25 Cities to Consider Moving To in Texas


Choosing where to live is probably one of the biggest and hardest decisions you could make. You should always make sure that your place is the balance between your work opportunities and personal life to ensure that you are earning and, at the same time, happy and contented with what you have. 

Relocating families or individuals has always been a thing ever since. Many people decide to move out for personal reasons or employment reasons, and one of the places people usually move to is Texas. 

The Lone Star State has been a popular place and is loved by many. It is the place where almost all people want to be. In fact, according to some studies, the state has been growing rapidly every day over the years. 

People in Texas are either natives or migrants. And we all know that it’s not easy to decide where in Texas is the best place to live in. You will have to consider your options and choose a city wherein you will thrive the best. 

So even though you have someplace in mind, you might still want to research more and consider your options because as the largest state in the US, you’ll never know if there are still some other places in Texas perfect for you. 

In this blog, you will see a list of the 25 best cities in Texas (in no particular order) and learn about their population, house prices, income rates, violent crime rates, food, parks, and many more. 

1. Austin

tall buildings in Austin, Texas

The capital city of the state, Austin, is among the best cities to live in Texas. It also ranks high among the world’s best places to live in. 

The city has a metro population of about 2,114,441. Even though the increase in population has positive impacts, especially on the city’s economy, the rapid growth in the population of Austin contributed to the increase in the cost of living in the city. 

The average annual salary here is $55,190, and the median home price is $377,693. Residents in Austin spend only 23.25% of their median household income to pay for their living expenses. 

As the years passed by, Austin slowly became one of the major technology hubs in the United States, which is why many tech companies and tech individuals are moving to the city for job opportunities. Aside from the technological industry, many people find Austin a desirable place to live because of the Austin City Limits, where you will hear the world’s best music and artists of all time. 

Austin also has a beautiful outdoor view, perfect for biking, hiking, or just relaxing on the patios or the benches in the park. The average temperature in Austin is approximately 68 degrees, and you can enjoy over 300 days of sunshine in the city. 

2. Dallas

Dallas is a modern metropolis and the center of the North Texan culture. Because of this city’s warm climate, flourishing economy, and reasonable tax incentives, Dallas became one of the greatest cities to move to in Texas. 

In 2021, the estimated population of Dallas was approximately 1.3 million, and the 9-year population growth rate is about 12.2%. The median annual income in Dallas is $55,332, and if you are thinking of buying a property in the city, the median housing price is about $169,400. 

The city is known for its beautiful public parks, and about 71% of the population in the city like to take a walk in the parks every day. Dallas also offers great food, which is perfect if you’re a food enthusiast and like to explore different cuisines. In fact, Dallas is in the fourth spot in the best local cuisine category. And if you like art, Dallas consists of some of the best galleries and museums, like the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

3. Houston

If it’s based on the population, Houston would be the largest city in the state and would rank #4 in the largest cities in the US. The metro area population of Houston is approximately 6,603,000, and it has a 10.7% 9-year population growth rate. Houston has a median housing price of $161,300, which may be one of the reasons behind the growing population in the city.

What’s nice about moving to Houston is that it is where the headquarters of several different companies like Phillips 66 and Hewlett Packard are located. This means that the city is ideal for looking for job opportunities and the perfect place to start or grow your career. And the fun never ends even if you are not working, as Houston holds many festivals yearly and is the home of many beautiful museums in the city. 

However, since Houston is the largest city in Texas, it is not easy to avoid any issues. One prevalent issue in the city is the violent crime rate, wherein the city holds the highest crime rate per 100,000 residents in Texas. Another issue is the low median household income, $51,140 yearly. 

But these two aspects do not necessarily make Houston an unpleasant neighborhood. Houston serves the best food in the US, and it ranked 2nd among the best foodie cities in the country. The city also has a rich culture and is the home of some of the greatest cultural institutions in the US, drawing in almost 7 million visitors yearly. 

4. San Antonio

a lake and tall buildings in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, with a metro population of 2,468,193, is considered among the best cities to move to in Texas. This city is located in the south-central part of Texas and is home to the Alamo, among the most important historical place in the history of Texas. 

San Antonio is the perfect combination of the Texan and Mexican cultures, and it is very evident in the food they serve. San Antonio ranks #3 in the local foodie cities of Texas, serving one of the best barbeques and Mexican dishes, such as tacos, in the US. 

