Best Family Weekend Getaways in Texas

a west-facing view from the Holiday Inn SunSpree in South Padre Island

Texas is among the best and most popular states for a family vacation because of its many kid-friendly attractions and sunny weather. There are some of the best amusement parks and waterparks in the country here, and many of the hotels and resorts have private waterparks for guests to enjoy. There are … Read more

25 of the Most Unusual Things to See in Texas

a row of brightly painted Cadillacs half buried in the sand

The world is a fascinating place. Every place on Earth has its distinct characteristics, and Texas is no exception. Some characteristics are unique and strange to our human minds. Here are the top 25 most unusual things to see in Texas that you should not miss. The Cadillac Ranch Cadillac Ranch was … Read more

25 of the Best Outdoor Activities to Do in Texas

the Texas State Capitol building in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area

Everyone has their way of de-stressing. Some people go on day trips to commune with nature, such as visiting lakes, swimming holes, caverns, or watching bats hunt. Others enjoy the grasp of history in Texas’ small towns or at one of the many museums. Some people go to safari parks, amusement parks, … Read more

Top Scenic Road Trips in Texas

a small river and Santa Elena Canyon in the Big Bend

Texas is a massive state in the US with many great scenic views that are exciting to explore. The state is full of canyons, forests, beautiful mountains, and swamps, which you can see during your long drives in the state. However, aside from these, the state is also home to magnificent waterfalls, … Read more

Texans and the Confetti Egg Tradition

Group of eggshells, painted and decorated by hand, children's carnival celebration, start of Holy Week in Guatemala, Catholic tradition, culture instilled in children.

Did you know that Texans have their own unique tradition when it comes to Easter eggs? Instead of dying eggs with traditional colors, Texans like to decorate them with confetti! This fun tradition has been around for many years and is a favorite among both children and adults. In this blog post, … Read more

What Are the Most Famous Celebrities That Hail from Texas?

texas map and flag

The Lone Star State has more than a fair share of celebrities. Do your favorite famous Texans make it to the list? Find it out here: Selena Gomez  Selena Gomez is a famous actress, singer, and producer. She was born in Grand Prairie, Texas, on July 22, 1992.  Gomez is a former … Read more

What Foods Should You To Try When Visiting Texas?

mixed platter of beef and chicken fajitas with onions and rice

You would undoubtedly miss half of your life if you ever visit Texas without trying at least one of its signature foods. The Lonestar state is not only known for its live music, overflowing drinks, and steaming temperatures. Food is also one of the most sacred things Texans celebrate with pride. Texas is also … Read more

All about the BBQ Obsession in Texas

Grilled meat with smoke

Everyone has had good or bad experiences when we talk about BBQs. Having a bad BBQ experience can include over or undercooked meat, the unfitting environment, unsuitable seasoning, mismatched sauces, etc.  Wondering if you could have the best BBQ in the world? Well then, worry not! Because Texas is the place where … Read more

The Best Stops When Driving from Dallas to San Antonio

dallas skyline

Ready for some Lone Star road trip? The Dallas-San Antonio route makes for a good start, whether you have an end destination to go to or just want to have a joyride. But what is driving from Dallas to San Antonio (and vice versa) really like? Well, people’s comments differ. Some say … Read more

15 Songs About Texas

the Texas state flag

Texas is defined not by its diverse landscape or rich culture but by its natives, that take fierce pride in the uniqueness of their home state! Texans leave no chance to celebrate their pride – a quality evident by the countless Texas references in pop culture, especially music. You can find songs … Read more