All about the BBQ Obsession in Texas

Grilled meat with smoke

Everyone has had good or bad experiences when we talk about BBQs. Having a bad BBQ experience can include over or undercooked meat, the unfitting environment, unsuitable seasoning, mismatched sauces, etc.  Wondering if you could have the best BBQ in the world? Well then, worry not! Because Texas is the place where … Read more

Why are Texans so Proud of Texas?

Texas cowboys

Texans have an inherent state of pride that no other state can compare. Most certainly, people from other states do not understand why Texans are so proud of their home. It’s something that is bred into them. If you’re curious as to why Texas are so prideful of their state, here are … Read more

The State Capitol and Visitors Center to Find All Places to Visit in Texas

The State Capitol and Visitors Center

The Texas State Capitol is the legislative hall building and seat of administration of the American province of Texas. Situated in midtown Austin, Texas, the structure houses the workplaces and offices of the Texas Legislature and of the Governor of Texas. Planned in 1881 by draftsman Elijah E. Myers, it was built … Read more