Life in San Antonio is great because of its low cost of living, making it the most affordable major urban center in Texas. Aside from that, San Antonio also has a good economical rate, healthy working opportunities, etc. San Antonio has an average annual salary of $47,220.

You will find affordable housing in San Antonio. The median home price in San Antonio costs about $282,218. Aside from affordable housing, the city also has a high rate of job growth in healthcare and bioscience. Lastly, San Antonio is slowly evolving into a center of cybersecurity talent and top technologies. 

5. Fort Worth

a street with a Fort Worth Stock Yards signage

Fort Worth is a city situated in the northern part of Texas. It’s known to be the sister city of Dallas, sharing almost the same urban advantages as Dallas. Fort Worth has a low violent crime rate and high growth in all aspects while still having an affordable cost of living. Fort Worth has a median housing price of about $154,300.

This city is also the home of one of the state’s premier universities, the Texas Christian University. The TCU attracts many people to the city, making Fort Worth’s yearly population growth 22.1%. This also helps strengthen the economy, the intellect, and the youth in Fort Worth. 

6. Arlington

Arlington is also a nice option if you are debating whether to live in Dallas or Fort Worth. Arlington is a city in North Texas, situated between Dallas, TX, and Forth Worth, TX. It offers a more affordable cost of living compared to the two cities. The median housing price in Arlington costs about $157,600.

Arlington also has a good reputation when it comes to food and parks. You would also enjoy the city’s South Street Art Festival, which they host annually. And if you are a sporty person, then Arlington is perfect for you as it is the home of the football team, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Texas Rangers, basketball team. 

Aside from all of these, Arlington is also a safe city and has a low violent crime rate compared to Dallas and Fort Worth. Arlington has a population of approximately 400,850 and a 9-year population growth rate of 9.2%.

7. Killeen

A military town and home to the Fort Hood military base of the US Army, Killeen is considered a great place to move to in Texas. Killeen has a metro population of 444,716 and 9-year population growth of 18.7%.

Killeen is a great area with an affordable cost of living. The average annual salary in Killeen is about $45,190, and residents only spend approximately 22.98% on their living expenses. The median housing price is $160,950, which is pretty affordable compared to other cities. 

Fort Hood in Killeen is about 214,000 hectares wide and is home to approximately 65,000 soldiers, making it one of the most heavily populated US military installations worldwide.

8. Beaumont

Beaumont is a city located in the southeastern part of Texas. With a metro population of 395,174, Beaumont ranks #124 in the overall best places to live worldwide. 

In terms of affordability, Beaumont has a lower cost of living. On their average annual salary of $48,830, residents in the city would only spend about 21.07% on their living expenses, including their rent, mortgage payments, and property taxes. 

Beaumont is also known for culture and the arts. The city holds the title of the Museum Capital of Texas, having over a dozen of museums to visit in the city. 

9. El Paso

El Paso is a city in the southwestern part of Texas. It ranks 42nd in the most populous metro areas in the country, with a metro population of 840,477. El Paso also has low property and violent crime rates, making it a good place to move to in Texas. 

El Paso has a rich Hispanic and Texan culture and tradition. The city hosts an annual festival called Fiesta de las Flores or the Festival of Flowers, gathering almost 30,000 attendees. This festival is considered one of the oldest and grandest Hispanic festivals in the state. 

El Paso is also known to have beautiful parks and great and affordable food. The annual median household income of El Paso is about $45,656, and the median housing price is $203,064. 

10. McAllen

McAllen is a city located in southern Texas and the biggest in Hidalgo County. It has a metro population of 855,176. However, despite its big population, McAllen has a low violent crime rate of 104.4, making it the safest city in the state. 

McAllen has a relatively low average annual salary of $37,530, which is probably one of the reasons why the city struggles with a high unemployment rate. Residents tend to move to other cities for great job opportunities. However, McAllen is a famous city for many retirees who want to enjoy a peaceful life in the south. The median home price in McAllen is about $219,733.

The city is known as a major migratory path of birds, which is why many birdwatchers visit McAllen annually. The city is also located in the Rio Grande Valley, which is why the city is a mixture between Mexican and American cultures and traditions. 

