Getting Your News from The Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning News Office Building

The Dallas Morning News is a daily newspaper that serves the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas. It has about 271,000 subscribers, and it is considered one of the most significant paid circulations in the United States. It was founded in October 1885, and throughout the years, the Dallas Morning News was able … Read more

Southlake – From Rural to Affluent Community

Southlake is a city that in Tarrant County in Texas, and some of its minor areas are extended into Denton County. It is located at the intersection of State Highway 114 and Farm Road 1709. Southlake is known for having a friendly community, which is considered as the perfect oasis from all … Read more

Colleyville Big City Living with a Rural Atmosphere

Colleyville City Hall

Colleyville is a suburb and city of Fort Worth, which is a part of Tarrant County, Texas. Colleyville is located in the suburban region between Fort Worth and Dallas, and it is five miles away from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It is known for its public safety, public schools, and for having … Read more

Commerce, Texas – History of the Small College Town

View of the Texas A&M University Commerce campus

Being a big state, it is not a surprise that Texas has several big cities, as well as smatterings of smaller cities and towns. Small communities they may be, it doesn’t mean that they are no less interesting or no less captivating than its big-city counterparts. Besides, there’s a particular charm about … Read more

Know All about Fort Worth and Its History

Fort Worth skyline

Learning a history about a city or a town is something that we should pay attention to for a time. It’s because we get to know about the interesting people and the crucial events that have shaped what it is today. It can be fascinating, too. Fort Worth’s history is no exception. … Read more

Things to Know About Richardson, TX

City of Richmond Flag

Richardson is a city in Texas, and it is popular for being one of the main cities in Dallas and Collin counties. This place has a population of more than 100,000 residents. It is also the home of the University of Texas at Dallas, which puts a strong college feel to it. … Read more

What You Want to Know About Garland and It’s History

Garland Square

Garland is located near the city of Dallas in Texas. This place is popular for being a vibrant and diverse place to visit. There are lots of all-American Texan features to enjoy in this place, and as well as gorgeous outdoor scenery and fun indoor attractions you can see. The city has … Read more

Find Out More about Plano, Texas

Old Map of Plano

Plano is a city in Texas, United States, with a population of 288,061 and a land area of 71.58 square miles. It lies mostly within Collin County, but a small portion of it extends to Denton County. The city is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area and is home to several … Read more

Discover Dallas and It’s History

Dallas City Skyline

Dallas is one of the major cities in the state of Texas. It is the largest city of Dallas County and sits along the Trinity River, near to the junction of that river’s three forks. It is one of the Lone Star State’s most populous cities, next to Houston and San Antonio. … Read more