What Are the Most Famous Celebrities That Hail from Texas?

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The Lone Star State has more than a fair share of celebrities. Do your favorite famous Texans make it to the list? Find it out here: Selena Gomez  Selena Gomez is a famous actress, singer, and producer. She was born in Grand Prairie, Texas, on July 22, 1992.  Gomez is a former … Read more

What Foods Should You To Try When Visiting Texas?

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You would undoubtedly miss half of your life if you ever visit Texas without trying at least one of its signature foods. The Lonestar state is not only known for its live music, overflowing drinks, and steaming temperatures. Food is also one of the most sacred things Texans celebrate with pride. Texas is also … Read more

All about the BBQ Obsession in Texas

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Everyone has had good or bad experiences when we talk about BBQs. Having a bad BBQ experience can include over or undercooked meat, the unfitting environment, unsuitable seasoning, mismatched sauces, etc.  Wondering if you could have the best BBQ in the world? Well then, worry not! Because Texas is the place where … Read more

The Best Stops When Driving from Dallas to San Antonio

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Ready for some Lone Star road trip? The Dallas-San Antonio route makes for a good start, whether you have an end destination to go to or just want to have a joyride. But what is driving from Dallas to San Antonio (and vice versa) really like? Well, people’s comments differ. Some say … Read more

15 Songs About Texas

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Texas is defined not by its diverse landscape or rich culture but by its natives, that take fierce pride in the uniqueness of their home state! Texans leave no chance to celebrate their pride – a quality evident by the countless Texas references in pop culture, especially music. You can find songs … Read more

Why are Texans so Proud of Texas?

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Texans have an inherent state of pride that no other state can compare. Most certainly, people from other states do not understand why Texans are so proud of their home. It’s something that is bred into them. If you’re curious as to why Texas are so prideful of their state, here are … Read more

Famous Texas Traditions

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Howdy Readers! Texas is arguably the most distinguished amongst all the states in the U.S. The story of this state is unique, with its entertaining culture. With friendly smiles, big hearts, and a warm welcome, the Texans are one hospitable society. Many movies depict Texas as somewhat of a rough desert area … Read more

What is NIOSA?

Picture of people enjoying themselves at the sideline of the riverwalk river in San Antonio

From the San Antonio Spurs to the Riverwalk and the Alamo, the city of San Antonio, Texas, has a plethora of attractions for visitors that keep it unique. On top of our list of attractions is the ever-famous Fiesta San Antonio. Fiesta San Antonio is a yearly city-wide celebration for paying tribute … Read more

What are Cascarones?


Coming to San Antonio for Fiesta? Don’t freak out if someone smashes an egg over your head. There’s a good chance it will happen. Cascarones are a Fiesta tradition, ubiquitous throughout the 10-day party. Their confetti aftermath is visible inside every place of business and blowing down every street. History It is said that … Read more