11. Brownsville

Brownsville is a city on the western Gulf Coast in Southern Texas. It is very near the Gulf of Mexico, so many tourists visit the city to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the great climate. 

Brownsville has a low average salary of $18,000 annually and a low median household salary of $36,499, but it also has a low median home price of $87,6000. The good thing is that everything’s affordable in Brownsville, and the city has an extremely low cost of living. However, despite the low cost of living, Brownsville still has a declining population. This is mainly because of net migration and the low annual salary in the city. 

However, Brownsville remains rich in history and culture and has beautiful natural resources, a great neighborhood, and high development opportunities, making it a great place to live in Texas. 

12. Georgetown

Georgetown, located in central Texas several miles north of Austin, is an underappreciated city in the state. This is because this city ranks 2nd among the fastest-growing cities in Texas and also offers a high quality of life in Texas. 

Georgetown residents have a high median household income of $71,410, with a median housing price of $255,300. Aside from this, this city also has a low violent crime rate, ranking #3 among the safest cities in Texas. 

Georgetown is known for its Red Poppy Festival, usually held in April, attracting almost 30,000 tourists yearly. The city has a population of approximately 95,591 and has a 9-year population growth of 67.6%. 

13. McKinney

McKinney, a city located in Collin County, Texas, ranks 5th among the fastest-growing city in Texas. This city is similar to its neighboring city, Georgetown. You will have the chance to access all the delicious food, enjoy the rich culture and the arts, and have great job opportunities while avoiding high violent crime rates and low household incomes.

McKinney has an annual median household income of $89,964, making it the third city with the highest median household income in Texas. McKinney is also a safe city, so there is a huge population of approximately 208,960, with a 9-year population growth of 51.9%.

14. Irving

Irving is a city in Texas located northwest of Dallas. It is among the most-well rounded cities in Texas, with a population of about 264,410. 

You will enjoy great food, both foreign and local cuisine, at a reasonable price in Irving. Almost all residents of Irving also have access to beautiful parks, with about 64% of them living 10-minutes away from the parks. 

Irving also has good economic growth, with an annual median household income of $61,937. The median housing price is approximately $165,000, and residents may enjoy access to great entertainment areas, good food, and excellent job opportunities while having low violent crime rates at the same time. 

15. Frisco

Frisco is one of the greatest cities in Texas and is considered the fastest-growing city in the whole state. This city holds the highest annual median household income in the whole state, which is $127,133 yearly. Median housing prices here cost about $368,000.

Frisco has a population of approximately 218,735 and a 71.1% 9-year population growth rate. One of the major reasons Frisco has a high population growth is that it is among the safest cities in the state and has the lowest violent crime rates among all the cities listed. Frisco would surely belong at the top of the list when it comes to safety and wealth.

16. Round Rock

In the north of Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, Round Rock, Texas. Round Rock ranks #5 in the highest growth rate in the state and fourth in the highest annual median household income, wherein residents get $80,637 yearly. The median housing price in this city is about $230,100. 

The estimated population in Round Rock is 124,690, with a 33.3% 9-year population growth rate. Most residents or most people who migrate to Round Rock have technological backgrounds. It is because this city has among the most technologically advanced workforces in entire Texas. 

Round Rock is a suburb similar to Austin, minus the traffic, high cost of living, and the high violent crime rates. 

17. New Braunfels

If you are a fan of festivals partnered with good food and great drinks, then New Braunfels is the perfect city for you. New Braunfels is located northwest of San Antonio in the Texas Hill Country, with an estimated population of 100,000 people and a 9-year population growth rate of 56.4%.

This city is famous for its Germanic roots, which they reflect in its local cuisine, festivals like the German Festival, music, and many more. One of the major festivals celebrated in New Braunfels is the Wurstfest, a 10-day celebration that generates over 100,000 visitors annually. 

New Braunfels offers residents a highly diverse quality of life, making it one of America’s best places to live. It has a median housing price of $199,700 and a median annual income of $71,044 yearly. 

18. Amarillo

When it comes to affordability, Amarillo would be a great place to move to in Texas. Amarillo is a city situated near the Texas panhandle and is located in the northernmost part of the state. It has a population of approximately 201,936 and a 4.6% 9-year population growth rate. The city’s median household income is $52,941 annually, and the median home prices cost $127,200. 

