Barr Mansion and Artisan Ballroom Hosts Amazing Events


Barr Mansion is an events place located at Sprinkle Road, Austin, Texas. This place offers a one-of-a-kind vibe and setting that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Barr Mansion and Artisan Ballroom have a sustainably-crafted modern ballroom, versatile and well-manicured grounds, full-service planning, an Eastlake Victorian mansion, and even a certified organic cuisine. This place is considered as one of the best venues to celebrate your wedding, product launch, vow renewal, and even charity events. That is why in this article, we are going to know more about Barr Mansion and Artisan Ballroom and why it is the perfect place to host memorable events.

History of Barr Mansion and Artisan Ballroom

Historic Marker for Barr MansionThe story Barr Mansion and Artisan Ballroom began in 1898 when Tilly and William Braxton Barr purchased 223 acres of land formerly known as Sprinkle, Texas. This land included a school, post office, churches, as well as a railroad station. The town was active until the 1930’s when the growing city of Austin eventually absorbed it. Tilly and William Braxton Barr built the historic farmhouse in the land for their family to live in.

Throughout the century, the mansion served as the family home of the Barr family. However, the house eventually fell into disrepair. That is why when Melanie McAfee came across the property in 1981, she knew with every fiber of her being that this was the perfect property to start her lifelong dream of renovating a historic structure. After a few years of construction mixed with hard work, the venue became a passionate and vibrant place in the events industry. Not long enough, Austin started to discover and love this hidden gem. At first, Melanie McAfee cooked for the guests herself, but as the years passed, she decided to hire event staff and turned the location into the majestic three buildings with a gourmet kitchen we know today.

For 100 years, the Barr Mansion has stood firm and remained an authentic piece of Texas history. However, Melanie McAfee did not want to stop there. That is why in 2000, they decided to add an 18th-century Artisan Ballroom in the property. They shipped the vast glass windows piece by piece from New York because they want to give the guests a feel like they are outside. In 2014, they added the farmstead, which happens to be the latest renovation of the property. This farmstead is a modern take on an open-aired pavilion. And this spot allows the guests to have more options to use the grounds and gardens in different ways.

Features of Barr Mansion and Artisan Ballroom

The Artisan Ballroom has a 40-foot glass window wall that gives the guests a feeling of being on the outside while enjoying their event inside the lush reception space. Aside from that, the place also has a hand-hewn frame made from reclaimed beams from a pole barn. The Artisan Ballroom can accommodate 200 seated guests, and it has a dance floor and a built-in stage that is perfect if you have live music at your event. The new Farmstead is an enclosed pavilion connected to the Artisan Ballroom, which is why it expands the ballroom’s capacity to 300 guests. On the other hand, the Barr Mansion, the namesake of the place, is an Eastlake Victorian mansion with wide southern porches with a historic charm. This place often serves as the photoshoot rooms, dressing rooms, and it is where the pre-ceremony cocktails are held at every wedding party.

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