Cedar Park – Home of the AHL Texas Stars and NBA G League Austin Spurs


Cedar Park – Home of the AHL Texas Stars and NBA G League Austin Spurs

Cedar Park is one of the central suburbs of Austin, Texas, and it lies mostly in Williamson County. Still, some part of it extends into Travis County. Cedar Park is the home of Texas Stars of the American Hockey League as well as the Austin Spurs of the NBA G League. Both of the teams play their home games at the H-E-B Center at Cedar Park. In this article, we are going to know more about Cedar Park and the places you should go and see when you’re there.

Cedar Park Depot

History of Cedar Park

Before the European settlers arrived in the 19th century, Cedar Park was home to Native American tribes such as the Lipan Apache, Tonkawa, and the Comanche. In fact, a paleo-American archaeological site was discovered in 1983, and it showed that showed Cedar Park had continual habitation since 5000 BC.

During the mid-19th century, Cedar Park was known as Running Brushy because it was named after a spring that was located at the headwaters of a creek that bears the same name. In 1873, Harriet and George Cluck bought 329 acres of land that included the Running Brushy spring after they run cattle up the Chisholm Trail for several years. Harriet and George Cluck then formed a ranch which later became the core of the community that would be known as Cedar Park

After ten years, the Austin and Northwestern Railroad came through, and it connected the state capitol with the cities of Lampasas and Burnet. When the railroad was finished in 1882, it passed through the Cluck ranch and Running Brushy. It was during this time when the place was renamed as Bruggerhoff, which also happens to be the name of a railroad company official. But, the locals did not like the name because it was hard to spell and pronounce. That is why in 1887, Emmett Cluck, the son of Harriet and George Cluck, decided to rename the community to Cedar Park. And in 1892, a strolling park was established near the train depot.

In the 1950s to 1960s, Cedar Park changed a little when housing subdivisions started to emerge. And it sparked Cedar Park’s development since then significant retailers such as Super Target, Walmart, Costco, Whole Foods, and other major shopping centers began finding their way to the city.

Cedar Park Memorial

H-E-B Center, Home of the Austin Spurs and Texas Stars

Formerly known as Cedar Park Center, the H-E-B Center at Cedar Park was established in 2009. Since then, it was the location of different live entertainment events. American country singer, actor, and songwriter George Strait opened the center, and his concert was considered the very first event that was held there. The H-E-B Center at Cedar Park is also home of the Austin Spurs which is the D-League affiliate of the San Antonio Spurs and the Texas Stars which is the AHL affiliate of the Dallas Stars.

Places to Go in Cedar Park

  • Thirsty Oaks Wine Trail – If ever you are going to Cedar Park, then wine tasting should definitely be on your list. Thirsty Oaks Wine Trail offers the best tours of wineries and vineyards in the Texas Hill Country. You can spend hours sampling the best and most delicious wines while you are in a fantastic southwestern setting. Here you can have an extraordinary day while
  • Ride the Austin Steam Train – If you want to have a tremendous journey through the Austin Hill Country, then you should head on down to the Austin Steam Train. They do not just offer regular train rides, they also have Special Rides such as the Thomas The Tank Engine and Murder Mystery night trains to make your journey more memorable. Just make sure that you reserve a spot before you go because seating is limited, and it goes real fast.
  • Zip Line Across Lake Travis –  Lake Travis Zipline Adventure offers five zip lines that range from 250 all the way to 2000 feet. Of course, before you reach the start of the zipline, you will have to go through challenging hikes and nature walks that are guided by professionally trained tour guides. When you reach the top, you have to be brave and launch off on a 20 stories high cliff and zip over 2000 feet while you’re looking at the beautiful Lake Travis.
  • Texas Museum of Science and Technology – TXMOST or the Texas Museum of Science and Technology was established in 2015. It aims to elevate the understanding and interest of the people when it comes to science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. This museum is also home to Central Texas’ first-ever planetarium and traveling exhibits. If you want your vacation or tour in Cedar Park to be more educational, then TXMOST should definitely be on your list.
  • Sculpture Garden – Located next to the Cedar Park Recreation Center, the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden features an exhibit of different sculptures that are on a rotating display every year. Most of the artworks that are on display (except the one that belongs to the City of Cedar Park’s permanent art collection) are on loan from the artists, and they are also available for sale.
  • Visit Veterans Memorial – The Cedar Park Veterans Memorial is considered to be the crown jewel of Cedar Park. You will be able to see customized brick pavers as well as bronze leaves that are engraved with soldier’s names with their day of service all line in a pathway that leads to the Memorial Hill. If you are looking for some historical tour while you’re in Cedar Park, then Veterans Memorial should be on your list.
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