A Guide to South Texas


South Texas is considered one of the most cost-effective regions for both mission-critical operations and international businesses. SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, the richest man on this planet, is located in Brownsville, and the headquarters of H-E-B is in San Antonio, South Texas. Therefore, it won’t hurt to say that South Texas is indeed an ideal location for most big players. 

South Texas

South Texas is south of and includes San Antonio. The total population here is more than 2.4 million (as of 2019). Moreover, the southern part of this region is usually referred to as the Rio Grande Valley. It spreads all the way south from the Hill Country to the Texas-Mexico border. 

Port of Brownsville is the only deep-water port on the US-Mexico border, which has made this area a special force in trade. In addition to that, Port Corpus Christi gives faster access to the inland waterway system and the Gulf of Mexico. 

Corpus ChristiTX Night

Much of the area there is quite dry, and you will see wild grasses and thorny bushes. Furthermore, the land consists of palms, subtropical woodlands, and citrus trees. One cannot find such a humid and subtropical climate anywhere else in the USA. Also, South Texas’s population is expected to be increased by almost 175% by the year 2050. This indicates that many people from all walks of life prefer to move to South Texas because of several job opportunities and a cost-competitive lifestyle.  

The best part is that a variety of birds, including many tropical birds from South America, can be found here. This is the reason why birdwatchers from all over the world come to South Texas to see their beauty along with the beautiful border and coastal areas. 



The climate of South Texas varies a lot. The area along the border of Mexico is semi-arid, while the area from the coast inland to the west of San Antonio has a humid subtropical climate. One of the major reasons for this variation in the climate is the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains. This mountain range affects the weather of South Texas quite a lot. 

What most people like about South Texas is the weather. Temperatures here reach freezing only a few times in the winter, and snowfall is quite rare. However, summers are quite hot and humid. The average daily temperature is above 90 °F. So, if you are more of a sunny person who likes to get tanned under the sun, South Texas’s weather would suit you the best. 

  • Snow

You will see snowfall in rare circumstances on the coast or south of San Antonio. Of note is the snowstorm of Christmas Eve 2004, when 150 millimeters (6 inches) of snow fell.

  • Hurricanes

The most threatening weather condition to affect South Texas is Hurricanes; that is between June and November. But, it affects the Texas coasts between August and September. 

  • Tornadoes

In some parts of the state, tornadoes occur quite frequently. Tornadoes approach in the summer months and by the cold fronts in fall.

  • Droughts

South Texas sees rainfall in summers. However, the lack of rain is persistent in South Texas and leads to water shortage. These led to the enforcement of burn bans in 250 countries in Texas. 


The wildlife of South Texas consists of reptiles, mammals, sea life, arthropods, and birds. Some of the mammals found on this piece of land are jaguar, desert cottontail, javelina, mountain lion, West Indian manatee, black-tailed jackrabbit, and many more. 

Some of the reptiles found in South Texas include Texas spiny lizard, western diamondback rattlesnake, Texas tortoise, green anole, Texas horned lizard, American alligator, and hawksbill sea turtle.

Moreover, South Texas has a rich sea life. You will find various unique sea animals here, such as bluefish, red drum, fiddler crab, king mackerel, hardhead catfish, Atlantic croaker, spotted seatrout, Crevalle Jack, bull shark, and several more.

The great attraction of South Texas is its birds. You will find unique and exquisite birds here that are rare to find elsewhere. You will see northern mockingbird, white-winged dove, great white heron, monk parakeet, reddish egret, laughing gull, brown pelican, osprey, roseate spoonbill, and American herring gull.


South Texas has nine rivers, named:

  1. Rio Grande: The border between Mexico and Texas.
  2. Aransas River: It is a small river that drains in Copano Bay. 
  3. Nueces River: Once, it was considered the border between Mexico and Texas by Mexico.
  4. Frio River: In Spanish, Frio means ‘cold’; hence, this river is quite cold.
  5. San Antonio River: Famous River Walk of San Antonio is a part of it.
  6. Mission River: It streams into Mission Bay.
  7. Guadalupe River
  8. Atascosa River
  9. Leona River: A side stream of Frio River

Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Falcon Lake
  • Mitchell Lake
  • Calaveras Lake
  • Choke Canyon Reservoir
  • Lake Amistad
  • Lake Casa Blanca
  • Lake Corpus Christi
  • Lake Findley
  • Victor Braunig Lake

South Texas – The Hidden Gem

The warm temperature of South Texas provides travelers an excellent opportunity to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities all around the year. It makes Texas an ideal destination for extensive stays or vacations during the winter month. A trip to the region, including Harlingen, South Padre Island’s beaches, McAllen, and Brownsville, shows the tourists that South Texas has much more than just perfect weather.

Its flavorsome culinary scene and unique music heritage make South Texas on the list of every traveler. Other than music, the Rio Grande Valley region is the land of several fine arts as well. It includes McAllen’s International Museum of Art and Science that has a vast collection of Mexican crafts. 

Moreover, you will find the local handcrafted art and gifts at the annual McAllen Mexican Artisan Expo. Here, more than eighty artisans feature colorful trinkets, salsas, candles, pottery, paintings, hats, textiles, candies, toys, and much more. The tourists also enjoy the performances from the Valley Symphony Orchestra and the Rio Grande Valley Ballet.

For people interested in a variety of food and culture, culinary tourism is emerging as a well-liked travel trend in this part of the region. All the tourists are encouraged to taste several favorite dishes of the region, including enchiladas, fajitas, barbacoa, tamales, and Chiles Rellenos, to experience their bold, traditional flavors. Another thing that makes Rio Grande Valley region a perfect destination for travelers year-round is its warm climate.

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