Fun and Unique Road Trip Stops in Texas

A replica Eiffel Tower with a Texas accent in Paris, Texas

Austin isn’t the only place in Texas that’s “keeping it weird.” When you take a trip down the highways in the Lone Star State, chances are, you’re going to see something that will make you ask, “What is this doing here?” or make you say, “Wow, I didn’t know this is a … Read more

What are Texans Proud to Be Known For?

a family taking photos in front of a big Texas flag

One unique and fascinating thing about Texans is their sense of nationalistic state pride. The complex and colorful history of Texas has led to an extraordinarily strong sense of state-level pride among people who currently or formerly lived in Texas. Texans tend to be Texan first, American second. And when you meet … Read more

Buddhist Temple of Dallas Thai Food Market

Dallas temple 2

The Buddhist Temple of Dallas Thai Food Market is a hidden treasure in the busy Texas city of Dallas that perfectly combines religion and cuisine and enchants guests with its one-of-a-kind fare. This exceptional restaurant expertly combines the calm of a Buddhist monastery with the lively tastes of Thai food, giving everyone … Read more

What is Buc-ee’s and How Did It Become So Popular?

A Buc-ee’s in Richmond, KY

They say everything is bigger and better in Texas, and one of their convenience store – with 66,335 square feet of space – takes this motto seriously. Across Texas, the site of the friendly beaver is a must-stop detour when you’re on a road trip. In fact, no Texas road trip is … Read more

Best Swim Spots in Texas

Hamilton Pool, Texas

Welcome to the captivating world of Texas’ top swimming holes, where sunny days and immaculate water combine to create a refuge for water sports aficionados. Texas provides a wide variety of aquatic beauties that will satiate every swimmer’s needs, from the expansive Gulf Coast beaches to the serene lakes and intriguing natural … Read more

Learn About the Great Texas Mosquito Festival

Learn About the Great Texas Mosquito Festival

The Great Texas Mosquito Festival is a family-friendly event that takes place over the course of three days and includes a carnival, a variety of vendors, a BBQ contest, a 5K race, several competitions, and the always-popular mosquito legs and calling events. Live music is the cherry on top of each night’s festivities. … Read more

Learn About the 10 Day Celebration of Sausage called Wurstfest

Learn About the 10 Day Celebration of Sausage called Wurstfest

Every historic community is capable of hosting its very own Oktoberfest. By the end of September and the beginning of October, beer stein-hoisting events may be seen all over the place. However, New Braunfels, located in central Texas and has deep ties to its German background, celebrates a sausage-related event in Germany … Read more

Learn About the Levitation Music Festival

Learn About the Levitation Music Festival

Introduction Independently organized in 2008 as the Austin Psych Fest by members of the band The Black Angels and their friends, the event launched a movement that led to the formation of other events of a similar nature all over the world. Austin Psych Fest was renamed LEVITATION in commemoration of Austin’s … Read more