History of the Alamo Mission in San Antonio

The Alamo

The Alamo Mission in San Antonio, or the Alamo, is a Spanish fortress and mission compound established in the 18th century by Roman Catholic Missionaries in San Antonio, Texas. The mixture was also the site of the Battle of Alamo in 1836. Today, the site is now a museum and a part … Read more

History of San Antonio Rampage

San Antonio Rampage New Logo

The San Antonio Rampage was an ice hockey team based in San Antonio, Texas, and played in the American Hockey League. The team was owned by Spurs Sports and Entertainment before selling their franchise to the Vegas Golden Knights in 2020. That is why the franchise was relocated to the Las Vegas … Read more

History of St. Mary’s Strip in San Antonio, Texas

venues along the st marys strip

St. Mary’s Strip is a busy hub of retail, culinary, and nightlife entertainment. It is located north of downtown San Antonio, and it has a variety of dance clubs, live music bars, gift shops, cocktail bars, and food trucks, and 5-star restaurants. The Strip is easily accessible, especially if you are coming … Read more

Discover San Antonio and Its History

Texas seems to be a mecca for history buffs. The Lone Star State’s big cities, such as Dallas, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth and San Antonio, have their unique (and even action-packed) episodes that have shaped their identity and progress. More so, the vivid past chapters of its cities and towns have made … Read more

Routes to Get You from Dallas to San Antonio

City map with pinpointers

If you’re looking for a road trip that will take you from Dall as to San Antonio, you’re in luck! Below is a list of the best routes to take, so you can make the most of your journey. Whether you’re looking for a scenic route or one that is more efficient, … Read more

Learn about the History of the Battle of Flowers

Battle of Flowers parade float

When you visit San Antonio, Texas, in April, then you should not definitely miss the Fiesta San Antonio. Fiesta San Antonio (literally, “Saint Anthony’s feast”) is a ten-day festival held in San Antonio, Texas. The festival is the city’s signature event and is held every April. It honors the heroic spirit of … Read more

The Best Stops When Driving from Dallas to San Antonio

dallas skyline

Ready for some Lone Star road trip? The Dallas-San Antonio route makes for a good start, whether you have an end destination to go to or just want to have a joyride. But what is driving from Dallas to San Antonio (and vice versa) really like? Well, people’s comments differ. Some say … Read more

History of Oil in Texas

Oil drilling in Monahans, Texas

Texas is known for producing and supplying a large share of oil to the entire United States. Although it has become an oil industry over time but not everyone is aware of how it all came about. The discovery of oil in Texas drastically changed the lives of the Texans and continues … Read more

Texas Rangers History – The Original Texas Law Enforcement

A statue of a Texas Ranger

If you would ask people about the Texas Rangers, probably the first thing that will come to mind is the baseball team. But before them, Texas Rangers were most widely known as the oldest state law enforcement agency in North America. The Rangers have a heritage that started with the earliest settlements … Read more