Amarillo provides its residents and tourists with amazing food and drinks at affordable prices. This city even ranks #5 among the best foodie scene in the state. 

Amarillo is also known for its affordability. It has an affordable cost of living and ranks #4 among the most affordable cities on this list. 

19. Lubbock

Lubbock is located in northwest Texas and ranks 11th among the most populated cities in the state. It has a population of approximately 264,315 and a 9-year population growth rate of 12.6%. 

According to Money Magazine, this city ranks #3 among the best place to live in the US, because of its affordable housing, with a median housing price of $131,500, job opportunities, with a median household income of $48,701 annually, transportation, fun activities, health care, and weather and climate. Aside from the affordable cost of living, Lubbock also has a low violent crime rate, making it a safe place to move to in Texas. 

20. Laredo

Laredo is a city located in southern Texas and near the Mexican border. It is a major trade center in Texas and has the biggest inland port on the border between the US and Mexico. 

Laredo has a huge population, approximately 329,000, and a 9-year population growth rate of 11.3%. This city has a great history and rich culture. However, aside from this, Laredo is also known for its affordability. The median housing price is worth $122,900, and the residents’ median household income is $43,341 annually. 

This city offers great food, especially authentic Mexican cuisine, which captures the heart of many. In fact, Laredo earned 10th place for the best food in Texas.

21. Garland

Garland is a city in Texas situated northeast of Dallas. It is famous for its wildflower called the “Firewheel,” which you can only see during the spring and summer. But aside from this, Garland is well-known for its beautiful parks.

Garland garnered the 83rd spot for the best park systems in the country. With a population of 249,044, 63% of the city’s residents reside 10 minutes away from the parks. Aside from the parks, Garland also serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine and culture. 

Garland’s median housing prices are worth about $146,200, and the residents’ annual median household income is $63,192. 

22. Corpus Christi

Art Museum of South Texas in Corpus Christi

A coastal city in the southern area of Texas, Corpus Christi houses one of the biggest shipping ports in the country. The city has a population of about 350,000 people, and a lot of people like living in this city because of its laid-back energy. The city is very chill, and the life in Corpus Christi is perfect for island lovers.

Aside from the chill life in this city, Corpus Christi also has an excellent park system in Texas, and 75% of the residents reside 10 minutes away from the city’s parks. Residents also have easy access to commuting, with an average of 20.2 minutes, making the city the 6th shortest commute time among the metro areas in the US. 

Residents of Corpus Christi also enjoy a median household income of $55,709 annually and a low medium housing price of $133,200. This city is known for its affordability and low cost of living. 

23. Midland

Midland is a city situated in the western areas of Texas and would make the best city if you are fond of old Western movies. Midland is a beautiful city that projects old western vibes, perfect if you want to enjoy a Texan cowboy lifestyle. This city is such a unique city, the only city on this list that’s not located in metropolitan areas. 

This city is considered to have high growth and development. Midland has an annual median household income of $83,616, and median housing prices may cost about $204,800. Midland’s prosperity would be traced back to the Permian Basin and the oil industry in this city. In fact, Midland is considered the oil capital of Texas.

24. Plano

A beautiful city in north Texas, Plano is considered the greenest and wealthiest suburb in the entire state. It has an excellent park system, with 75% of its residents living 10 minutes away from its parks.

This city also offers the highest rate of quality of life among all the cities on this list. Residents enjoy their high median income of $96,348 yearly, faster commute time, and very low violent crime rates. Median housing prices are worth approximately $291,300, which is already a reasonable price in this beautiful city. 

Residents in Plano have easy access to high-class restaurants, beautiful museums showing the rich history and culture of the city, and access to theater and other entertainment areas.

25. Denton

Denton is a beautiful and lively city in North Texas and is popular among residents and tourists alike. This city is known for its amazing live music scene, extremely fun nightlife, and the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, which gathers almost 200,000 people annually.

Denton is named one of the healthiest cities in the state, making it one of the best places to live in Texas. This city ranks 9th among the cities with the highest growth rate in Texas.

Aside from these, the cost of living in Denton is relatively cheaper than in other cities in the state. Residents of Denton have a median household income worth $90,354, and the city has a median housing price of $196,900.

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