Catching the Game at Toyota Stadium (Texas)


The Toyota Stadium is a stadium designed for soccer matches. It has about 20,500 seating capacity, and it is built and owned by the city of Frisco in Texas which is a suburb in Dallas. Today, the stadium’s primary tenants are the FC Dallas, Major League Soccer Club, and Frisco Independent School District high school football games. The stadium is also where the National Soccer Hall of Fame can be found. In this article, we are going to know more about the Toyota Stadium, some interesting facts about it.

History of the Toyota Stadium

The Toyota Stadium is considered to be the third Major League Soccer soccer-specific stadium that was built in the United States. It was opened in August 2005, and it cost about $80 million to build. The Toyota Stadium has a U-shaped design that has a north end with a permanent covered stage primarily allocated for hosting concerts. It also has 18 luxury suites along with a private 6,000 square-foot stadium club. The stadium can accommodate up to 20,500 people. Back then, they hoped that the permanent stage would increase revenue by hosting concerts. However, the design of the stadium was disliked by other MLS clubs, that is why the design of the Toyota stadium looked dated. The support among club fans for the stage to be removed paved the way for a phase of the renovation of the Toyota Stadium.

In 2018, the construction of the extensive renovation at the south end of the Toyota Stadium was completed. The improvement gave the stadium a European-style roof that is built over the new multi-tiered stand with the Lamar Hunt U.S Open Cup Club is located on its second tier. The third tier holds the new season ticket member seating area, patio, entrance, stores, new locker rooms, box office area, and the press conference area. Even if there are several club supporters wanted roof structures to be built on the west and east side of the arena, those were postponed and saved for the future phase of the stadium’s renovation.

From 2005 to 2102, the naming rights for the stadium were held by Pizza Hut, which is why back then, it was known as the Pizza Hut Park. In January 2012, the contract between the stadium and Pizza Hut expired, and the stadium was renamed as the FC Dallas Stadium. The next year, FC Dallas had an agreement with Toyota, which later moved its United States headquarters in Plano, and renamed the stadium as the Toyota Stadium. There are 17 practice fields that are located around the stadium and it was called as the Toyota Soccer Center. These soccer fields are used for hosting soccer tournaments, practice by FC Dallas, and matches for the FC Dallas Reserve Squad.

Interesting Facts About the Toyota Stadium

  • The Toyota Stadium has seen different performances from the music industry’s greatest artists such as The Killers, Ozzy Osbourne, George Strait, and Metallica. In fact, you can see paintings of different musicians that have performed in the stadium hanged along the walls of the FC Dallas offices.
  • Aside from the United States National Soccer Hall of Fame Museum, the Toyota Stadium will also be home to two more national museum and one of them is going to be the National Videogame Museum.
  • Aside from the FC Dallas Youth, several camps, League play, tournaments, and clinics or at least 40,000 kids uses the FC Dallas Facilities every year.
  • The Toyota Stadium is recognized as the first eco-friendly sports venue in Texas after they launched a formal recycling program in 2006.
  • The field inside the stadium is situated several feet below ground level. This allows the sound to be amplified from the crowd which is why it creates more daunting atmosphere for the opposing team.
  • The Toyota Stadium has bagged several honors such as the Best Sports Venue in Dallas Fort-Worth and the Professional Soccer Field of the Year for the Sports Turf Managers Association.
  • The Toyota Stadium as well as the Toyota Soccer Center is almost always booked all throughout the year. In fact, it has more than 1.8 million visitors each year.
  • Each board inside the Toyota Stadium was purposefully placed and designed to ensure fans that they could watch replays as well as promotions on the screen without having to take their eyes off the field.
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