All about the BBQ Obsession in Texas


Everyone has had good or bad experiences when we talk about BBQs. Having a bad BBQ experience can include over or undercooked meat, the unfitting environment, unsuitable seasoning, mismatched sauces, etc. 

Wondering if you could have the best BBQ in the world? Well then, worry not! Because Texas is the place where you can satisfy your taste buds when it comes to eating BBQ.

BBQ in Texas is divided into three different categories, south, east and west BBQ. South Texas BBQ consists of barbacoa, East Texas focuses on chopped beef, and West Texas focuses on grilling the meat. All of these categories are worthy of eating, and it solely depends on which part of Texas you are residing in. 

Before we move on with the BBQ obsession in Texas, you could learn more about the top historical landmarks in Texas to enhance your knowledge of Texas regions. 

Keep reading on to know why BBQ in Texas is so famous, so fasten your seatbelts and your taste buds, so you don’t drool while reading this article! You may also check some of the fresh farm foods available in Dallas. 

Build your own BBQ

In Texas, the best BBQ restaurants have a recipe passed down in the family for generations that most people prefer. On the other hand, you have the chance to build your own BBQ, which can include selecting your preferred cut of meat, spices, and sauces.

Best Time to Eat BBQ?

BBQ at lunchtime

If you plan to eat BBQ at night, you need a change of plans because the best time to eat BBQ is during lunchtime. It’s not like you will not find BBQ at night; it’s just that, during lunchtime, BBQ is served fresh, and that is the right time to eat it! Most BBQ owners can cook meat that can last a lunch rush.

How is it cooked? 

Cooking meat on low flame over a grill

Most people prefer the old-fashioned way of cooking BBQ, slow cooking over low heat on a wood fire. BBQ can take quite a bit of time to cook, and you might get impatient during the process, but you get a piece of barbequed meat filled with rich smoky, pecan, or oak flavors in the end. The flavors can vary depending on which part of Texas you are in. 

Does Texas BBQ Solely Depend on Meat?

Person slicing meat on a whiteboard

Indeed it does! Your barbeque experience depends on the cut of meat you choose. If a cook has the expertise, skill, and patience, they can transform tough and thick meat into smoky and delicious meat. 

Want to explore more in the variety of meat? Then you can try ribs as well. You can either be presentable or enjoy these tasty ribs. The choice is yours! Eating ribs is a hassle, and you should try them only if you are in your PJ’s or wearing casual clothes because it requires you to get out of your comfort zone as things can get real messy. 

Sausages play an important role in the BBQ culture of Texas. BBQ owners in Texas who want to keep their names alive will always serve sausages. These sausages make your experience of eating BBQ even better! Sausages are mostly a combination of beef and pork with a mixture of savory sauces to make it tastier and spicy.

Rub Plays a Major Role in BBQ

What are some of the basic requirements of BBQ? You might be thinking they’re sauces, but in reality, one of the major components which make a BBQ better is the rub. The rub is basically how the meat is seasoned with different flavors and ingredients (mainly spices) before cooking, more like marination. 

There are two types of rubs are, dry and wet. A dry rub comprises basic ingredients such as salt, pepper, and herbs powdered over the meat before cooking it. The wet rub is formed by adding liquids such as oil, vinegar, soya sauce, lemon juice, or mustard over the meat before putting it over the grill. The rub is as vital as cooking the meat at a low flame to make the flavors spot on. 

A piece of advice: If you are at a restaurant that uses a dry rub method to cook their meat and don’t see sauce with your meal, it’s better not to ask for one to enhance your dining experience!

Is the Sauce Important or not?

BBQ Chicken

The answer to this is Yes and No, as the answer varies from person to person and platter to platter. BBQ sauce depends on region to region. Some of the meat served in Texas needs a sauce to be served alongside because their secret ingredient is their signature sauce. Whereas, in some parts of Texas, the meat is naturally so juicy and delicious that you don’t need to have a sauce to finish it. The succulent meat can be eaten in one bite without a sauce of any kind!

Sides can Change your Perspective About BBQ

fruits and vegetables on a plate with meat

Sides play a significant role in enhancing your experience of eating BBQ. Sides are added so that your taste buds receive a mix of different flavors. Sides mainly include onion rings, mashed potatoes, cheese slices, tomatoes, pickles, potato salad, olives, etc.

How to Eat your BBQ?

When your order first arrives at the restaurant, the first thought that comes to your mind is how I can eat this without making a mess. Don’t worry about that at all! BBQ is messy, and you should accept this fact. The fun resides in the mess you make while eating a barbeque, and the chances are that you won’t be able to enjoy your meal without it. 

You can eat meat and sausages with a fork, but you can never eat ribs with a fork. For ribs, you need to get your hands dirty and get right down in it!

If It’s Messy, then What should I Wear?

Don’t ever make the mistake of wearing bright colors such as yellow, white, pink, and sky blue to a BBQ restaurant. These colors will never coordinate or hide the mess that you have made while eating BBQ in Texas. Wear casual clothes which are harder to stain, such as jeans, shorts, dark-colored T-shirts, etc.  


The smell of the delicious BBQ meat, smoke, wooden furniture, music, and drinks! Texas BBQ is not just about the meal, it’s about the ambiance, the wait, and the atmosphere, so make sure to choose a restaurant in Texas that ticks all of your personal preferences. You can also see our guide on interesting facts about the Dallas Mavericks and enjoy a game if you get the chance to see them while in Texas and enjoy some BBQ.


At this point, you’re either drooling or planning on visiting Texas to have a life-changing barbeque experience. Gear up before visiting any BBQ restaurants. Now you have a lot of information regarding BBQ, sauce, rubs, cooking, ingredients, serving, and the mess it creates while you have it, so you won’t have any problem finding a good BBQ restaurant in Texas. In general, you can have a BBQ experience in any part of the world, but the experience worthy of obsession can solely be found in Texas! Want to know more about Texas and what other beautiful things this state has to offer? Have a look at our guide on the complete history of Texas

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