively easy hike compared to other Texas waterfalls. During the rainy season, there will be a strong water flow, and hiking is not recommended.

Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool Preserve, an hour’s drive from Austin’s Texas Capitol, is a popular recreational spot with a 50-foot waterfall. Hamilton Creek spills into a narrow canyon near its intersection with the Pedernales River to form this dramatic pool. The preserve is very popular during the summer, especially during weekends, and reservations are needed to visit.

Krause Springs

Krause Springs is enveloped by a lush forest of Cyprus trees and ferns. The falls lead into a stream with a swimming hole part of a campground. Camping is inexpensive, with RV campsites costing $15 per night. The hike to the falls is three miles round trip, but the swimming area is nearer to the campground.

Madrid Falls

the Madrid Falls

Madrid Falls in Texas is the state’s second-highest waterfall. You can find the waterfall near Lajitas, Texas. The beautiful landscape can be seen by walking the three-mile round trip.

McKinney Falls State Park

You can find some of Texas’s most popular waterfalls at McKinney Water State Park. These falls’ waters rush over the limestone rocks in Austin, providing a picturesque view for all visitors.

You’ll enjoy hearing nature’s voices and the peace they bring among the most popular waterfalls in Texas, close to Austin. These waterfalls are a must-see if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Mexicano Falls

Mexicano Falls is the third-highest waterfall in Texas, standing at 80 feet. The falls are located within Big Bend Ranch State Park. Visitors can see the falls from Ojito Adentro, the base of a small mountain, or hike the mile-long route to the canyon and view them up close. In the canyon, there is a small trickle creating an oasis.

Pedernales Falls

The Pedernales River travels down a limestone landscape in the Texas Hill Country, 75 miles north of San Antonio and near Marble Falls. Pedernales Falls is an exciting place to explore because its state park surrounds it. The river bank’s rocky outcropping is also a great place to lie down and catch some rays.

Westcave Preserve Falls

The Westcave Preserve Falls are part of the preserve’s 30 acres. The falls can be reached by researching guidebooks or hiring a guide. Westcave Preserve Falls cascades forty feet over travertine columns (limestone deposits).

The Westcave Waterfalls are located in the Texas Hill Country and Grotto. Also, visitors must take a guided tour of the limestone grottos, savanna, and waterfalls with a pool below. There is also access to a canyon and cave area.

Wichita Falls

the 'restored Falls' of the Wichita River just off Interstate 44

Wichita Falls is a man-made waterfall; the river that runs through Lucy Park has been adapted with rocks to deliver a 54-foot drop. The falls are divided into smaller sections with stairs and a walking path to showcase the stunning scenery. It’s easy to forget that man had anything to do with this great landscape.

The scenery is enhanced by large boulders and bits of wood in half-barrel style with concrete, and the charming falls are popular as a wedding venue. Because it is part of Lucy Park, just off I-44, there are plenty of parking spaces.

Windows Trail

Windows Trail Waterfall is situated in Big Bend National Park. Most of the year, the spring feeding the waterfall is minimal, but it is still a lovely place to spend a few hours. The out-and-back hike is 5.2 miles, with a 948-foot elevation gain to the top of the waterfall.

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