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Allen is a city that is located in Collin County, Texas. It was initially founded as a railroad town, but today, this is now a thriving town in northern Texas. Usually, the weather here is always sunny, that is why it is a popular holiday destination, especially for those who are looking to catch some sunshine. Luckily, this city offers several parks, shopping outlets, and fun activities that both adults and children can enjoy. That is why in this article, we are going to know more about the history of Allen, Texas, and the places you should go and see while you’re there.

Allen Americans Vs. Fort Worth

History of Allen, Texas

The location of Allen, Texas, was initially home to indigenous groups such as the Comanche and Caddo. It was until 1840 when the first immigrants from Europe and the United States arrived in the area. And in 1872, a town was founded by the Houston and Central Texas Railroad, and they named it after Ebenezer Allen, who happens to be a railroad promoter and a state politician. The railroad gave way for faster shipping of crops along with the country. That is why it caused a shift from the cattle-based agriculture the town had before. In February 1878, Sam Bass and his gang committed what is believed to be the first-ever train robbery in Texas.

From 1908 all the way through 1948, Allen, Texas, became a stop along the Texas Traction Company’s interurban line that started from Denison and ended in Dallas. Allen was considered to be a small town that has a few hundred residents when it was incorporated in 1953. Since then, this town saw dramatic growth in its population, and it was because of the construction of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the U.S Route 75, as well as the development of Dallas and Plano.

Allen, Texas Train Water Station

Things to Do and Places to See in Allen, Texas

  • Visit The Grove at The Village

    The Grove is a family-friendly park that is located close to The Village shopping outlet. The Grove offers picnic and barbecue areas, a dog park, a caboose, as well as a Texas-shaped hedge maze. This place also has a running trail for those who want a work-out with a view. The Grove is a perfect place if you’re going to spend a lazy afternoon with your friends and family.

  • Go to the Nine-Band Brewing Company

    If you are the type of person who loves to end a long day with a nice cold beer, then you should definitely add the Nine-Band Brewing company in your itinerary while you’re at Allen, Texas. Here you can have a tour of the factory and get to know how their beers are made, aside from that, you can also taste some beer samples with your friends while you’re looking at a great view. One great thing about this place is that you don’t need to book your tour in advance, and you only have to pay 15USD for the trip, and it already includes some drink samples. When the tour is done, you can relax in the big taproom while you are watching the lovely Allen sunset.

  • Relax at Celebration Park

    Celebration Park is the newest community park in Allen. This park offers ample areas for relaxation and fun like baseball fields, barbecue pits, tennis courts, basketball courts, as well as playgrounds. During summer, there is a sprayground that is opened to help kids and adults cool off on humid days. If you want to enjoy the lovely Texan weather and enjoy a relaxing but fun day while you’re in Allen, then Celebration Park is the perfect place for you.

  • Take a historical tour at the Allen Heritage Village

    If you want your trip to Allen to be a bit more informative, then you should visit the Allen Heritage Village. Even if Allen is a fast-growing city, it still pays homage to its past. The Allen Heritage Village has fascinating old buildings like outhouses, homes, and as well as a restored church that has been relocated from its original site all the way to the Heritage Village.

  • Go to the Allen Event Center

    This event center is a venue for different concerts, sports, and exhibition events throughout the year. Here you can witness ice hockey games, gun shows, country home, and garden shows, as well as bull riding shows. The Allen Event Center offers full-pack traditional American events every month.

  • Go shopping at the Watters Creek

    The Watters Creek is a first-class shopping center in Allen. This mall is full of beautiful restaurants and shops that visitors can enjoy. This shopping center also has offices, a hotel, and a picture-perfect view of a river running through the shopping area.

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